With Friends Like These

It’d be one thing if we had a relatively solid or at least functional democracy, but watching the posturing and preening during an existential crisis…

Smh, as the texters say


More frustrating is the same elite media that can’t or won’t step up and instead acts like the devolution of the GOP to an authoritarian death cult is, I dunno, worth mentioning but nothing to be alarmed about, and likewise can’t or won’t press these two Vanities of the Bonfire to open up on why they’re willing to let it all burn down…

Over what?

Budget numbers (sigh) ?

Image/Spin/Narrative? Maverick-iness?

Mega-donors aside, if either thinks they could weather a Democratic defeat and subsequent GOP deluge (unless–and even if–they’re planning a full Joe Lieberman), they’re delusional to a degree even my own (relatively) far-left pipedream aspirations no longer bother to reach for.

Goddamn, the wingers are going apeshit over basic public health in the midst of an ongoing pandemic. They’re OPENLY undermining popular sovereignty

Global warming will (not might, will) wreak havoc for several generations, and, just me, but I doubt the ever increasing lunatic shibboleths of the death cult will allow either to carve out even a niche of a political career.

Manchin’s probably riding into the sunset anyway given his age…

Sinema…is it just ego or an attachment to donors? Who knows?

Either way, it’s certainly not to voters who elected her, and does anyone besides herself think big money will continue to have her back once she’s finished blowing up a Democratic agenda and is no longer useful to them?

You’d think they’d either realize the stakes or at least have it spelled out to them, which, again, just me, but if confronted with the reality as it stands, would be more than sufficient motivation to work WITH the lesser-of-evils (i.e, the Democratic Party, which, for all its flaws, is still nominally Democratic), instead of whatever the fuck they’re doing.

Same with the media.

Because after it burns to the ground, it’s not like there’s going to be any kind of insurance settlement.

It’ll be game over.

No replay.

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