Hack Gap

It wasn’t all that significant in the bigger picture, but a few years ago, at the onset of DJT/TFG’s first impeachment, then-Chief of Staff and finalist for doppelganger of face-melting-bad-guy-in-Raiders-of-the-Lost-Ark Mick Mulvaney epically face-planted (pun intentional) at a press conference, admitting to Jonathan Karl that, sure, the administration tried to extort Ukraine, threatening to withhold military aid unless the newly elected Zelenskyy (that’s how Google spells his name) administration did DJT/TFG’s bidding (i.e., Hunter Biden, and/or laptop, etc. etc.).

He told Karl to “get over it” (shades of Scalia re: Bush v. Gore), and thus began his personal career downgrade (I recently saw a late-night TV ad, did a double-take, checked/Googled, and yep: he’s a talking head for a computer antivirus app); anyway, I found myself thinking about the Mulvaney swan dive off the high board into the empty swimming pool this past week because…

To channel POTUS, C’mon, man.

If a Democratic politician or appointee had done anything even remotely as callous, Fox and the rest of the wingnut outlets would be all-shit-show-all-the-time.

Hell, they can’t even quit Hillary Clinton.

Do you think they’d pass on the chance to ratchet up the static and noise to eleven (Or to twenty…or more)?

But Mulvaney’s open admission, true or not, of a cynical and ugly shakedown, hasn’t even been mentioned during the crisis, which is becoming ever more tragic by the day

As with everything else in the era of DJT/TFG, it’s apparently been lost in the firehose of corruption (and the nanosecond attention span of the insatiable media appetite for fresh kill, um, news)…

Not that I think shit-show journalism should become a de facto standard, but the weaponized outrage is lopsided.

Democrats are held to strict rules.

Repugs are held to such a low standard, it’s not even grading on a curve.

It’s grading on a sheer drop/cliff.

And, again, not just this instance, but when you add it to everything else…it makes it no less frustrating, but far less surprising, that we find ourselves here.

They just can’t quit it.