Genuine Daft

Nice when a wingnut makes it this easy…soup’s on.

The extremist Republican congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene triggered a wave of viral jokes on Wednesday after ranting about the “gazpacho police” patrolling the Capitol building in Washington DC.

Greene was apparently mixing up the famously cold Spanish soup gazpacho with the Gestapo – the brutal Nazi-era secret police in Germany.

But it still points to an ongoing and long term condition with our elite media.

Sure, MTG stepped on a rake, but at this point winger nonsense is de facto accepted by both the Noise Machine and the allegedly librul, mainstream press.

Taylor-Greene, for now, might be too batshit insane to gain a ton of traction, but you can never tell, especially with a press that never questions right wing lunacy.

But boy they’ll run the Biden’s-Giving-Away-Crack-Pipes bullshit rumor into the ground.

And will continue to breathlessly cover (basically promote) any DJT story, absent ANY criticism.

So, TFG routinely shredded material that, by law, should be preserved? Or carted it off to his Florida residence/resort?

Gee, if only it were emails…

Though I doubt that would even raise eyebrows.


It’s one thing to descend into fascism.

But, holy shit, it’s another to do so for…ratings.

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