Shorter Fox Noise

What was wrong with The Dark Ages?

Limited government, low taxes, religion played a big role in daily life…

Also, average life spans were 40-50 years, depending…

That said, I doubt Moloch, um, I mean Murdoch, and his Employee-of-the-Month-for-Many-Consecutive-Months Tucker want to revert to the simple life for themselves or their dining, working, and/or travelling companions.

But they sure don’t mind pushing a pray-the-Covid-away-or-at-least-make-the-libs-cry-for-fun-and-profit…and if people die, or public health services are overwhelmed, I doubt either loses sleep.

It’s been a while, but I’ll repeat something I’ve mentioned off and on from my little soapbox here:

The issue is as much ignorance and superstition as libs versus cons (with all the meanings of con implied), or whatever you want to call it, education, a desire to form a more perfect union, a sense of social responsibility, etc., versus superstition, and now ivermectin, ingesting or injecting bleach, drinking your own urine (um, wow), or whatever horsepaste Carlson and Berenson et al spew…in the richest country on earth in the history of earth.

They’re willing to burn it all down for…what?

A few dollars more than what they’ll never be able to spend in multiple lifetimes?

And, yeah, status.

Pecking order.

Fucking birds…

I dunno, maybe Tucker’s still peeved that his pathetic, sorry ass was handed to him by Jon Stewart.

Even though he remains a go-to source for…the librul media. 

As for Murdoch, there aren’t enough hours in my day to do more than despise his general assholery.

Meanwhile, this country continues to slide into an ugly impasse.

Like Finian O’Toole, I don’t think it will be an actual civil war (c’mon, the police and military easily outgun even the most extreme wingnuts), but it could get quite ugly for quite a long time…

While Fox Noise, along with forebears like Human Toxic Waste Newt Gingrich, Rotting Corpse Rush Limbaugh, and the numerous shitheels who’ve pushed hate for gain (enabled by a tone deaf elite press that still can’t seem to grasp the idiocy of both-sides journalism) play with fire…

Wish they’d all just fade away and radiate.

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