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Pulp Fiction Thursday: Hotel Doctor

Today’s entry continues our medical theme. I think he’s a doctor feelgood but who am I to judge?

Pulp Fiction Thursday: The Border Lord

I usually avoid posting “bodice ripping” romance novel covers. The one on the left, however, has a ripping good tagline: “A saucy wench defies her king for love.” Red sauce or white?

Pulp Fiction Thursday: A Bullet For Cinderella

Was Prince Charming aware that Cinderella was in trouble? Probably not. The dude was clueless.

I’m a John D. MacDonald fan but I haven’t read this book. I suspect that the British paperback on the right is more accurate in its depiction of the story.

I have a rather disturbing earworm:

I never expected to post a Disney Princess video in this feature but you never can tell.

Pulp Fiction Thursday: Rage

Richard Bachman was Steven King’s pseudonym when he was an overly prolific young writer. It was all the rage:

Pulp Fiction Thursday: Rodent Mutation

The title of this 1961 sci-fi potboiler speaks for itself: it’s about mutated rodents. Bron Fane, however, is a pseudonym for Lionel Fanthorpe. It’s also an anagram for Boner Fan, which may or may not be an accident.

Pulp Fiction Thursday: Ward 20

In addition to writing this lurid potboiler, James Warner Bellah worked on five John Ford films. Bellah represented the dark side of Ford’s vision. Many of the bigoted bits in his Westerns were down to Bellah.

Pulp Fiction Thursday: The Yellow Room

This is another one of those “I found this while searching for something else” PFT entries. The second cover is intriguing. Is it telling readers that this is a good book to read at the beach? There’s nary a yellow room in sight.

Pulp Fiction Thursday: Nightmare In Manhattan

This book only sounds ripped from the headlines, it was published in 1955.

To lighten things up, the last word goes to Ella Fitzgerald with Manhattan by Rodgers and Hart:

Pulp Fiction Thursday: Dig That Crazy Grave

I’ve been keeping it light this week because we’re all in need of comic relief. This feature is uniquely suited to black humor, which is useful in times like these. If we can laugh at our deepest fears, we have a better chance to survive them; at least I hope so.

On to this week’s book cover. As far as I know, none of the 3-dozen Shell Scott books were ever filmed. It’s a pity: Leslie Nielsen would have been perfect casting.

Pulp Fiction Thursday: The Cross On The Drum

This week’s selection is the tale of a missionary and a Voodoo houngan:

The last word goes to the Neville Brothers doing that Voodoo that they do so well:

Pulp Fiction Thursday: The Plague

I can’t remember if I first read The Plague in high school or college.But I recall the profound impact it had it on me. It’s a powerful book that, according to a French speaking friend, is one of the best French to English translations ever. It’s certainly timely in the age of COVID-19.

There are many swell covers to choose from. We begin with the original hardback dust jackets.

I had to include the paperback cover on the left. It was the edition I read. It may be time to revisit it.

Pulp Fiction Thursday: Epidemic

This 1961 novel continues this week’s theme; only without the exclamation point. Things are bad enough without using one.

Pulp Fiction Thursday: Let Them Eat Bullets

Eat bullets? And I thought my Carnival diet was unhealthy.

Pulp Fiction Thursday: So Sharp The Razor

Bruce Graeme was of one several pen names used by Graham Montague Jeffries. He was best known for the Blackshirt series for which he used the name Richard Verill. None of those covers has the impact of this 1955 book. The title is pretty darn cool as well.

Pulp Fiction Thursday: The Case Of The Shoplifter’s Shoe

It’s time for our third annual Muses Thursday PFT post. Why am I repeating myself? Half the city is coming to our house later today. That’s why. Here we go again:

I know what you’re thinking: when in pulp fiction doubt, post a Perry Mason cover. Guilty as charged. It’s also relevant this Muses Thursday. That all chick krewe throws decorated shoes.

I’ve also posted a cleaned up version of the cover that I stumbled into on the artist’s website. Thanks to John Farr.

Pulp Fiction Thursday: The Mars Monopoly

We have side-by-side covers of a 1956 sci-fi tome by Jerry Sohl. The second cover is from an Australian edition of the book.

Pulp Fiction Thursday: Espirit De Corpse

This week’s punny title is creepy but accurate. For your consideration, four titles with the word corpse in them. These book covers date from the mid-1940’s.

Pulp Fiction Thursday: Space Lawyer

What’s not to love about the title Space Lawyer? Here’s the original dust cover:

Pulp Fiction Thursday: The Case Of The Hated Senator

This post is dedicated to Mitch McConnell.

Pulp Fiction Thursday: The Space Pirate

Alternate title: A Babe, an Alien and a Space Pirate.