AG Garland Assures A Thorough Investigation Of Whether This Really Is Fine

Have to agree with Lawrence Tribe (video link), here’s a Twitter summary:

Garland’s focus on the Jan 6 attack conspicuously omits any hint of concern with the seditious conspiracy that was designed in Nov & Dec 2020 to pull off a bloodless coup.

I want to root for Merrick Garland.

He seems like a genuinely decent person, and by all rights should be a Supreme Court Justice.

I’m not a lawyer or even particularly versed in the intricacies of the legal system, but again, as Tribe said, the clock is ticking.

There’s also plenty of evidence that the riot was only one part of a much larger attempt to ratfuck the 2020 election (and sure, he doesn’t have to use ratfuck, but he or someone on his staff can google a few synonyms).

In other words, the house is on fire.

Yeah, look where to aim the hose, but it’s also not a bad idea to start spraying whatever you’ve got to smother the flames.

Also, I’ll argue this is yet another example of how the alleged librul media, once again, carries wingnut water.

And not just Fox Noise and its bastard offspring (Newsmax and ONAN, um, OANN).

They’ve allowed ridiculous allegations of “voter fraud” to percolate through a year of news cycles with little more than a “both sides,” or at least a “one side alleges…” without the slightest pushback.

No question about what’s meant by fraud (i.e., ineligible voters, multiple ballots cast by otherwise eligible voters, or fabricated votes? Allegations demand evidence).

I can think of only one significant example of fraud, and that’s DJT himself pressing the Georgia Secretary of State to “find [him] 11,780 votes” — and imagine the firehose of outrage from not just Fox, et al, but pretty much any source if a Democratic candidate was ever caught on tape saying something like that.

Instead, the GOP — and let’s be clear, Trump and the GOP are fully merged — are allowed to run roughshod while the Democratic Party is held to rules and procedures that, yes, Merrick Garland is upholding…

At the potential cost of our small d or small r democracy or republic, depending on your preference.

If we can keep it.

2 thoughts on “AG Garland Assures A Thorough Investigation Of Whether This Really Is Fine

  1. I have the impression that Garland is much more suited to be a judge than a prosecutor in times of stress and immediate peril. Biden should maybe have given VP Harris a sort of over-all brief on the post-insurrection and other political crimes, and let Garland handle the more routine DOJ activities.

  2. Or he could have appointed Doug Jones as AG.
    garland will do anything to protect the criminal perogatives of wealthy powerful white males and big law.
    Remember how he gushed over what a good AG bill barr would be when he was nominited.
    He should have been tossed on the trash heap of history.

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