Brain Worms Are A Hell Of A Drug

Under the weather here so I’ll keep things short (not COVID, or at least not based on two self-tests, assuming I followed the instructions properly); anyway, Barr is, whatever, a tool, a creep, and for now a huckster hawking a book, but like Paul Campos says, “what specifically is so horrendous about the progressive agenda that it justifies voting for Trump again in [his brain-worm addled] mind?”

Yet, he’s one of the alleged adults in the GOP [rubber] room.

I’m so old I recall when the media (and sigh, more than a few Capitol Hill Dems) gave this epitome of undiluted-elite-assholery a free pass.

He was scripted to be a Republican Howard Baker hero (sarcasm alert).

Turns out he wasn’t even a Fred Thompson, not that Fred was something to aspire to either.

Or an errand boy, sent by grocery clerks, to collect a bill.

Barr’s as establishment GOoP as any.

And, modest carping about TFG’s methods aside, he’s good if not all in with MAGA.

As is the rest of the GOP.

Not sure if they really think they can control the worst MAGA impulses (they can’t), and not to go all Godwin’s Law, but assumptions by establishment/institutionalists that hard-right shock troops can be controlled isn’t necessarily borne out by history, and the continued flailing from the elite media, who clearly can’t–or won’t-grasp that our flavor of representative democracy, flawed as it is, is in genuine danger of getting stomped to the curb is…

Something that doesn’t make me sleep easier.