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All Your Base


Not exactly news, but the competitive North Carolina election was not decided by swing votes. The difference was large numbers of, well Trump voters voting for Trump. It happens, especially in a state Charles Pierce calls newly insane.

However, as I’ve said, Trump is bluffing. Yeah, with some effort, he or his proxy can pull out a bare victory in a solidly red Congressional District, and maybe even motivate a few die-hards who normally don’t vote at all. And in 2016, against a candidate who’d been pummeled for decades and who didn’t exactly inspire, it made for a razor thin “victory” despite a not particularly close loss.

If the Democrats don’t lose (yeah, I know)…they can win. But they won’t win by flailing about in a desperate attempt to triangulate. Trump voters are Trump voters. Reagan Democrats don’t exist anymore.

Same with undecideds. As if anyone could be undecided.

The path to victory is make your base belong to you. Motivate them, and get them to the polls. And it matters in 2020.

After that, depending on the outcome, it might not.

Some People Just Want To See The World Burn



This should make it pretty clear there’s no sense in trying to compromise with or otherwise normalize Trump — he and his minions are fucking psychotic

The paper, which the award panel commended for its “ambitious scope, rigor, and creativity,” is the work of Michael Bang Petersen and Mathias Osmundsen, both political scientists at Aarhus University in Denmark, and Kevin Arceneaux, a political scientist at Temple.

It argues that a segment of the American electorate that was once peripheral is drawn to “chaos incitement” and that this segment has gained decisive influence through the rise of social media.

The intense hostility to political establishments of all kinds among what could be called “chaos voters” helps explain what Pew Research and others have found: a growing distrust among Republican voters of higher education as well as empirically based science, both of which are increasingly seen as allied with the liberal establishment.

Trump’s expertise, in this view, lies in his ability to capitalize on the fear of chaos. “Populist movements,” McDermott and Hatemi write, “rely on inflammatory rhetoric to create a tribal ‘us versus them’ condition — this type of environment instigates neural mechanisms from the evolutionary desire to be part of the group.”

Might Trump and his loyal supporters seek to bring down the system if he is defeated in 2020? What about later, if the damage he has inflicted on our customs and norms festers, eroding the invisible structures that underpin everything that actually makes America great?

A political leader who thrives on chaos, relishes disorder and governs on the principle of narcissistic self-interest is virtually certain to find defeat intolerable. If voters deny Trump a second term, how many of his most ardent supporters, especially those with a “need for chaos,” will find defeat unbearable?

About all I can add is most of these chaos voters don’t have the first clue of what a real crisis is, and would certainly beg for help from the government they allegedly hate if one actually hit them. Until then, they’re more than willing to set it all on fire for their amusement, at the expense of all of us…

Yet Another This-Is-Not-Normal Post


Heading out of town for a few days, so apologies for more repeating a common theme than coming up with anything new. That said, I just keep thinking, what the fucking fuck? It’s now just another news cycle when kids born overseas to US military personnel will have to get registered as citizens (not that I’m a big fan of John McCain, but wouldn’t be surprised if this was just another Trumpian MAGA-t swipe)?…sending deportation notices to families with exemptions based on life-threatening medical conditions (how pro-life of them)? Alleged promises of pardons for bypassing, oh, just actual laws to cater to a ridiculous fantasy border wall that was going to be financed by Mexico? Blatant violations of the Emolument Clause (and the most pathetic learned helplessness reaction from the Democratic Leadership)?

Meanwhile, I’d forgotten Trump’s own sister resigned her federal judgeship to avoid further investigation of financial irregularities (imagine if that was the relative of a Democratic president).

Oh, and then the supposed paper of record published a Tea Party retrospective that was so naively wrong one of their own op-ed columnists called them out (ok, eventually they added a belated correction).


The Colossus Of Toads


So, after yesterday’s performance, does anyone really doubt the conclusions of Rachel Bitecofer? Her analysis of the 2018 midterms, in which she predicted a strong showing by Democrats, included the following

Although Trumpism has been an effective rallying cry for the GOP base, it has galvanized a previously complacent part of the electorate; white, college educated millennial women as well as all voters under age 40, who represent a far more diverse and liberal voter universe than their older counterparts

2018 is a story of turnout and turnout was powered by one thing, and one thing only: Donald J. Trump. Contrary to conventional wisdom, Democrats did not flip these Republican districts via the support of moderate Republicans due to their focus on health care. Instead, I’ll show in a forthcoming analysis of the voter file that Democrats’ sharp reversal in their abysmal midterm electoral fortunes was powered by large turnout surges of partisan Democrats and Independents. This turnout surge had profound impacts on the demographic and partisan compositions of the electorates in the competitive districts, leading 40 of them to flip on Election Day.

For better or for worse, American elections are low turnout affairs and it is increasingly clear that in the polarized era, as voters have become more entrenched in their respective parties, elections are increasingly decided by which party (and their Independent leaners) has a turnout-boosting enthusiasm advantage. Analyzed this way, contests are assessed by their turnout surge (or decline) potential. Using this metric, despite Democrats’ impressive 2018 performance, they left a half dozen seats uncontested in the 2018 cycle that may well have flipped if they had been identified as competitive by the Democrat’s campaign apparatus.

In other words, you can forget about swaying Reagan Democrats, because they no longer exist. They’re extinct. And Trump voters are Trump voters. Yesterday’s clown show accusing Jewish Democrats of disloyalty while claiming to be the chosen on (by whom and for what?) won’t change their minds. Nothing will. They are, to use some else’s term, a basket of deplorables, and that’s putting it nicely.

Shitheels might be putting it nicely.

The election will be all about who can get their voters to vote. We know what Trump is. Who are we?

This Week In Republican Values


And these are just highlights from people not named Donald Trump.

Ken Cuccinelli slammed the door on non-European immigrants, citing the Statue of Liberty and Emma Lazarus’s poem as his inspiration.

Steve King asked what’s wrong with a little rape and incest, since that’s what got us here and put us the map.

And finally, It’s Pat is back. The original Kulturkrieger didn’t say anything particularly outrageous — that I know of — this week, but I’d be comfortable betting with his return to television, he’ll come up with something soon that, to cite/paraphrase the much missed Molly Ivins, probably sounds better in the original German.

Did I miss anything?

“Trump Has Dragged Us Into The Gutter”


Charles Blow

We are forced to look on in horror as the power of the federal government is deployed in the service of racism: the Muslim ban, the family separation policy, children in cages, trying to build a wall, efforts to restrict even legal immigration and talk of invasions and infestations.

It is still unfathomable to me that the federal government took children away from their parents without a system for reunification, that some of those children may never see their parents again.

Even if this were only one child it would be outrageous and egregious. Unfortunately, it is more than one.

I stay stuck on this point. There is a new outrage every day, but I try to remember children. If I were one of them, away in a strange place, all alone, surrounded by strangers, and my mother or father or both were taken away, how could I possibly cope? If I were the father of a child taken away from me to who knows where, and I had no idea if I would see my child again, how could I continue to function?

Meanwhile, Trump, no lie, insists his “rhetoric brings people together.” If he really believes that, he’s bugfuck nuts.

Also, too. Biden isn’t my first, second, or third choice to be the Democratic nominee, but there’s no arguing with this. And if he does get the nod, he’ll get my vote.

Non-Debate Moscow Mitch Thread


The debate — yawn — skipped it for the most part. Like Adrastos, I think life is too short, it’s too early in the cycle. At this point debates are cheap content for cable news. Fill between ads hawking garbage.

Besides, if/when it comes to it, I’ll vote for ANY Democrat over the lying sack of shit that’s DJT. Any of them. Even a minor/lower tier candidate.

I’d even for for an actual sack of shit — lesser of evils — because a sack of shit lying on the ground is preferable to the lying sack of shit occupying the Oval Office.

So, in place of any debate reaction, I saw Moscow Mitch is all butthurt about being called Moscow Mitch.

Well, if that’s the case, let’s hope it catches on (and if we can do anything to help)…

Moscow Mitch…Turtleneck? Turtlenik

And because I did end up catching some debate news and comments, let’s applaud Julian Castro (hahaha, “America needs Castro!”) for working it into last night’s three-hours-of-content. Good for him.

OK Democrats, That Was Your Moment Of Zen Mueller


And as moments, or all day hearings, it wasn’t awful, despite the spin from the goddamn-I-wish-it-were-actually-librul media. Mueller showed up, he spoke — sure, he didn’t produce a smoking gun or gotcha moment, or declare there was a cancer on the presidency (in a rich, mellifluous soothing dad voice) — which caused some to declare the whole thing a draw. Both sides. Boooring.

Well, as politics go, duh. Because you’ve got an entire political party — hint, the GOP — that’s gone full cult/full Kool-Aid/full Donald Trump could shoot a man…or at least launder money/conspire with Russians/pay off women he’s had trysts or affairs with, and they’ll say it’s fine. They’re not going to give a shit about Robert Mueller’s investigation. They WILL go out of their way to slime the guy in trying to protect Dear Leader. And they did. On TV.

Funny how those optics don’t upset Chuck Todd.

But the Democrats…and unfortunately, it’s always “but the Democrats,” or at least the Democratic leadership…the leadership is still dragging it’s feet. Yesterday you had the straightest of straight arrows, war veteran, former FBI head, under oath, saying the President of the United States is a fucking crook. But they’re gonna bail on the logical next step? WTF?

No, you don’t have to hold another impeachment vote, but time to investigate the hell out of the motherfucker(s).

Political calculation? Playing that game is exactly why people go “both sides” and write off the Democrats as having no spine and no principles. Letting the GOP con you for a generation into playing GOP Lite  — or worse, GOP janitor, cleaning up their giant messes every few years — is a sucker’s game.

Act like you care. Donald Trump is a horrible human being, a misogynist, a bully, a creep, and a crook. Investigate, impeach…and especially, lead.

If you blow this, you won’t get another chance.

President Know Nothing


“Racist Ass” description courtesy of Ted Lieu. 

In what barely qualifies as news, Trump’s re-election strategy, to the extent he has one, is letting his racist (to the bone), xenophobic, nativist freak flag fly.

Last night’s hate fest was just the latest chapter in the ongoing shit show.

Yes, Trump’s base will be fired up, and the idiot media, continuing their malpractice from 2016 (her emails!), will insist his base embodies Real America (it doesn’t).

The 2018 midterms weren’t an accident. Trump might be popular with his base, but his base isn’t enough to pull out a win.

The Democrats might be able to pull out a loss, but that’s another story.

In the meantime, sure, it’s ugly, but I’m not ready to cede the country to them.

When The Levee Breaks Breaches


What is climate change? (I still call it global warming)


The storm’s timing is unique: In 168 years of hurricane records, a July hurricane in Louisiana has only happened three times, and all of those occurrences have been within the past 40 years. There’s a growing body of research that shows that as the Gulf of Mexico waters warm because of climate change, early-season hurricanes like proto-Barry could become more common. (Right now, water temperatures in the Gulf are at near-record levelsmore typical of peak hurricane season.)

More concerning than the storm’s early timing, however, is its bad timing. The Mississippi River has been continuously flooding southern Louisiana since January 6, the longest flood in recorded history for the river in this region. Spring floods aren’t supposed to last until mid-July, and after 185 days of high water, it’s unclear Louisiana could handle any more. A potential worst-case scenario could prove disastrous for Louisiana, and shows how unprepared we are for the scary new era of overlapping climate disasters.

And this

University of Georgia atmospheric sciences professor John Knox offered one of the most compelling and clear analogies to explain why an anthropogenic climate change signal is increasingly associated with events like the European heatwave. Knox wrote:

The old record for the nation was 44.1C (111.4F), from the deadly 2003 heat wave in Europe. So, France just bested its high temperature by 3 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s a lot. As with, say, 100-meter dash records in seconds, national temperature records in degrees should be broken in tenths, really hundredths–not integer values.If this were the world of track and field, a new record of this extremity would prompt immediate concerns about doping. The runner is fast, but no way is he or she THAT fast.

Welcome to the future.

2020 Prequel?


Apologies for a short post, and one without links. However, I’m on a long overdue vacation and, um, pretty far away, with at times limited internet.

The guy in the foreground is David Vitter. Louisianians rejected his bid to be governor in 2015, but made him a Senator/Sinator in 2004 and in 2010, even after Mr. Family values proved to be more Mr. Moral Relativism.

His major re-election strategy in 2010 was insisting, without any evidence, that Loosiana [sic] was overrun by illegal immigrant hordes. Hordes that looked a lot like the refugees DJT is abusing.

I’m not a betting person, but I’d put money on Trump taking his manufactured crisis and playing a strategy of “they’re overwhelming us at the border.” The concentration camps become a feature, not a bug, and help create that impression.

Sick, depraved, appalling? Yep. But that’s Donald Trump…oh, and the entire GOP. A feature, not a bug…and a tradition.

Again, apologies for no link. I’ll be back to more normal stuff next week. Cheers.

Versus This Guy


Prior to boarding Air Force One for his trip to Japan, Trump gave us another glimpse into what makes him tick —  voices in his head

On Wednesday morning, hours after news broke that special counsel Robert Mueller will testify before Congress in a public setting on July 17, President Donald Trump called in to Maria Bartiromo’s Fox Business show for a lengthy phone interview that was especially unhinged, even by his standards.

It was a surreal affair from start to finish. But even during its wildest moments, Bartiromo pretended to understand what Trump was talking about and acted as though he was making profound points. In that respect, it illustrated how Trump-friendly media — Fox News and Fox Business in particular — normalize an obviously abnormal president.

Shortly after the interview ended, Bartiromo appeared on Fox News and pretended as though Trump’s performance was normal.

”The president is who is he, and that’s why he has his base and the loyal supporters that he has,” she said. “He’s not afraid to say — to tell it the way it is. And he was very straightforward and I think that’s why people like him.”

And that’s the real debate. Right there. Regardless of who emerges from the Democratic Party’s nominating process, they’ll face off against a guy who regularly sounds like he’s gone off his meds, but who nonetheless has a lock on the GOP base. Fox Noise will do their best to normalize him. The rest of us will hopefully see who him for the idiot, narcissistic, lunatic crook he is.

As for last night, I’d choose ANY of them over Trump. And I’d take any of the one’s scheduled for tonight, and what the hell, I’d even take any of the two or three who didn’t make the cut.

Trump’s a nut. He must go. It’s that simple.

What They See


Here’s as good an example as any of the sort of people Joe Biden thinks we can work with if we’ll only get back to civility.

These guys really aren’t even trying to hide how feckless and corrupt they are anymore, are they.

On ‘All in With Chris Hayes’ this evening, Republican congressman Sean Duffy of Wisconsin made the argument that a robust economy in Wisconsin during the presidency of Donald Trump means it’s perfectly okay for Donald Trump to commit impeachable offenses.

Duffy’s no James Eastland or Herman Talmadge. But do you really think he’ll reach across the aisle for any reason other than maybe to grab someone by the shirt…or the hair?

The MAGA-ts are fully brainwashed. They’re in the cult. Oddly, the media is as well, but that’s more proof they’d brag about the money they made selling the rope used to hang them.

However, there is hopeful news. Despite everything, Trump’s support peaks at about 45-46 percent in polls (and right now it’s a bit less). Of that, most are likely the cultists, and sure, it’s a damn uphill battle with the idiot media pushing the horse race, and the gerrymandering, the voter suppression, and so on. But Trump, despite all this, is weak. He only wins with another fluke inside-straight election. Playing to the base isn’t enough.

So…when it comes to civility, or whatever…nope. This election is straight up strength versus strength. From a campaign perspective, it’s pretty much over, except for who can turn out their voters. Game on.

Democratic Leaders: This Will NOT Happen


No, Trump will not self-impeach, any more than he’d self-indict or self-arrest/self-perp walk/self-frog march. And every day you allow Trump to stomp on small “d” democratic norms, or worse, you enable his degrading of what’s left of self-government to the aesthetic of tawdry, reality-show, dictator chic.

Nor will “Republican heroes” save you. With the sole exception of Justin Amash, they’re all in. Duh. Mitch McConnell and Elaine Chao rival DJT in overall corruption, if not pussy grabbing sleaziness. The House hearing this week where John Dean was all but called a rat for choosing the rule of law and the Constitution over blind loyalty to the caught-on-tape felon Richard Nixon is only the most recent example of Congressional GOPers behaving more like a criminal gang than a political party.

Besides. Trump. Is. Bluffing. He’s. Not. Playing. 11. Dimensional. Chess. Shit, I doubt the guy can play a decent game of, I don’t know, spin the bottle, and spin the bottle might be the one game he’d like, other than hectoring, bullying, and bluffing his way to what should have been defined–or at least spun like there’s no tomorrow–by the big “D” Democratic Party as an illegitimate administration, enabled by blind dumb luck and stupid, freak rules.

If they let this clown sociopath gain any more of a toehold than they’ve already given him…then what’s the fucking point?

History will judge Nancy Pelosi…and will judge harshly if she, and sorry to harp on this, but if she normalizes Donald Trump. And every goddamned day she, Schumer, and the rest of the alleged Democratic leadership fail to object — forecfully — is another day Trump’s disgraceful performance gets more normalized.

You don’t win by playing not to lose.

The Four Horses’ Asses Of The Apocalypse


No, you don’t have to hold an impeachment vote tomorrow, but yes, as Adrastos noted in a comment thread last week (and yeah, the reply was to me), call it what it is. Control the narrative. Trump’s already been too normalized. We’ve got blind, dumb luck to thank if we’ve not been hurt by his policies (while some people HAVE been hurt).

Move the process forward. Besides, if you do it right, you can negate any attempt by McConnell to sandbag. Investigate thoroughly, hold hearings, and sure, if it just happens that Trump’s impeachment is an October surprise…surprise.

And if that’s not enough to prevent his re-election, then…I don’t know what. Welcome to the Hunter Thompson nation of “used car salesmen with all the money we need to buy guns, and no qualms at all about killing anybody else in the world who tries to make us uncomfortable.”

But not fighting is the surest way to lose. By not fighting the Overton window’s been moved so far to the right that Barack Obama was labeled a socialist, Bill Clinton was impeached, and Hillary Clinton was slimed as a crook — slimed by Donald Fucking Trump.

And Trump thinks/assumes he’ll get away with it…like he always does.

Well, he will if they let him.

Today’s the 75th anniversary of the D-Day Europe invasion. Democrats, it’s not like we’re asking you to storm the beaches. We’re asking you to show a little spine in the face of a guy who’s a con, a cheat, a bluffer…a horse’s ass. Take control of the narrative and above all, don’t lay down to him. Please.  We’re asking nicely.

Does Mueller Have To Spell It Out?


I’m with Charles Blow on this

What the hell is it going to take, Democrats?!

What evidence and impetus would compel you to do the job the Constitution, patriotism and morality dictate?

What is it going to take to make you initiate an impeachment inquiry?

Your slow walking of this issue and your specious arguments about political calculations are pushing you dangerously close to a tragic, historic dereliction of duty, one that could do irreparable damage to the country and the Congress.

Political calculation, like it or not, gives at least the impression of political cowardice, and this is exactly the wrong time for cowardice.

Sure, Trump is popular with Republicans, although Justin Amash has demonstrated some political principles, and in doing so, done the Democratic Party an enormous favor. Having said that, it’s not like Democrats will EVER win Republican votes, so I can’t understand why Pelosi thinks she must somehow get the GOP on board.

The job of the political opposition is to OPPOSE. In this case, the opposition has the additional incentive of standing up for the rule of law against a corrupt president who very clearly broke the law, and for whom there’s more than a little evidence of political  and possibly financial ties with Russian crooks. A president who is compromised by a foreign adversary.

Besides, Trump is, I’m convinced, winging it. He has no grand plan, other than to rely on Democrats being weak and mealy-mouthed. He’ll “just figure it out.” Cringing and laying down on this is as much political malpractice as it was media malpractice when the press gave him the freest of free rides in 2016.

Does anyone think the GOP wouldn’t have impeached Hillary Clinton by now? Consider: with little more than an election decided by odd rules, voter suppression/foreign meddling in key states, and dumb luck, they’ve shoved through two Supreme Court nominees — and McConnell openly gloats about how he gave Democrats a big old middle finger with one — they’ve pushed through what amount to abortion bans in four states and are working on more, they’ve gone so far as to insist that in an age of global warming that fossil fuels are “molecules of freedom,” whatever the hell that means…

Barack Obama won two elections decisively. That didn’t stop the GOP from adopting a scorched earth opposition. Politics is…politics. You compromise if you must, but you don’t play to compromise. You play to win, and Democratic issues are winning issues. Geez.

FDR, in 1936, “welcomed [the] hatred” of people far less worse than the corrupt, crooked, and incompetent Trump MAGAt crowd. He sure didn’t betray his own principles for an infrastructure deal that would never go through anyway…

How They Roll


Not exactly a fun day for Steven Mnuchin — he spent it on Capitol Hill trying to justify his violation of law in refusing to hand over Trump’s tax returns — but he nonetheless managed to pull off a classic dick move of the kind the GOP routinely do, announcing publicly that the twenty dollar bill redesign to honor Harriet Tubman has been delayed until, well, he’s no longer Treasury Secretary.

“It’s not a decision that is likely to come until way past my term, even if I serve the second term for the president,” Mnuchin told the House Financial Services Committee. “So I’m not focused on that for the moment.”


“The ultimate decision on the redesign will most likely be another secretary’s down the road,” he said.


To be sure, this isn’t THE most critical issue facing the country, yes, it’s mainly a symbolic gesture, Andrew Jackson would probably shit a brick if he found out his face was on paper money, and geez, I don’t use cash all that much anymore…but this is exactly the sort of stuff that’s their stock in trade. Even the smallest issues are matters they’ll fight and claw over. They’ll never pass up a chance to do something that reeks of wingnut.

In contrast, Democrats, faced with Trump making Andrew Johnson and James Buchanan look like twin pillars of gravitas and moral rectitude, continue to play a “let’s-see-if-we-can-meet-them-halfway” game. That’s exactly how, over the course of a generation, we’ve devolved from Reagan to Bush to Trump. Even Clinton and Obama were, in their own ways, GOP-Lite.

I’m not saying Democrats should act like shitheels. But it’d be nice if every once in a while they’d push hard on things they believe in.

The Trump Brand IS The GOP Brand


And the brand is toxic. It’s New Coke.

Which is why it’s so … frustrating to watch the Democrats flailing about (via) with half-assed, mincing, “self-impeachment,” better-test-the-political-winds-for-the-thousandth-time, milquetoast expressions of timidity while Trump and his fellow party members — they are one and the same — look for another dumpster fire to toss the Constitution into, because, hey, who’s going to stop them?


No, they don’t have to hold an impeachment vote tomorrow, but a little bit of spine wouldn’t hurt either. To repeat yet again, if the tables were turned, does anyone think the GOP wouldn’t be investigating, subpoenaing, holding hearings, demanding documents and otherwise doing all they could to oppose?

Um, they did just that for eight years, and after being clearly beaten in two presidential elections.

Trump himself is clearly criminal…and stupid. The Repugs have gone all in with him. Their ONLY option is to shrink the electorate by any means and promise as much red meat to their evangelical, white supremacist base…and hope that Dems will cringe, cry…and act like losers. Maybe promise to be just a little less conservative. You know, like they’ve always done. Because of, I don’t know, infrastructure or something.

Meanwhile, the public, who never much liked Trump anyway — how many times do we have to repeat that he lost the actual (not “popular”) vote? — delivered a clear message with the midterms. They like him about as much as they liked New Coke.

So, Democrats, don’t insist the answer is to offer Pepsi…

Dear Democrats: Show Some Spine, Don’t Back Down, Don’t Be Intimidated


Don’t make this the new DNC logo

Trump’s been wounded — by the Mueller report, by the recent NY Times revelations, Deutsche Bank is allegedly cooperating with investigators, etc., etc. — and like lots of wounded animals, his feral survival instincts are kicking in.

So yeah, he’s lashing out, he going all-in with the only thing he knows how to do: the Roy Cohn defense. Petulance as policy. Threaten, holler, play the victim, scream about your enemies…but hope like all hell they back down.

Because it’s all a bluff.

Sure, if they let him, Trump WILL destroy whatever he can to save his skin…and he’s got an ally in the GOP itself, which met him more than halfway long before he descended the escalator. But he’s not invincible…yet.

So, Democrats, please don’t play political calculus games, don’t pore over polling data, don’t twist yourself in knots trying to placate the non-existent Reagan Democrats.

Investigate the hell out of this crook, and if it leads to impeachable offenses (hint: it does), impeach.

He’s a fucking full-service laundromat for mobbed up cash from all over the globe. He’s a loser businessman with terrible instincts  — so if he thinks impeachment is an out/will let him off the hook, consider how wrong he always is. He got “elected” only by the weirdest of flukes, while benefiting from some particularly heavy-handed Clinton bashing by foreign governments, the FBI and The Village/Establishment. He’s not popular. He obstructs justice. If allowed to, he’ll kill whatever’s left of our democratic institutions.

If that still doesn’t register, think of it like this: if Nancy Pelosi went after Donald Trump and the GOP with half the zeal with which she’s gone after Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the other recently elected Democrats (who, ahem, represent the party’s future), consider how far she might get…just saying.



Why not call it a cult? That’s what they sound like from Barr on down as they look for any reason to excuse Dear Leader…

Then there’s James Comey’s sad realization, part deprogrammed former believer, part wide-eyed person pleading, imploring, “it’s a cookbook!” as others board the ship.

Gee, would’ve been nice if you noticed or thought of that two and and half years ago, James, instead of looking for ways to kneecap Hillary Clinton.

And the same to whoever else figured the very idea of President Trump was so preposterous that they might as well pull Hillary down a rung or two, either to play hardball or just for fun. Message delivered.