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Profiles In NFL Courage

The Minnesota Vikings finally did the right thing by placing the child beater on the “exempt/commissioner’s permission” list. BUT they did it in the worst possible way: via press release at 2 in the morning. The timing was craven and gutless, which sounds like an ambulance chasing law firm. That’s right, the jokes are back. I can only be samba for so long…

Some will applaud them, but I will not. It took extreme pressure from sponsors and prominent Minnesotans to force the team to retreat. The fact that Gov. Mark Dayton and Senator Al Franken called for the child beater’s suspension proved that playing him wasn’t necessarily popular with the fans. The criticism from Mr. Viking, Fran Tarkenton was almost surreal to me. I’m not surprised he was horrified by the reinstatement of Peterson, but he is not known for wading into controversy. Good on ya Governor, Al, and Tark. Maybe this will turn out to be the Al Franken decade…

The *real* reason for the switch was the beating they were taking from sponsors and big money corporations like Radisson, Nike, and the 16 ton weight of sports sponsors, Anheuser Busch. Big bad Budweiser threatened to stomp on the NFL if they didn’t do a better job of handling the Peterson-Rice scandals. In short, the makers of Bud Lite are heavyweights who threatened to open a can of frothy whoop ass on the NFL.

Money is what the NFL has always been about and it was pressure from the big money boys that caused the Vikings to cave. It’s the NFL way. As we all know, money makes the NFL go round:

Oh yeah, one more thing. Adrian Peterson will collect his massive pay checks while suspended or whatever you want to call it. Money does indeed make the NFL world go round.

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Adrian Peterson did not spank his son, he beat him

My long-time readers know that I never moralize or tell people how to run their lives. I never use the M word in either written or verbal discourse. I am not a fan of corporal punishment, especially when it’s done in anger, but I don’t think people who spank their children should be imprisoned or ostracized. Adrian Peterson did not spank his 4 year old, he beat him. The term child abuse is too generic and polite for this situation, this NFL superstar is a child beater. The word switch is also too polite: he beat his 4 year old son with a stick.

Adrian Peterson is a hall of fame caliber running back and a world class louse. He should be ostracized, but he’s too big of a star for the NFL to act swiftly and decisively.  So much for the hanging judge Commissioner. I’ll write more about Goodell, Ray Rice, and domestic battery in an upcoming malaka of the week post.

Keith Olbermann did a classic rant on this topic yesterday. If you haven’t seen it, please do so now. I’ll resume my own rant after the videos and the break:

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