Matt Gaetz And Jim Jordan Appear Before The Rules Committee

And it went pretty much as you might expect

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) on Wednesday struggled to answer questions about his communications with then-President Donald Trump during the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, telling a House panel that he doesn’t recall the number of times he spoke with Trump that day.

The statement from Jordan, a staunch Trump ally and a potential witness in the House’s investigation of the attack, came during a Rules Committee meeting on whether to hold former White House chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon in contempt for refusing to comply with a congressional subpoena.

“Of course I talked to the president,” Jordan told members of the Rules Committee on Wednesday, in response to questioning from the panel’s chairman, Rep. Jim McGovern (D-Mass.). “I talked to him that day. I’ve been clear about that. I don’t recall the number of times, but it’s not about me. I know you want to make it about that.”

Gaetz argued that Democrats were focusing extensively on Jan. 6 because they want to divert public attention away from some of President Biden’s recent domestic and foreign policy stumbles.

For me, the details of their, um, testimony, is less important than the general tenor of the elite media coverage.

If the tables were turned, I can’t imagine Democrats would be permitted to display the ugly contempt that’s now accepted as “the GOP brand.”

The rise of Trump’s been a distillation, but the mechanism’s been in place for, hell, as long as I can remember.

Oliver North was just as arrogant.

The Bush Junior administration institutionalized it.

Meanwhile, Democrats are perpetually forced into apology, or compromise (or Lieberman, SineManchin), while the cult-of-the-savvy can always find a source willing to spin talking points that, amazingly, excuse GOP craziness that’s…

Brought us to the brink of fascism while chiding Democrats for, gasp, being partisan…

For not managing to overcome a very recent (really only since 2009) 60 vote Senate threshold for passing ANY legislation (well, during a Democratic administration)…

For not being sufficiently solicitous to a GOP that’s rejected popular sovereignty for herrenvolk stratagems (e.g., endless coverage of the diner demographic)…

Last week I mentioned neither Manchin nor Sinema seems to realize their maverick-iness — or whatever you want to call it — will weather a Trumpian/GOP (now pretty much one and the same) vengeance comeback.

It’s the same with the elite press.

They’re still giving Gatez…and Jordan…and Bannon…this much leeway?

What the hell are they thinking?

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  1. This behavior, the behavior we are seeing in the streets and in congress today; in not just the school boards but out front of the schools, out front of the hospitals, is in direct correlation to the behaviors we’ve watched evolve over the past fifteen years at Facebook. Not the troll-farms of the former soviet union: the snot-nosed middle school-yard screaming bitch-fit “I am so much better than you” … schtick.

    There are rumors out there that Zuck was hooked in with Cambridge Analyticals …

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