Let’s Go Brandon Moscow Mitch

Fuck him

McConnell characterized Biden’s speech — in which the president called for the Senate to change its rules by “whichever way they need to be changed” in order to pass Democrats’ voting bills — as “profoundly, profoundly un-presidential,” deeming the remarks a “rant” that “was incoherent, incorrect and beneath his office.”

The Kentucky Republican repeatedly took issue with Biden linking Republicans to Jim Crow-era legislation to standing in the way of election reform now, as at least 19 GOP-led states have passed laws in the last year that experts at the Brennan Center for Justice say restrict voting access.

First, Moscow Mitch (a label he earned, even if he doesn’t like it) is more than willing to up the rhetorical ante when it suits him.

If you dish, have thick enough skin (or shell) to take it.

Second, voter suppression isn’t even a tacit, wink/nod, hush-hush GOP tactic.

They’re openly endorsing it.

And while I’m Let’s Go-ing, how about a shout out to the elite media, that’s done their usual stand-up (i.e., piss-poor) reporting.

Plenty of horse-race, insider gossip, cult-of-the-savvy garbage, and remarkably little about the issue: voting.

It’s not rocket science, though yeah, I’m not so naïve to be unaware of how politics really work.

But c’mon, the media should be doing it’s damn job.

Voting is a basic right.

In this day/age, it’s not at all difficult to ensure access to voting without opening the door to fraud (oh, and to repeat, let’s not forget the most significant attempt to commit fraud in the 2020 election was by DJT, and is ON TAPE, with no 18 and a half minute gap).

One political party is doing its best to limit the franchise.

The other is…

And that’s my third Let’s Go.

Biden made a decent enough speech, and sure, there’s the ultimate tag-team heel, Sinemanchin, demanding the rest of the lesser-of-evils party kiss the ring (with Sinema, it’s a particularly odious one).

But again, there’s got to be something more they can do.

Occasional speeches and going through the motions seem more like college tries than anything else.

And with small d democracy itself at stake, I’m…not optimistic.

Hell, I’m so old I remember when this country distinguished itself from the Russians by insisting that the government was We, The People.

Oh, wait, Russians…Moscow Mitch.

I’m not liking how this looks.

2 thoughts on “Let’s Go Brandon Moscow Mitch

  1. Biden needs to give up his “bipartisan’y bullshit and start playing LBJ hardball. He CAN’T “work with these people” and you can’t negotiate with terrorists, which is what the GQP has devolved into. You know what would make Sinmanchin motivated to change their ways? A Justice department criminal investigation, and a Ethics committee investigation into Manchin’s open corruption and conflict of interest on the energy committee, an investigation into his daughter’s criminal price gouging of Epipens, and Sinema for her open corruption and vote selling.

    Politics isn’t tiddlywinks, Joe. It’s time to stop fucking around with these dirtbags. There’s too much at stake.

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