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Pulp Fiction Thursday: Gun Molls Magazine

I’d never heard of Gun Molls Magazine until recently. It was a short-lived publication founded in the early 1930’s; presumably to capitalize on the success of early gangster flicks such as Scarface, The┬áPublic Enemy, and Little Caesar.

Gentle Annie is a misnomer since the gun moll on the cover below has resting bitch face.

I hope to never meet the Cobra Broad in a dark alley.

Pulp Fiction Thursday: Peril Is My Pay

I asked Mr. Google to suggest some Olympics related pulp books. That’s how I found Peril Is My Pay. I picked it because of the hardboiled title, not the Olympic connection.

Pulp Fiction Thursday: The Case Of The Shoplifter’s Shoe

I know what you’re thinking: when in pulp fiction doubt, post a Perry Mason cover. Guilty as charged. It’s also relevant this Muses Thursday. That all chick krewe throws decorated shoes.

I’ve posted a cleaned up version of the cover that I stumbled into on the artist’s web site. Thanks to John Farr.

Pulp Fiction Thursday: The Mutants Rebel

If Donald Trump read books, he’d like the tagline about “an evil matriarchy.” Of course, someone would have to explain to him what that word means. So it goes.

Pulp Fiction Thursday: Fire Will Freeze

This cover fits the weather conditions this week.

Pulp Fiction Thursday: The Case Of The Drowning Duck

I haven’t posted a Perry Mason cover in quite some time. Those of you follow me on social media, will understand the timing. The rest of you will get it tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Pulp Fiction Thursday: The Human Bat

There was a short-lived series of sci-fi books in the early 1950’s that featured The Human Bat. It took a lot of Gall to bring that idea Home when Batman had been around for years.


Pulp Fiction Thursday: Black Wings Has My Angel

I originally selected this book because of the awesome tag line. It turns out to be a highly regarded novel written by a guy with ties to New Orleans. Ya learn something new every day.

Pulp Fiction Thursday: Santa Robot

Galaxy was a science-fiction magazine published from 1950-1980. This cover jingle bell rocks.

Pulp Fiction Thursday: Saddlebum

Watching Roy Moore astride Sassy inspired this week’s selection. I suspect that the Saddlebum was a better rider than Judge Pervert.

Pulp Fiction Thursday: Shadow Of Madness

This is not a book about the current political situation but it could be.

Pulp Fiction Thursday: Dead As A Dummy

Mannequins and ventriloquist’s dummies are scarier than hell. What’s worse than being Dead As A Dummy?

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Pulp Fiction Thursday: The Smuggled Atom Bomb

Now that’s a hot babe on the cover. In fact, she’s a bombshell.

Pulp Fiction Thursday: The Scrambled Yeggs

I’d never heard of Richard S. Prather or his Shell Scott detective novels. They turned out to be wildly successful. Who knew? Not me.

It looks as if the bushy-browed shamus is trying out for the Krewe of Spank:

Pulp Fiction Thursday: The Halloween Tree

It’s time for a seasonal book cover. The Halloween Tree is a 1972 fantasy novel that Ray Bradbury later adapted for an animated teevee flick. The cover is by Bradbury’s frequent collaborator Joseph Mugnaini.

Pulp Fiction Thursday: The Dunwich Horror

All Hallows Eve approaches, which means it’s time for an H.P. Lovecraft cover:

Pulp Fiction Thursday: Ghostly Hoofbeats

Here’s a two-fer: a Western ghost story. Yup. Boo.

Pulp Fiction Thursday: Gambler’s Girl

This cover was designed and executed by the noted illustrator Rudi Nappi. He obviously skipped the Nappi and was wide awake when he did this one. I dig the little men on poker chips hanging out with the chick who looks like Lana Turner.

Pulp Fiction Thursday: The Girl In The Cop’s Pocket

The cover of this book is rather pedestrian but the title and tag line rock.