This Week In Recycled Garbage

Chris Christie slithered out from whatever rock he’s been living under to argue that a book spine is, I dunno, good enough, until he reverts to full lickspittle (full disclosure: he will).

Meanwhile, the serious people insist on burying the Biden Administration.

The rise of inflationsupply chain shortages, a surge in illegal border crossings, the persistence of Covid, mayhem in Afghanistan and the uproar over “critical race theory” — all of these developments, individually and collectively, have taken their toll on President Biden and Democratic candidates, so much so that Democrats are now the underdogs going into 2022 and possibly 2024

Obviously he’s failed.

Despite dealing with an actual-not-figurative rabid opposition (plus the Sinemanchin reprise of the Lieberman 2000s shit show), major legislation was enacted, and the reconciliation bill still has a decent chance of passage, despite the Sinemanchinations

But the media default is still that the GOP is, at its heart, mavericky daddy-hero John McCain (not that McCain ever really filled that role, and let’s not forget he went along with elevating Sarah Palin).

It’s not.

The GOP is Donald Trump,

And a former Senator from Delaware®, LLC. will not impose a command economy.

It’s not like I want the press to embrace Biden, but you’d think they might also demonstrate some concern about the further descent of the GOP into an ethno-fascist cult.

If nothing else…self-preservation.

Authoritarian regimes don’t have a lot of use for an independent media…

And Chris Christie won’t save them

Just saying.