King Cruz

They’re not unruly passengers, they’re self-entitled assholes who should be grounded — literally.

A group of Republican senators is pushing back against efforts to create a federal “no-fly” list for unruly passengers, arguing that doing so would essentially draw an equivalence between terrorists and opponents of mask mandates.

To be fair, Tailgunner Ted wasn’t the only Repug signing off on this garbage (repugnant?) letter, but he deserves the spotlight both for lifetime achievement and general principles.

Also (also, too) for his equally ugly performance art stunt at a judicial nomination hearing for Nina Morrison, where he equated the Innocence Project’s tireless work on post-conviction relief on the basis of, ahem, actual innocence, with the recent spike in crime.

Demagogues tend towards shamelessness, but Ted takes it to eleven…when he’s not otherwise occupied licking the boots and kissing the (orange) backside of you know who.

Sorry to continue harping on this, but again, I consider it a failure (or maybe a feature) of the elite press.

A good start would be to stop enabling creeps like Cruz, and start labeling racism and bigotry as, well, racism and bigotry…

Stunts and tantrums from the ever more fascistic wingers are considered savvy, while adherence to, in no particular order, actual rule of law, norms, and principles, tend to be viewed as ineffectual, or weak (I mentioned this a few weeks ago…and I still think the Dems need to show some, um, call it what you will…spine…stones…).

I’d prefer actual issues, but if it’s culture war…you don’t win by being polite.

You call out assholes, shit heels, demagogues, and cowards for who they are.

Like Ted Cruz.

One thought on “King Cruz

  1. One thing I would recommend is that anyone, I mean ANYONE, who “accidntly” or forgets that they have a gun in their baggage and gets caught at security screen
    1) Is banned from flying.
    2) is banned from owning a weapon.
    Anyone who forgets where their gun is has proven themselves to be too irresponsible to own a weapon.
    I would also add that if the weapon is loaded, or s packed with ammunition, faces a mandatory 2 years in jail, no deals, a $10,000 fine and is banned from having any job in law enforcement even as a rent a cop.

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