Giving Thanks…

Small thanks, but a year ago that guy was president, and now this guy is (not my first or even second choice, but a considerable improvement).

And Biden’s dealing with an opposition party that’s not opposing, but committed, all-in, to sabotage — or worse — as well as calls coming from inside the house (OK, the Senate, i.e., Man of La Manchin and Sinemarama).

Then there’s the corporate media, which just can’t quit their abject fealty to whatever GOP talking point wins their day

Politico, the Drudge Report for this era.

Sigh, I’m too old to hold out much hope, but will take victories when they come.

Hope everyone enjoys the holiday; personally, my plan is non-controversial topics with the wingers in the family (food, wine, weather…)

Hope everyone has a nice harvest fest.