The Echo Chamber

More proof we’re the ones stuck in the dystopian Spock-with-a-goatee universe (requires registration, but you can read the main points from the Twitter thread).

Basically, another fine example of Cokie’s Law, adding that, for all the carping from the wingers about the media, their own version has an echo chamber large/broad enough to flood the zone, which creates its own reality, at least with the political press.

To the extent where, sure, irony here — and here — but not long ago record low unemployment in a deep red state (if I remember, Nebraska) was straight up reported as a crisis.

Hmmm…I’m so old I remember, decades ago (has it really been that long?…sigh), that the Clinton era budget surpluses were also seen as worrisome.

Luckily, Bush the Younger took care of that, though now the same people who demanded tax cuts then — and DJT’s tax cuts — insist national debt that might give national defense something worth defending must not be permitted…

And they’ll continue to play that game until another GOP administration proposes more tax cuts for the rich…and, possibly, though I’m only speculating here, some kind of tax increase for the rest of us (am I right in recalling some variant of “[lower income people] need more skin in the game” was an actual conservative policy talking point, at least until the Mittster made a few ill-advised remarks in 2012?).

Anyway, I guess what I’m getting at is that we’re all still stuck in a Fox Noise cycle, despite what should be, aside from Manchin-On-The-Hill (and, yeah, the pandemic, but does anyone doubt the degree to which Fox and the other winger outlets are actively undermining/sabotaging control efforts?); anyway, what should be a solid set of accomplishments from the Biden Administration — is nonetheless considered, at best, perhaps capable of minimizing the inevitable losses next November.

Which then gets picked up by the other elite news outlets, because…why?

Asking for a friend.

What the hell does Biden have to do? Save Christmas? Um…

Oh, of course, if all else fails, watch for Fox et al to go silent/ignore anything that can’t amp up the outrage to eleven.

Note: the same agenda setters would be nominating ANY GOP Daddy Hero with the same achievements for a Nobel Prize (not just Trump, but he still rules their world…which is even more proof of the dystopian thing…or that the media is bugfuck nuts)…

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