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Tweet Of The Day: Duggar Days Edition

The aroma of schadenfreude hangs heavy in the air after the Josh Duggar revelations. The only thing more satisfying than the exposure of this sanctimonious hypocrite would be seeing his predatory ass behind bars. That looks unlikely, but the scandal has damaged the Family Research Council and TLC. Who wants to sponsor the We Protect Pedophiles Hour, after all?

That brings us to the Tweet of the day. It’s rare that someone who calls themselves the fake anything on the Tweeter Tube is the real deal. Dan Savage is the exception to that rule. This Tweet is what the kids in the 1920’s called the cat’s meow:

I support Dan’s campaign to bring duggary into the language. It also sounds a bit like the Australian musical instrument, didgeridoo. That’s quite appropriate since paterfamilias Jim Bob Duggar is as well known for his windy pronouncements as for his enormous brood. Nobody will listen to him in the future. In short, he’s duggared and all he can do is play his duggarydoo.

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