Worst Cover Of Embryonic Journey Ever

Is anyone really surprised?

That said, I’ll defer to our benevolent blogmaster Adrastos for the real heart of the matter:

As awful as the eventual and inevitable decision is re: the SCOTUS review of Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization — and it will be awful, and not just for Mississippi — it’s also a Trumpeting (pun intentional) of a raw power dynamic from the GOP.

And the elite political media’s been more than asleep at the wheel — they’ve enabled or, more often, magnified — an asymmetry between the two major political parties that ensures the radical right has almost zero incentive to moderate, while the radical left…

Wait, laff, WTF am I saying? — anyway, the left, to the extent that there even is a left and that it has a modest bit of breathing room —  is constantly pressed to tamp down or moderate what are, gasp, popular positions, to appease a radical right that…has zero incentive to moderate.

Democrats perpetually in disarray is the consensus elite media position…unless they opt for a Sister Souljah Moment® and, in doing so, cleanse themselves of librul taint.

Which, duh, is how we got to The SCOTUS SIX’s shit cover version of Embryonic Journey in the first place, along with, hmm…

Offhand, the Clinton impeachment (and literal demonization of Hillary Clinton), Scalia’s Bush v. Gore pathetic-excuse-of-an-opinion, the Iraq war debacle, the Afghanistan war debacle, the 2008 economic implosion, the rabid reactionary reaction to the election of a fairly conservative Democrat who’s skin color was…unacceptable the radical right…the normalization of the filibuster in the Senate…the normalization of mass shootings…QAnon.

The election and subsequent fetishization of fucking Donald Trump as wingnut apotheosis (as if Bush Junior wasn’t sufficient)…

What’s the fix? Hell if I know, but waiting for Daddy Republican Heroes sure isn’t one.

Howard Baker was a fraud anyway.

And good luck finding even a Howard Baker.

Welcome to the future.