How Big Lies Get Traction

About as good an example as you can get; also too, this slag from Politico.

It couldn’t be worse if it was hard-coded in their DNA.

I’m not asking for or expecting mash notes to the Democratic Party.

I’ve noted before: my votes for Team D are strategic/lesser-of-evil; but goddamn, the vapid, insider political press praising ugly bigotry as brilliant strategy or posting smug, insider tropes about “what the Left doesn’t get…” is as toxic as anything the MAGAts or QAnon push.

Side note: the Democratic Party is pointing out the worst excesses, and there are even a few (by elite media definition) Republican Daddy, um, heroes, for lack of a better term, but they won’t get any traction unless and until DJT and the GOP (is there any difference?) have a Nixon June 23rd Tape –and, with Fox Noise ruling their world, maybe not even then…(though, gak, look for Liz Cheney to be this generation’s Howard Baker if they ever find something that can’t be ignored or buried).

Then, of course, in a pinch, there’s always the old both-sides standby (I’m genuinely curious as to what Thomas Edsall thinks is an example of a far-left Democratic Party policy proposal).

Our small d democracy — or, yeah, sure, if you prefer, our small r republic — is a house smoldering if not breaking out in flames.

While the chattering class knits their collective brow weighing the merits of bigoted serial arsonists versus socialist fire departments.

As a political junkie, never thought I’d say this, but,

Political press/cult-of-the-savvy delenda est.

One thought on “How Big Lies Get Traction

  1. From the development of advertising & the PR industry, thru the impact of Television (systemic narcissism), thru the now complete corruption of every institution, it has been a long road to a completely broken country & culture.

    Though one could argue that the fatal flaws go back way further – industrial revolution, 1619, agricultural societies, or indeed human nature itself.

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