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The Other Glimmer Twin


Jackie Speier


I’ve been living with Jackie Speier for over 40 years.

I don’t mean I’ve physically been living with the woman, but she has been a part of my life for all that time.

I first became aware of her when she was laying beneath the fuselage of an airplane on a remote airstrip in the jungles of Guyana, five bullet holes in her body,  watching as her boss Congressman Leo Ryan was gunned down by the insane members of Jim Jones’ Peoples Temple cult. She was 28 years old.

For most of you the name Peoples Temple brings up memories of that horrible day, but for those of us who lived in San Francisco and the Bay Area in the mid to late 1970’s our memories of encounters with the Peoples Temple cultists are a bit more personal. The Peoples Temple fell somewhere between Moonies and Mormons, respectable looking folk trying to make the world a better place through a non-religious religion under the guidance of their leader, the “Reverend” Jim Jones.  Jones had insinuated himself into the power structure of SF politics by not only getting his followers to vote as a block, but to then become the “boots on the ground”, getting out the vote, ringing doorbells, planting yard signs. They were on the street corners, in the SFSU quad (where most of my encounters with them were) and seemingly as ubiquitous as Krishnas at the airport. As so often happens those boots suddenly disappeared one day when word got out that dear leader was playing fast and loose with followers money, manna, and marriages. Off they skedaddled to that Guyana jungle where they could be cut off cultists, no worries about this material world or the fact that their families were prevented from getting in touch with them even when their bank accounts were being mysteriously drained. Investigating the families complaints was the reason Congressman Ryan and future Congresswoman Speier ended up on that tarmac.

When she returned and recovered, Speier decided to dedicate her life to public service. Here is where she personally came into my life. She was my county supervisor, assembly person in the state house, then my state senator, then my congressperson. No matter that I moved houses or even counties, she remained my political representative to one legislative body or the other. How about this, in her last election to the state assembly she was the nominee of BOTH the Democratic and the Republican parties. That’s called someone who can bridge the aisles. Would that there were more like her these days.

While a member of the assembly her husband, an emergency room surgeon, was killed in a car crash at the off ramp to Poplar Avenue from the 101 Freeway. Everyone who lived in the area at that time knew that off ramp was a danger zone. In fact I remember telling my sons when they were learning to drive that if I ever heard of them using that off ramp or it’s on ramp section I would personally rip up their licenses. I was not alone, most of my friends told their kids the same thing. By the way that exit was of course the closest one to their high school (shout out to San Mateo High, home of the Bearcats). While most of us would have wallowed in our despair at losing a loved one, Speier took it as a challenge to make not only that off ramp, but all the on and off ramps in her district safer. No one dared deny her.

As a member of Congress she allowed her colleague from the district she shared SF with to get the headlines and ultimately the speakership of the house. I often thought of them as the political version of the Glimmer Twins, Pelosi out in front making the noise necessary to encourage the base, Speier working behind the scenes to get things done for the entire Bay Area. She made sure not only did we in San Mateo county and the southern part of SF get the money to build and rebuild the freeways both real and cyber we so depend on, but also that funds for northern SF and Marin county, Nancy’s turf, got theirs as well. Pelosi is our Jagger, Speier our Richards, sans the whole he’ll outlive us all thing.

For over forty years she has stood for honesty and integrity in politics. And while I totally understand her desire to step away from the arena and give a new generation their chance, I can’t help but feel that she is stepping away at this moment because she is tired of the rancor currently eating away at the body politic. With all respect to her first husband, she has been the cartilage between the bones of that body, necessary to keeping the entire body healthy and functioning by absorbing the shocks, body blows, and abuse heaped on it from outside forces.  As El Grande Hefe de First Draft Adrastos pointed out yesterday she was the sponsor of the censure resolution of the Arizona Arsonist Paul Gosar. I second that her mentor Leo Ryan, friend of Adrastos’ Republican father, namesake of the park where my sons played as kids, would have approved.

She officially stopped being my congressperson earlier this year when we switched our registration from San Mateo to Sonoma. Big Mike Thompson is now my congressperson, another one who tries to build bridges, not burn them down. Compromise, I think I heard someone say, makes us all live in harmony with each other. To Ms. Speier I wish a long life filled with harmony, grace, pleasure, and calm. She has earned all of those after a life in the arena. Come on up to the wine country Jackie, we got a bottle of Sonoma’s finest waiting to share with you.

The last word goes to some musicians from her district with a song that should be her anthem.

Shapiro Out



Perception Is Reality

Fox News $7.59/gal Gas

There is a bit of a kerfuffle going on right now over inflation.

Some say it is the only issue the country should be grappling with. Others say that the fear of inflation is overblown and not nearly as important as say climate change or voting rights. As prices rise and wages do not the public is becoming fearful of being able to make ends meet.  When the public is fearful, the political party in power tends to be blamed for it.

Especially when the other party’s propaganda wing harps on it to the exclusion of pretty much all other news.

My personal favorite of the Faux News Factless Fatuousness is the $7.59 a gallon California gas station. Let’s take a look at that story. Don’t worry, that link doesn’t take you to Faux News, I have a greater respect for my readership than to pull a stunt like that. At any rate it turns out the $7.59 per gallon gas at exactly ONE gas station in the remote coastal town of Gorda comes from the fact that the station only receives one shipment every couple of  weeks and pays the highest cost per gallon for gas delivery in the country and because, yeah, if you are nearing empty in that remote coastal town and the next gas station is at least two or three gallons away you’ll pay whatever you have to in order to buy a couple of gallons. The proprietor also reports that he rarely sells a full tankful which also forces him to have a higher price.

Economics 101. It’s called supply and demand.

Now yes we do have the highest cost of gas in the country as I have discussed before, but guess what? We here in liberal, blue, Democratic California have the highest wages in the country. You know those ads for Amazon where they tout how they pay a minimum of $15 per hour and then cut to a shot of cheering warehouse employees? That’s our minimum wage. I don’t see FedEx running ads showing their warehouse employees cheering their $7.25 per hour Tennessee minimum wage.

But let’s get back to inflation. Repugnicants want to harp on it because they see it as the issue that will get white, no college, women to flock to them in 2022.

Here’s the thing. They’re right.

Repugnicants have always been the winning party when they can get two things: their base to vote, and the undecideds to swing their way. Undecideds may be too bored to have an opinion, but they vote based on the one issue that people SHOULD be basing their vote on, their pocketbook. If a gallon of gas is double what it was four years ago, somebody has to pay for that rapid escalation. Especially when it’s somebody who is negotiating climate deals that will save the planet, but make gas even more expensive.

Leaving a habitable planet for your kids and grandkids is a nice concept, but putting food on the table right now is much more important to those folks.

So Democrats, if you want to keep your majority in Congress and maybe even make that majority solid enough to tell Senators Manchinnychinchin and Semolina to go fold it five ways and stick it where the sun don’t shine you might want to listen to the concerns of those white non college educated females.

And then you might want to weaponize what they tell you.

Play the Repugnicants’ game. They are always taking issues and surrounding them in a fog of unrepentant propaganda, how about you do the same? But here’s the thing, you can use the truth as a weapon.

Wow, what a concept.

The truth is that inflation is keyed by one product and one product alone. It’s the only product that all other products have to use in one way or another. When it’s price rises, all other prices rise to ameliorate that increase. And what product is that?

I’ll give you three guesses, but I think you’ll only need one.

Click Click Click the link below to find out what it is

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The 19th Avenue Solution

19th Avenue San Francisco

There is an avenue in the city of San Francisco that provides a shining example of confrontations old and new, not only in The City That Knows How but for the rest of the country.

It’s called 19th Avenue.

19th Avenue cuts through the west side of the city, what is sometimes called The Outside Lands, from the southern border to Golden Gate Park. Though you stay on the same street, it magically changes names to Park Presidio when you exit the park and until you get to the Golden Gate Bridge on ramp. Thus it is the main connector from San Mateo County (just south of San Francisco) via Highway 280 to Highway 101, the bridge and over to Marin County.

That’s right, there is no freeway between the south end of The City and the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s one big surface street. Not that they haven’t tried to build a freeway.

Back in the 1950’s when freeway construction was all the rage in California there were plans to build a connector freeway above 19th Avenue to make it simpler for those in the south to get to and across the bridge or vice versa. Those living in the neighborhood of 19th Avenue we firmly against it. Having seen what happened to the areas where freeways had intruded elsewhere in the city and the attendant lowering of not just home values but quality of life values they wanted no part of a freeway.

This was not a Democrat versus Republican thing or a liberal versus conservative thing or even a Downtown SF versus The Outside Lands thing. This was the people living in the area who were saying “Why is our home less important than moving people from outside the southern end of The City to outside the northern end?” versus the forces of progress saying “The state has a vested interest in moving people and goods as quickly and efficiently as possible”.

So what happened? You already know there is no freeway above 19th Avenue, so did the homeowners of the late 1950’s win? Well, sorta. Actually what they did was something so alien today that I sometimes have to convince kids (and by that I mean anyone under 40) that it was possible.

The two sides compromised.

The freeway wasn’t built. But 19th Avenue got a unique makeover of sorts. Just after the Golden Gate Bridge was built the street was widened to accommodate the greater flow of traffic heading to the bridge so it was ready to deal with the volume of traffic. But the state wanted traffic that didn’t get stopped for traffic lights and there are give or take about 25 cross streets, each with a traffic light, along the route.

The first part of the compromise was that the state had The City change the timing on the traffic lights. If you got onto 19th Avenue and maintained a 35mph pace all the way down it, you never got caught at a red light. Go too fast you have to stop. Go too slow you have to stop. Hit it just right, you zipped along without a stop. A freeway without building a freeway.

The second part of the compromise was that in order to accomplish this, the north and south bound lights had a longer than normal “green” section which of course meant that the lights for all the cross streets had longer than normal “red” sections. For the most part those living there didn’t care because they understood that sitting at a red light a bit longer was better than having a monster freeway drowning out the sun.

Don’t compromise yourself by not finishing what you started. Click below:

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They Are Not Going To Stop With Wokeness, Or CRT, Or…

idiot holding crt sign

Oh the irony

The rendering of garments was well underway from the moment that it became clear that Vegetable Lasagna Impersonator Terry McAuliffe would lose to Reasonable Trumpist Glenn Youngkin. The Reasoned Judgments rained down from on high, and as usual, The Wisened Centrists declared that Wokeness destroyed the Democratic Party.

Of course, they went into it with their opinions preset, no matter if McAuliffe won or lost. The default was going to be “wokeness” sunk the Democratic Party, come hell or Lee Atwater. And you bet long-diseased Lee Atwater’s influence hung heavy over all this.

Atwater was the architect of the heinous method of campaigning that became known as “the Southern Strategy.” As you can see at that link, it was based on racism, and allowing white people to be comfortable in thinking racist things, plausible deniability of sorts via code words.

Trump came along and for a while, it was out with nuance and “saying what you think,” which gave him wide appeal among the people who just want to should out how much they hate the non-whites without worrying about code words like “welfare moms.” It was high paradise time for them, a dream they never thought they’d see morph into reality. Then it got taken away from them, and now the Republican Party appears to be attempting to return to it.

But this is a different version of the Atwater strategy, one they’ve managed to make far darker. The stakes are much higher. The party as a whole is dedicated to undermining our democracy. Just take a look at Lynn Cheney’s record on voting rights. It’s not great.

This threat should be the main focus of our electorate, but we Americans have a mean, hateful side that is susceptible to a certain brand of racial bullshit, and Republicans know it. So, they hammered away at critical race theory, convincing people it’s a huge threat despite not knowing what it is:

This stuff is no doubt funny, but it’s also alarming and has Democrats panicking because this guy supported the winner in Virginia. So, in response, you get stuff on cable news like Semi-Skeleton James Carville seemingly suggesting that progressives get sent to re-education camps.

(An aside on Carville: He sure seems to deeply hate elements of his own party, as his face gets even more of that Pissed-Off-Skeletor look when talking about anyone to his left, much more so than when he is talking about Republicans.)

All this panic is despite the fact that we’re not sure what exactly happened in Virginia as yet. We also seem to not want to acknowledge happier things for Democrats like Georgia’s elections going well. Or that winning back-to-back New Jersey governor elections is tough for a party to pull off.

But none of this seems to matter, so we’re in deep about critical race theory. No surprise, as we keep getting suckered into these kind of fights. In the 1990s, it was “PC Out of Control.” In the early years of Obama, it was the Tea Partiers. Right now it’s critical race theory and “wokeness,” whatever that is. But this is not going to remain static.

Remember the same people that Democrats are supposed to bow before earlier this year claimed that Dr. Seuss was going to be canceled because a few books were pulled over questionable images. But the Grinch will grace your TV screens next month, and “Cat in the Hat” is still in libraries. Much ado about nothing.

This past weekend, Ted Cruz spent a lot of time attacking…Big Bird. Over supporting children getting vaccinated, you see. That makes Big Bird worthy of canceling, I guess?

The point is, if Democrats try to appease these culture warriors, it will never stop. Something new will always appear.  Instead, it would make more sense to attack these moments as invented hysteria designed to manipulate and divide us, and do it in a way that doesn’t alienate people. It is possible, you know, to talk about what is really going on and still listen to people, maybe discover that their concerns are real but are being manipulated into something else. Actually persuade voters and tell them what you are going to do to help them! And at the same time, not run the risk of alienating groups who turn out for you, election after election, because they hope you will fight for them and not cave.

They are not going to stop inventing new culture war fights. It’s all they got, as they are obviously not interested in governing. Time to face it head-on, fight it, and not cower to it.

The last word goes to the King of Monday Mope Music, the late great Elliot Smith:


The Great Redemption, Part II

Michael F., Adrastos, and Cassandra have all done a wonderful job of relitigating the mess that was this week’s election results. Scroll on down for more. Although I will add that the media is seemingly all-in on all sorts of misinformation, as shown by this CNN report:

Around 50 gallons of milk a month probably sounds insane, but that is a family with two biological kids, and bless ’em, five adopted kiddos, so maybe. But the big issue here is in a country where the average family size is 3.15, is a family that is nearly three times that really a representation of the “middle-class?”

We’re really losing our minds here.

Anyway, what I wanted to write about today is the rather eerie parallels I’m seeing now to a terrible time in our history, a time that will probably not get a mention in Virginia public schools now. And that is the Redemption.

For those who don’t know (that’s okay, probably weren’t taught much about it in school), the Redemption was a period in America during and after the Reconstruction that featured a massive backlash to the newfound freedoms and rights offered to former slaves. The Reconstruction featured a lot of American progress on race. Around 2,000 Black men were elected or appointed to positions ranging from local ones such as county sheriff on up to U.S. Senator. Education for freedpersons resulted in the opening of institutions such as Howard University and the Hampton Institute.

What happened next was a white Southern uprising. The Ku Klux Klan came on the scene, unleashing a campaign of terrorism so extreme that President Ulysses S. Grant declared martial law in parts of the South in 1871-1872. But at the same time, Grant’s actions received criticism even in the North, and here Southern conservatives, then Democrats, saw their opportunity.

Less violent but no less deviant actions began in the form of voting rights abuses such as poll taxes and hiding ballot boxes. Pride parades, the bad kind, started up in Southern towns, and Blacks were run out of office (see the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898 for an especially awful example). From the late 1800s into the 20th Century, those infamous statues of Confederates were put up in a campaign to intimidate Black Americans.

At the same time, a propaganda campaign like no other in American history was ongoing. Pop culture produced movies such as “Birth of a Nation,” “Gone with the Wind,” and “Song of the South” that furthered the idea of Reconstruction as a horrible time, and downplayed the cruelty of slavery. Think I’m exaggerating? See the horrifying scenes in “Birth of a Nation” of Black Congressmen acting like children, and Uncle Remus singing about how he misses the “good old days” (“Song of the South” took place right after the Civil War, so think about it).

The end result was basically the rise of a de facto Confederate dictatorship in the South right up into the 1960s, as nearly all offices were held by Southern Dixiecrats. This held Black Americans back not only in the South, but in the North as well, because Democrats like Franklin D. Roosevelt needed southern Dems to play ball so he could pass the New Deal. Since compromise in America is often done on the backs of Black Americans, things like anti-lynching laws never had a chance.

The echoes of these times reverberate through our current debates, so much so that the writer Te-Nehisi Coates, in his book “We Were Eight Years in Power,” finds deep parallels in the election of Obama and the immediate election of Donald Trump. The book’s title was the lament of Reconstruction-era Black politicians uttered as the American experiment in multiracial democracy ended with the return of a quasi-Confederacy.

The election of Trump is a clear parallel to the first Redemption, and it’s clear we’re not done with that. Last year, in June, the death of George Floyd led to widespread protests. Polls showed support for the protests. Then the narrative turned its focus on the violent incidents, despite the fact that most were peaceful. Support eroded. Then, critical race theory (CRT), a term that most Americans never heard of at this time last year, reared its head.

CRT was perfect for a Redemption 2.0. It is vague, something that people could argue what it means. It involved an important subject, education. It also played well into something we don’t talk enough about…it’s not just white conservatives who are easy targets for this stuff. As Cassandra pointed out, CRT quite possibly flipped a lot of white women who voted for Biden to Trump. Like “Gone with the Wind” and “Birth of a Nation,” CRT is propaganda that is not really based on fact. It’s not taught in schools and arguments that it is sound suspiciously like attempts to ban anything about slavery and race in our nation from the schools (pundits like Bari Weiss, for example). Another thing is these days, this is not something limited to the American South (Northerners need to check their bias at the door as it’s not like say rural Wisconsin is enlightened these days). Very authoritarian, and very suspicious to a lot of decent Americans who are fine with learning about how racism has shaped our nation and how understanding this can help us move towards a truly multi-racial and multi-cultural society.

But of course, there are all sorts of roadblocks put up now to us reaching that. And unfortunately, it sounds very familiar.

The last word goes to the Drive-By Truckers, who put out a remarkable concept album about being liberals from the South, and this song hits hard on what that’s like.

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It’s the Racism, Stupid

As I write this it looks like Glenn Youngkin is going to be the next governor of Virginia. The Democratic Party’s recriminations are of course in full swing. Let’s end all the nonsense:  it’s the racism, stupid.

Don’t get me wrong:  Terry McAuliffe was a terrible candidate but nothing in this campaign season was about policy. Our broadcast TV stations are from the Washington, DC market, so I saw ALL of Youngkin’s campaign ads. His only issue was racism and he was helped by a ginned-up astroturf protest movement against the fictional teaching of critical race theory in public schools. You’ve probably already seen the articles.

“Critical Race Theory” is the “Let’s Go Brandon” of the GOP’s campaign strategy. It’s a cowardly code name for something ugly and vulgar. And as we saw tonight, it works in places where there are a lot of racists. To wit:

And as Democrats begin their postmortem of the Virginia election, “it’s the racism, stupid” has got to be kept at the forefront of any discussion. Racism is a drug and many white Americans can’t get enough of it.

A lot of the carping I saw tonight from Democrats focused on the ongoing negotiations on the reconciliation human infrastructure bill and blamed both progressive Democrats and conservative Democrats. This is a bad take. Why? Because it’s the racism, stupid.

This is a good take:

So is this:

I haven’t agreed with him in a long time, but he’s absolutely right:

Democrats have a much bigger problem to solve before November 2022:

I have no answers, just questions:

OK, I lied. I do have one answer:  white voters are a lost cause and Democrats should stop thinking that they are the end-all and be-all for voters and candidates.

R.E.M. and Dan Rather can sing us out:

Democrats Need to Be A.B.C.

Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross in front of chalkboard with Always Be ClosingOne of the all-time great scenes in movie history is the infamous speech by a sales executive that was given to a beleaguered sales team in the film “Glengarry Glen Ross.”

In it, the sales executive, played by Alec Baldwin, unleashes a profanity-filled (and over-the-top) rant-speech that includes a slogan – A.B.C. This stands for Always Be Closing, and that’s what the Democrats need to do if/when they pass the reconciliation bill.

Many in the DC media are going to highlight what’s not in the bill and was cut, just like they didn’t really mention in the last few months what’s in the original bill and instead focused on THREE POINT FIVE TRILLION. The goal, it seems, is to portray “Democrats in Disarray” at all times. Therefore, it’s going to be a difficult lift to sell it, but Democratic politicians need to trumpet all the goodies as coming from them.

Yes, the entire original reconciliation bill would have been better, but there’s plenty of good stuff in the trimmed-down version. For families, there’s university pre-K for 3- and 4-year-olds, and that would expand access to 6 million children a year. In addition, the outlandish cost of child care for kids younger than 6 would be limited to no more than 7% of those earning up to 250% of state median income. There’s also the extension of the child tax credit through 2022 and it would be made permanent for the lowest-income families.

The home health care portion aims to not just improve Medicaid coverage for home care services for seniors and disabled persons, but also improve the job quality for those providing the caregiving. It also would extend the Affordable Care Act’s enhanced federal premium subsidies through 2025, greatly helping moderate-income Americans.

The climate change portion of the bill is substantial, with $555 billion in tax credits and investments focused on combating climate change. There is a vision of 300,000 new jobs created by a Civilian Climate Corps, a new version of the New Deal’s Civilian Conservation Corps. This is a big win for the Sunrise Movement, which has advocated for such a program.

There’s other stuff in there around improving our immigration system, child nutrition, and affordable housing. Overall, it’s a big switch from the days of Democrats trying to out-Reagen their Republican counterparts back in the 1990s.

None of this is a done deal. Homespun Tool of the Elite Joe Manchin has been doing a great impersonation of a 1990s conservative talk show host by immediately claiming the paid leave program would result in people inventing fake babies. Look, Joe, we get it. People like yourself deeply, deeply despise people who make much less money than you do, so you invent things that aren’t true.

If we can indeed get Joe Coal and his partner in crime, Pharmaceutical Company Shill Krysten Sinema on board, this would be a transformational bill. But if it passes, Dems have to toot their own horn about it, long and loud. We’ll have to overcome mediocre elements in our media, but we can’t be shy about letting people know who brought them the good stuff. The 2022 midterms, and likely the 2024 presidential election, depend on it.

The last word goes to The Old Crow Medicine Show, who speak for all normal Americans who want The Good Stuff.

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Malaka Of The Week: Laura Murphy

Another person has emerged from obscurity to be “honored” in this space. This time, it’s a Virginia woman whose crusade against Toni Morrison’s Beloved ran from 2013 to 2017. It was recently revived as a wedge issue by Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin.  And that is why Laura Murphy is malaka of the week.

There are so many time shifts in this story that I’ve enlisted the help of Mr. Peabody, his boy Sherman, and the Wayback Machine:

Murphy’s son was a senior in high school when our saga began in 2013. Reading Beloved was too much for the poor baby:

Now a freshman at the University of Florida, Blake Murphy, 19, recalled reading the book before bed and having night terrors after he fell asleep.

“It was disgusting and gross,” he said. “It was hard for me to handle. I gave up on it.”

School officials point out that AP English is a college-level class that often involves discussions of adult topics.

“To me, mature references means slavery or the Holocaust,” Laura Murphy said. “I’m not thinking my kid is going to be reading a book with bestiality.”

I wonder if it steered the lad away from being an Aggie to life as a Gator? Enough sophomoric levity.

Beloved *is* about slavery. It’s a searing account of the cruelty and barbarism of the slave system. Is such a book supposed to be soothing? The fact that Beloved scared poor Blakie wakie is evidence of its power. Great literature is supposed to evoke strong reactions. All that Laura Murphy remembers is that there’s bestiality in the book. Holy animal husbandry, Batman.

During her 4-year crusade against this beloved novel, Murphy disclaimed any intent to ban this or any other book. She was lying: that was exactly the impact of her efforts. Funny thing that the author is Black. Imagine that,

Blake Murphy was so terrified by reading Beloved that he’s now a lawyer for the Republican National Committee. That means he lies for a living. His mother lied for her cause. Which is worse? Beats the hell outta me.

Cue the Wayback Machine:

In the years since her son wet the bed over Beloved, Laura Murphy helped push a bill through the then GOP controlled Virginia Lege requiring parental consent for books malakas like her deem offensive. Governor Terry McAuliffe aka the Macker vetoed the so-called Beloved bill. Murphy was not pleased but vanished from airing her malakatude in public until this year.

Hit it, Mr. Peabody:

Good boy, Sherman.

Glenn Youngkin is trying to thread the Trumper needle in his campaign against the Macker who was obliged to sit out four years because of a fakakata law that limits Governors to one term at a time. Youngkin was all palsy-walsy with the Impeached Insult Comedian in the Republican primary, but he’s trying to keep his distance in the general election. Why?  Virginia has gone Democratic in every presidential election since 2008. And Northern Virginia is loaded with federal employees. Rumor has it that they take a dim view of the Dipshit Insurrection. Imagine that.

What’s a troubled candidate, in a state where the GOPers haven’t won a statewide race since 2009, to do? Embrace the culture war cliches embraced by GOPers everywhere, that’s what.

Critical race theory? Youngkin is agin it; even if it isn’t taught in Virginia schools.

Mask mandates in schools? Youngkin is agin them and for freedom, man.

There are times that Youngkin sounds like he’s running for school board in the most benighted county in the Commonwealth.

Looking for the largest dog whistle possible, Youngkin seized on Laura Murphy and her bestiality fixation. The result was this ad:

Poor Mommy Malaka Murphy dissed by the mean old Macker. That nice Glenn Youngkin listens.

Notice that neither the title of the book nor the race of the author is not mentioned in the ad. They don’t even urge banning the beastly book in question. This is some old school Republican dog whistling. Tricky Dick would be proud of Glenn Youngkin.

The Virginia governor’s race has been nationalized by all concerned. The Democrats are rolling out the big guns: Obama, Harris, and Biden. The Republicans are rolling out Laura Murphy and her weenie shyster son. And that is why Laura Murphy is malaka of the week.

I gave myself an earworm while pondering Blake Murphy’s matriculating at the University of Florida. Tom Petty is from Gainesville. That’s why he gets the last word:

What Country Friends Is This?

This sceptered isle

Shortages of, well, everything. Fuel, groceries, hope. The party in charge of the government shucking and jiving at it’s party conference, on the one hand singing karaoke and on the other blaming everyone but themselves for the country’s problems. Citizens incensed that even after election year promises not to raise taxes, taxes will indeed be raised. All as inflation rages, a pandemic endures, and no end is in sight for the misery.

Some third world s***hole nation?

No, this is England.

More specifically this is Boris Johnson’s England. The England of Brexit, the England of “You can’t tell us what to do Brussels”, the England that reveres it’s monarchy as the monarchy becomes more soap-operay and less relevant every day. This is the England that said “21st Century? Nah, thanks mate, we’ll stick with the 20th. Course it’d be better if it were the 19th”.

Rue Britannia.

A recent article in the no longer failing New York Times points out the disconnect the English public is experiencing with their Tory government. While the Tories spent a weekend partying at the party conference in ever so manly Manchester, the public was attempting to find food at the grocery stores and fuel for their cars. A shortage of lorry drivers (that’s truck drivers for all us US of A types) has the supply chain for many items ground to a halt. Why the shortage? Lots of them were older men who took the pandemic as a sign to retire. Meanwhile newer younger drivers were prevented from getting the proper licenses because the licensing offices were closed because of the pandemic.

Ah you say, so it’s all about COVID. Well, it’s a contributing factor, but a bigger reason is that 20% of the nearly 100,000 drivers needed to keep the English economy moving left the country when it voted to leave the European Union. Why? Because they were the so-called “wave of immigrants” who were keeping the English working man from having a good paying job according to the Brexiters. Hence those immigrant workers took the attitude that it was better to jump than be pushed and went over to the Continent for a surer paycheck, oops I meant pay cheque, and the better employment standards they were used to under the EU, standards that the English were proudly declaring they were going to do away with.

All products ultimately make it to your shelves via a motor vehicle. It’s the basic number one fact of the consumer society. And if there is no one to drive the motor vehicle, despite the best intentions of Waymo or their competitors, the shelves don’t get stocked. Same for the gasoline that your dino-mobile runs on. It doesn’t get to the pump without someone bringing it there first.

Thus England has lines down the block for petrol (gas) stations. Headlines in newspapers scream about “lines lasting days”.  That fabled English stiff upper lip gets more and more difficult to maintain when sitting in a queue just to get some petrol. Keep in mind also that just as petrol stations can’t get the black gold, Texas tea, neither can the public buses that ferry so much of the population. And when a modern country’s population can’t move about freely the economy of said nation starts to grind to a halt.

And what does the Prime Minister, the head of government, say to all of this?

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A Nose For Gold? Oy, Just Oy

The WaPo editorial board typically stays out of state legislative races even in their local readership area. They made an exception in a Virginia House of Delegates race. The answer is as plain as the nose on the flyer’s face.

Dan Helmer is a first term delegate who was narrowly elected. His challenger, Harold Pym, is stooping to conquer the seat with the nauseatingly anti-Semitic flyer at the top of the post. The Virginia Republican Party paid for the flyer and denies that it’s anti-Semitic.

I think the flyer is as anti-Semitic as Alec Guinness’ performance as Fagin in the 1948 film version of Oliver Twist. That’s as bad as it gets. And that movie was at least artfully done as opposed to this ham-fisted flyer.

Here’s how the Post describes the target of the bigoted flyer, Dan Helmer:

The mailer, authorized by Harold Pyon, a GOP candidate for the House of Delegates, was paid for by Virginia’s Republican Party. Its target is first-term lawmaker Dan Helmer, an Army veteran who was an armor officer in Afghanistan and Iraq, and is now a management consultant as well as an instructor at West Point, his alma mater.

Mr. Helmer is a lieutenant colonel in the Army Reserve and the only current member of the military in Virginia’s legislature. He is also the descendant of Holocaust survivors. One of them, Edith Shapiro, now 86, his maternal grandmother, spoke movingly at his 2020 swearing-in about having come through trauma as a child in wartime Poland — she and her family were hidden from the Nazis by good Samaritans — to see her grandson elected to public office in the United States.

Remember when Republicans demanded we support the troops and attacked anyone who opposed Team Bush’s wars as unpatriotic? I certainly do.

This subterranean anti-Semitism has become increasingly common since 2016. The same GOP that professes blind support for the Israeli right as personified by their former guy, also traffics in this sort of bigotry. If a flyer containing stacks of gold coins and an augmented nose isn’t anti-Semitic, I’m Turkish, not Greek.

Four Jewish Virginia GOPers sent a letter to the WaPo claiming that the flyer isn’t as on the nose as the paper claimed:

We have each seen the mailer and do not view it as antisemitic. It is a hard-hitting piece that described the truth: Democrats’ policies have increased the cost of living in Northern Virginia, and we need new politicians with new ideas to deal with that heavy burden without increasing taxes and spending. The mailer’s photo of Del. Dan Helmer (D-Fairfax) did not alter his features in any way.

Oy, just oy.  Notice the separate image above the flyer. They gave him a schnozz worthy of the man Cole Porter called the Great Durante.

Flyspecking mailers for penumbras of antisemitism or racism to declare legitimate arguments out of bounds and smear a good man such as Mr. Pyon is antidemocratic. Particularly when prominent Democrats such as members of the “Squad,” Fairfax County School Board member Abrar Omeish and Del. Ibraheem S. Samirah (Fairfax) pay no price for their overt antisemitism. As Jewish Republicans, we are offended by the double standard, which we believe demonstrates Democrats’ concern over antisemitism is situational, mere cover for bare-knuckle politics. It is shameful to weaponize our religion for such base political purposes.

Oy, just oy.  After the Dipshit Insurrection, it’s ludicrous for *any* Republican to call anyone anti-democratic. Schmucks.

The Impeached Insult Comedian and his ilk are guilty of the same sort of Philo-Semitism espoused by Archie Bunker who described his favorite law firm as “seven savage Jews.” Ironically, the name of the law firm was Shapiro, Shapiro, and Shapiro. I’ve heard that name somewhere before…

The next time a Republican disclaims bigotry of any kind, remember the Helmer flyer. Oy, just oy.

The last word goes to Robbie Robertson with the national anthem of Whataboutism:

Where’s The BIF?

BIF is short for Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill. It was passed by the Senate what seems like years ago. It was paired with the RIF aka the Reconciliation Infrastructure Bill.

The two bills are the subject of intense negotiations between the vast majority of Democrats, two errant senators and a dozen congresscritters. Despite the prominence of the House Progressive Caucus, it’s not liberals versus moderates except to the lazy MSM. For example, Dianne Feinstein, Tom Carper, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders all support both the BIF and the RIF. Kudos to Bernie for his leadership on the RIF.

I think both the BIF and the RIF are important. As much as some House members deride the former, our hard infrastructure is a fucking mess. Look around and you’ll see wobbly bridges, crumbling roads, and ancient sewerage systems such as in New Orleans. The country needs both bills even if Willard Mittbot Romney and Double Bill Cassidy groove on the BIF.

The RIF is dearer to the hearts of most Democrats than the BIF. Here’s why: it addresses the sort of human infrastructure and climate issues that have been on the back burner since 1980. Perhaps I should acronymize them as HIF and CIF. I personally think we should prioritize them all be it the BIF, RIF, HIF, or CIF.

I’ve been very impressed with Pramila Jayapal’s leadership of the House Progressive Caucus. While we’re at it, let’s give them an acronym: HPC.

Ms. Jayapal has refused to roll over and let the miniscule band of moderates win the day. She reminds me, I daresay, of Nancy Pelosi who privately is apt to agree with the leader of the HPC. People sometimes forget that Nancy Smash represents one of the most liberal districts in the country. She compromises because she believes in getting shit done.

Repeat after me: it’s not liberals versus moderates except to the lazy MSM.

I disagree with those who think any delay in the process is a disaster. Getting two good bills is more important than passing the BIF today. A reminder that this is President Biden’s agenda and the HPC are in his corner. It’s a far cry from 2010 when Team Obama was vexed with the left of the party. It helps having Ron Klain as White House Chief of Staff instead of Rahm Emanuel.

The MSM, of course, thinks this is a game hence the post title and featured image. It’s not: the future of the country is at stake. If the bills fail, there will be a Speaker KMac in the next Congress. Do we want that mook and McConnell in charge of Congress? Failure could make 2022 the 1994 of 21st Century off-year elections. Hmm, The Mook & McConnell sounds like a 1980’s network teevee show.

I’m writing this in the morning so I could turn out to be wrong about the fate of the BIF and RIF. Expect an update at the bottom of the post if there are any major developments.

Hopefully, we’ll have a happy ending, so we won’t be obliged to pose the eternal question: Where’s The BIF?

I tried to find a song with beef in the title but they’re all hip-hop numbers using the word as a synonym for argue or fight. But I found a swell song with riff in the title. The last word goes to the Nat King Cole Trio

Georgia (Election Law) On My Mind

I’ve spent a lot of time writing about Georgia in the last year. It became a factor in national politics for the first time since the Carter presidency. We all thrilled to Biden’s Peach State victory followed by those of Senators Warnock and Ossoff in January.

Georgia was also the focus of the Impeached Insult Comedian’s attempt to steal the election via “perfect” phone calls. Georgia was the swing state wherein power was entirely vested in Republicans; even Arizona has a Democratic secretary of state. Trump dispatched Rudy Giuliani to spread poisonous lies and brought wackadoodle Atlanta lawyer, Lin Wood, on board.

This post was also inspired by amateur lawyers on Twitter lamenting that Merrick Garland hasn’t done anything about the Georgia case. That’s true, but it’s not his case. It’s based on state law so it’s in the hands of recently elected Fulton County District Attorney, Fani Willis. Atlanta is the focus of MAGA complaints about the election, so that’s where the case belongs. Ms. Willis is the one who is moving slowly. Hopefully, slowly and methodically.

I feel a musical reference coming, Take a load off, Fani:

There’s an op-ed in the WaPo by some folks at the Brookings Institute who have taken a careful look at Georgia law and how it applies to the Former Guy’s “perfect” phone calls:

… the prospect of a state prosecutor filing charges against a former president for election crimes should not be considered lightly, but certain key facts weigh in favor of giving criminal charges the most serious consideration.

First, Trump is alleged to have attacked Georgia’s democracy, which belongs to all Georgians, and to have attempted to deny the will of the majority in voting for president, thus effectively attempting to disenfranchise millions of voters.

Second, in our federal system, it is the states and not the federal government that have principal responsibility for carrying out and policing the proper administration of presidential elections. That rule exists, in part, to prevent federal officials from manipulating the outcome of elections from the top. So the Constitution demands that Georgia stand up for itself against the encroachment of a manipulative president who sought to entrench himself in power.

Third, Trump’s likely defenses against criminal charges lack merit. Trump would no doubt claim immunity based on his status as president when he attacked the Georgia election outcome. But categorical immunity from prosecution is limited at most to sitting presidents, not former presidents — as Trump himself has conceded. Because he is no longer in the White House, he is out of luck. It’s true that there is additional, more targeted immunity for a former president for actions undertaken within the outer perimeter of his official duties. But that claim would fail because the Constitution and federal law assign no role to the president over counting or tabulating votes in Georgia, or certifying the election results. It would be a perversion of the president’s oath to “take care” that laws are faithfully executed to embrace an effort to subvert lawful election results.

Former President* Pennywise held a rally in the Peach State last weekend. He used a typical tactic: bragging about his attempts to subvert the election results. He somehow thinks that he cannot be charged with a crime if he talks about it publicly. As always, he’s wrong, wrong, wrong. Absent prosecutorial timidity, every time he shoots off his big bazoo, the chances of charges increase.

The most intriguing part of the article is this bit:

The report separately discusses the possibility that Trump could be charged under Georgia’s Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act statute. The term “RICO” may conjure up images of Mafia bosses, but the statute is much broader. If Trump committed a so-called pattern of predicate criminal acts — which may include many of the acts potentially chargeable in the statutes mentioned above — a RICO charge may be available if he did so either through an enterprise (like his campaign) or to gain control of an enterprise (like the presidency).

RICO charges would carry stiffer penalties than the other offenses that could be brought against Trump and his band of MAGA miscreants. There *was* a conspiracy involving Trump and Mark Meadows among others, after all.

Will it be enough for Georgia’s Little RICO statute to apply? Here’s what the authors say in their report:

Based on our assessment, we conclude that Trump’s multiple reported acts directed at Georgia could subject him to prosecution under the state’s RICO statute, subject of course to the further development of the case by Fulton County. Above, we have extensively discussed a number of Georgia state crimes for which Trump may be liable. A number of them are enumerated as available predicate offenses under the RICO statute: (1) false statements and writings; (2) solicitation of false statements and writings; (3) solicitation of false swearing; (4) influencing witnesses; and (5) solicitation of computer trespass (as a crime included in the 84 Georgia election officials to change the election results would foreseeably have involved their use of computers to delete or alter voting data, he may have committed solicitation of computer trespass.

This is a promising line of inquiry. The authors encourage District Attorney Willis to get off her Fani and investigate the veritable plethora of possible charges if she hasn’t already done so. I hope you appreciate my restraint in not making a Different Strokes joke at this point.

If you’d like to read the whole damn Brookings Institution report for yourselves, click here. Adding to pressure on Ms. Willis, it was uploaded by the dean of Georgia political writers, Greg Bluestein.

Let’s hope that this will not be the end of Little Rico. The last word goes to Edward G. Robinson in Little Caesar:

Mother Of Mercy Quote GIF by Top 100 Movie Quotes of All Time - Find & Share on GIPHY

Fraudit Flops: Biden Lead Grows

I haven’t written about the zany antics of the Cyber Ninjas for quite some time. According to preliminary reports, they have labored mightily and produced bupkis. Anyone surprised? I thought not.

Yo, Trumpers, read this and weep:

After months of delays and blistering criticism, a review of the 2020 election in Arizona’s largest county, ordered up and financed by Republicans, has failed to show that former President Donald J. Trump was cheated of victory, according to draft versions of the report.

In fact, the draft report from the company Cyber Ninjas found just the opposite: It tallied 99 additional votes for President Biden and 261 fewer votes for Mr. Trump in Maricopa County, the fast-growing region that includes Phoenix.

Steve Kornacki must be wetting himself.

Maricopa County declared victory by Tweet-leaking the story:

I wonder how the Cyber Ninjas are Maricoping with this…

If I were an Arizona taxpayer, I wouldn’t find this so funny. The Fraudit has cost them millions of dollars and months of ridicule. It’s even driven me to post the most obvious musical interlude imaginable:

The endless attempts of the MAGA maggots to prove fraud are as costly as they are futile. They’re still at it in places like Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Texas. Say what? Texas? It wasn’t even close, but Lone Star State Trumpers want to grow the Impeached Insult Comedian’s margin or some such shit.

Hasn’t Arizona suffered enough because of the Sinematic Senator? Josh Marshall has been on her case all week culminating with a post entitled A Democrat Only Republicans Can Love. Ouch.

The last word goes to Mark Lindsay with a song politically incorrect enough to satisfy the MAGA crowd:


We Don’t Need Another Hero

Marvel's Avengers


A couple of weeks ago I changed my cell phone plan which these days means I get access to more of the interconnected corporate hegemony being put out into the cultural zeitgeist these days. In this case I now have access to Disney Plus, or Disney + as the branding bros would have it.

I really couldn’t have cared less about getting Disney + as I am beyond the age of having children who would watch cartoons and not yet to the point of having grandkids who would. But since Disney has been buying up intellectual property as if they couldn’t possibly come up with something themselves (and yes that is a dig at how Disney has treated their creative “partners”) having the network has given me a chance to take a gander at the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) that I’ve heard so much about.

I have a special fondness for Marvel comic books. Back in the day when a 25 cent weekly allowance was enough for two comics and three pieces of penny candy, I bucked the trends and fanboyed for Marvel over D.C. Comics. Frankly I didn’t understand why my friends didn’t favor The Fantastic Four over Superman or Spiderman over Batman. I mean, we lived in New York, the Marvel characters protected New York, why would you favor some guy from another planet who lived in a made up city called Metropolis over someone protecting YOU in the very real city where you lived? And really, this guy puts on a pair of glasses and nobody recognizes him? At least Iron Man had a metal helmet covering his entire head so of course you couldn’t know it was Tony Stark.

But times passes and my magazine reading advanced from comic books to Mad Magazine to the National Lampoon and then out into adulthood. Yeah, I went to see Christopher Reeve as Superman and Michael Keaton as Batman, but those were one off experiences that were not repeated for the numerous sequels. By the time of the reimagining of Batman by Christopher Nolan, superhero movies were out of my flightpath. In fact I became that guy who went to see Cosmopolis at some Hellplaza 64 screen monstrosity and complained to the management that the walls are so thin I could hear the cheering for The Dark Knight Rises.

Damn kids.

Thus I have not seen in their entirety any of the twenty-five or so movies that have made zillions of dollars and have audiences salivating for more. I don’t know Chris Evans from Chris Pine. I’ve been told they are both captains, but of what I can’t remember. Scrolling through the list of Marvel films available on the network I get lost trying to remember if Loki is a villain, a hero, a god, a spaceman, or just whatever the hell he really is. Apparently there are multiple universes in which there are multiple Spidermen, women, dogs, cats, and taxi cab drivers. And there are guardians of the galaxy and one of them is the shoeshine guy from Parks and Rec?

And to think one of the reasons my childhood friends didn’t like the Marvel comics was that they were too complex.

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Malaka Of The Week: Susan Collins

I realize that Maine Senator Susan Collins is overqualified for the weekly honor. She belongs in the malakatude hall of fame. But she just did something so horrible and so contrary to her media brand that I had to write about it today. And that is why Susan Collins is malaka of the week.

The MSM insists on calling Susan Collins a moderate when she’s a bog standard GOPer who almost always votes the party line. She did, however, vote to convict in the second Trump impeachment trial. Other than that, she votes like a conservative and talks like a moderate. I believe in judging a senator by how they vote, not the shit they say. Malaka Sue talks a lot of shit, y’all.

Senator Collins just announced that she’s endorsing former Maine governor Paul LePage in his bid regain his old job. LePage has been living off-and-on in Florida since leaving office in disgrace in 2018. LePage is best described as a proto-Trump. He was malaka of the week in August of 2016. You know what they say, malakas of a feather flock together. Actually, only I say that.

LePage was such an asshole as governor that Charlie Pierce gave him this nickname:

Paul LePage is like Archie Bunker without the underlying humanity that Carroll O’Connor brought to the role. He’s a dick, prick, asshole, and malaka.

In 2010, LePage was the teabagger’s teabagger. And Susan Collins wants him as her governor again. Really, Sue?

Charges of hypocrisy don’t bother Malaka Sue. She’s forever teasing moderation while voting like a wingnut. Remember the Kavanaugh mess? She mouthed pious platitudes then voted for an accused rapist and verifiable shitbag. It’s what she does. Schmuck or is that schmuckette?

Speaking of hypocrisy, Collins’ 2020 campaign against Sarah Gideon focused on the fact that the latter is a transplant, not a native Mainer. Now Malaka Sue is supporting Florida Man LePage. Oy, just oy.

The MSM will continue to lazily label Susan Collins a moderate. They’re confusing her with former Maine Republican senators Bill Cohen and Olympia Snowe. They were genuine moderates; Susan Collins is one of the hackiest hacks whoever hacked me off. And that is why Susan Collins is malaka of the week.

The last word goes to Dion with a song that should be Malaka Sue’s theme song:


Election Night, Eh

I love watching election returns. I’ve been watching the CBC’s Canadian election returns on CSPAN since 1993. That was an excellent year for the Canadian Liberal party as it won in a landslide. Last night was more of a humdrum affair as very little changed once the votes were counted and the races called.

It’s time for an early musical interlude:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called a snap election hoping to win a majority. Apparently, his campaign wasn’t snappy enough as the Liberals only gained 3 seats and narrowly lost the popular vote again to the Conservative party. Not to worry: parties of the left and center-left received approximately 60% of the vote.

Canadians were cranky about having an election during the pandemic. It looked for a time that the Liberals’ support might crater but it didn’t. Good deal, eh.

Trudeau is the handsome son of Canada’s greatest Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. The son has a lot to live up to, but has much better hair than his pere.

The CBC’s election night coverage is excellent, eh. They have fancy graphics and say “aboot” a lot. That’s how Canadians pronounce “about” not a footwear reference. Those aboots are not made for walking…

Canada is quietly quirky in its nomenclature. They call their parliamentary districts ridings. That always evokes images of this guy:

Justin Trudeau is no Dudley Do-Right but at least he’s no Snidely Whiplash. Snidely is currently living in Mar-a-Dorn under an assumed name: the Kaiser of Chaos.

Canadian politics seems nicer than American politics but that’s only on the surface. There are regional differences as well as linguistic ones. My favorite moment of every Canadian election is when the leaders speak in both English and French except for the Bloc Quebecois guy; to do otherwise would make him a francophony…

There’s a Trumpy right wing populist party, the People’s Party of Canada or PPC. Their leader is a French guy named Maxime Bernier. I’m not sure if he wants to be LePen or Laval but last night he was a big loser. He lost his seat and the PPC was shut-out. I guess Canadians prefer that their leaders mask-up, eh.

I know a lot more about British than Canadian politics. But I love to watch election results and the CBC is as adept at it as the BBC, eh. They do the MacKenzie Brothers proud, eh. I really should stop saying eh but it’s a fun word to type, eh.

That concludes the first post written on my brand new computer. The last word goes to The Guess Who with a song that sounds socialistic to me, eh.


This week on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati “Electional Dysfunction” edition

Ok – get suited up, everyone. Oh……you already were. The new normal I guess.

Anyway – you just know the Freeperati were going to take Oreo Trump’s defeat in the California recall stoically.  Right?

Ca Recall Live Thread
9/14/2021 | Me

Posted on 9/14/2021, 8:27:49 AM by Openurmind

I am not in Ca but have important interest in this Ca vote. Ca is the test bed for unconstitutional laws that are eventually implemented nation wide. If Newsom is recalled it will be a huge blow to the Democrat party agenda over all(sic).

Does anyone have a reliable source to monitor and keep tract(sic) of the numbers today? The only one I could find was the SF Chronicle. And I don’t trust the numbers they will be throwing out. Any help with this would be great!

1 posted on 9/14/2021, 8:27:49 AM by Openurmind
This is going to be big fun!
Wait for it…
To: Openurmind

Let the cheating begin!

6 posted on 9/14/2021, 8:33:40 AM by JerseyDvl (During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.)


At 8:30 in the morning, you’re saying this?

To: Dan in Wichita


We cry out for justice and fair elections. May Californians vote Newsom out of office Intervene on our behalf. Save California and our nation from tyranny.

In JESUS Name we pray.

13 posted on 9/14/2021, 8:40:42 AM by stars & stripes forever (Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord. (Psalm 33:12))

To: Celerity
I’m calling it right now.

He ain’t getting recalled.

Yep agreed. On the Warroom they are already talking about challeging(sic) the election. Sorry Larry. You are going to have a helluva time gaining any sympathy after you pissed on Trump voters

I thought The Darnold liked that sort of thing.  His voters don’t?

by saying Biden was elected fair and square.

Screw your mulligan BTW Wanting to walk it back. Your stupid never-trumper stance killed your chances.

41 posted on 9/14/2021, 9:40:48 AM by The MAGA-Deplorian (Democrats are lawless because Republicans are ball-less!)

To: Persevero

Get out the vote! Nice job.

Leave the surrendering to the usual surrender monkeys. Man, they’re boring.

57 posted on 9/14/2021, 10:27:20 AM by romanesq (TRUSTY THE PLAN! ChiCom Joe is the Plan? Que magnificent! 👹)

Surrender monkeys?
To: Openurmind
Thank you for posting this thread.I’m in California and am as nervous as hell. If Newsom prevails I have to leave the state because I am guardian to 3 grands and over my dead body are they getting vaccinated.

Let’s hope that’s how it plays out.

(BTW, there’s another website giving the “Herman Cain Awards” Reddit some competition – it’s called “” )

I am not worried about this with Larry Elder and in fact, it is my main issue among many, many others.

For what it’s worth, Larry has said they are prepared to jump with litigation if there is funny business. I hope he means it because that is an absolute certainty. The Rats have been stealing elections in this state for at least 20 years.

80 posted on 9/14/2021, 12:34:34 PM by truthkeeper (All Trump Has Going for Him is the Votes)

Get your popcorn out, and follow me to the “read more” link for reactions to the loss, and Freeper incoherent anger at Elder’s failure to “jump with litigation”.

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The OTHER Recall Election Results

District Attorney Jill Ravitch

So Gavin Newsom “survived” the recall election. Hmm, when a Repugnicant wins an election with 65% of the electorate in their favor the national media call it a landslide. When a Democrat does the same they “survive”.

So much for the so-called liberal media bias.

I wrote back in July about the OTHER recall we had going here in Sonoma County, that of our outgoing District Attorney. Jill Ravitch had all of nine months left in her term and had already announced she was not going to seek another one when the petitions, funded completely by one millionaire land developer she went after for abandoning senior citizens he was responsible for during a raging firestorm, went out to recall her. Read that article to get all the details.

You’ll be happy to hear (at least I was) that Ravitch “survived” her recall election. Is there another word to describe getting 80% of the electorate in your favor? Maybe the no longer failing New York Times can chirp in with the proper adjective. Yeah, 80% in her favor. I’ve seen elections where someone was running unopposed and didn’t get 80%.

A deeper dive into the numbers showed something even more interesting. In Sonoma County Newsom won his recall with 78% of the vote — 112,264 to 31,939. Ravitch won as previously mentioned with 80% of the vote — 101,269 to 25,400. She actually did better than Newsom, though not by that much. But add those totals up. There were literally just two questions on the ballot, the two recalls. Why did 17,534 people vote in the governor recall, but didn’t vote on the DA recall?

For that we need to look at the actual physical ballot. No, there were no hanging chads, this wasn’t a butterfly ballot of any sort, this was just a straight ahead regular old fill in the bubble with a blue or black pen ballot. Except for one thing.

While the governor recall, because of the extraordinary amount of potential replacements named, took up the entire of one page of the ballot, the DA recall was placed not on a second page, but on the back of the first page. In other words, you had to turn the page over in order to vote on the DA recall. And since no one signed up to be on the ballot as a potential replacement, the entirety of the back side of the ballot took up less space than the space this paragraph is taking.

17,534 people flat out DIDN’T NOTICE the DA election was happening at the same time. Wow, how did that happen? I mean it’s only been all over the local news since last June. But then again here is the sum total of the advertising the No D.A. Recall folks did for this election:

No D.A. Recall Poster

Notice something missing from this poster? That’s right, no where on it does it mention what day the recall election was taking place. In big giant lettering we are told who’s paying for it, but it never mentions the election is the same day as the OTHER recall election. Now yes, 126,669 citizens DID turn the ballot over and vote in the D.A. recall election, but the fact that 17,534 DIDN’T should worry not just educators and good government folks, but the Democratic Party as well.

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It’s Election Day Dude!

Gavin Newsom Keeps All

As you read this Californians are going to the polls to decide the fate of the recall effort against Governor Gavin Newsom.

Yeah who am I kidding? Statements like that are a thing of the past. Californians have been voting for almost a month by now on this insipid recall referendum. The days of standing in line to dutifully cast one’s ballot are as quaint and old fashioned as going to the malt shop with your high school sweetheart to sock hop with all the cool cool cats. I mean you could do it, but you’re gonna get some odd looks from the vast majority of your fellow citizens.

Though the national media is focusing on the horse race of the recall, Californians are looking at this more as a referendum on how Newsom has handled the pandemic. And that’s been the most effective tool for Newsom. Don’t like how I mandated masks and vaccines and social distancing? Um, have you seen the death rate in places like Texas and Florida? Would you rather have that?

And it doesn’t hurt that the leading Republican candidate campaigns on how much “freedum” ™ those states have. Yeah guy, just keep singing that song, especially when your fellow conservative unvaccinated antivaccine radio talk show hosts keep dropping like flies.

Californians’ have come to realize Newsom’s handling of the pandemic is like that personal life moment when you realize your parents, who previously had been nothing but nagging kill joys, were actually pretty smart about life and things.

Remember back in the early days of the pandemic when the two “voices of reason” among the American political landscape were Gavin Newsom and that guy in New York, what’s his name? I don’t want to diminish the facts that brought down Sonny Corleone…er…I mean Andrew Cuomo but I can’t help but wonder how it is that two governors who were held in such high esteem just a year and a half ago were targeted for ouster.

And thus we come to how Repugnicants try to gain power in this country. They can’t win fair elections so they gerrymander districts, run recall elections, shout about election fraud, enact laws making it harder to vote, make voters fear their neighbors both in the physical and the international senses, and play to the uneducated and easily led astray. All for the benefit of the super wealthy so they can remain super wealthy and not be forced to settle for being reduced to just really wealthy.

And they really really hate the way California runs elections. Ballots mailed to every registered voter a month before the election? Ballots that can be mailed in, dropped off at secure drop boxes located in every community? Ballots that if you really want can be dropped off at polling locations on Election Day? Voting shouldn’t be that easy! Why if it were the entire adult population would vote! Can’t have that!

And for those who decry the notion of a mailed out ballot as being a blow to the concept of community (ahem….like I once was) let me just say that the world and the way we work in it has changed so the way we vote needs to change. It’s not the first time we’ve changed the way we vote. Once upon a time you had to be a white male over 21 who owned land in order to cast a vote. You also had to have the time to come in from your farm to the closest town and put an X by a name. And then you couldn’t legally go down the dusty street to have a shot of redeye at the saloon.

The world changes. Blacks, women, teens who have hit 18, all got the vote. Polling stations were set up in neighborhoods. Xs were replaced by pulling a handle, then punching a card, then touching on a screen. Bars remain open on Election Day in most communities. Life moves on.

Move on or get run over.

Shapiro Out




A Reader Writes In To Inquire

Democrats Vs. Republicans

After my last post a reader who stands in opposition to what I said asked me some questions that I thought would be better answered in todays post then a simple reply to just him. He raises some points that I often hear from those who stand in opposition to my point of view. We will begin with

Since (Biden) took office, Gas prices in suburban areas of (LOCATION REDACTED) have hit highs of $5 per gallon.

Yes they have. I wish Biden had the power to put a cap on how much oil producers can charge for a gallon of gas, but until the socialist dream is achieved he doesn’t. Nor has any president. EVER. If you are upset about five dollar a gallon gas then start getting mad at the real culprits, the oil companies. Personally I think it’s because they see we are coming to the end of the age of the internal combustion engine and are trying to get as much cashola as they can before no one wants and/or needs their product. But if you think five bucks is high, wait till they start using Hurricane Ida as an excuse to raise prices.

And you know they will.

Since he took office, ISIS which was rarely heard of the previous 4 years are claiming to be responsible for the afghan airport bombing which killed many US marines and citizens that have been left there before being evacuated before the US army was to let in the Taliban to take over.

First of all, it was not ISIS that was responsible for the Kabul airport bombing but rather ISIS-K which is an off shoot organization not controlled by ISIS. US citizens were killed in the attack but many more of the dead were Afghans. That’s not an excuse, just a statement of fact. Could it have been prevented? I don’t know, but I do know that a second attempt was prevented with a well placed drone strike. I’m sure you were applauding the bold and direct action that Biden took.

Before he took office it was thought that there might be control on the current situation at hand but reading articles on CNN which is pro Biden, it looks like this August is worse than last year August (although you’ll claim it’s all others faults).

What control are you talking about? Trump’s “peace talks” with the Taliban? Look, let me make it clear, we had no business being in Afghanistan and we certainly had no business being there for twenty years. Biden said enough is enough, we’re not wasting any more money or blood on a place with no strategic value to our country. And if you want to cry about terrorists being there please note my earlier comment about the drone strike as an example of how to take care of things.

The Taliban have no friends, only those who give them money to buzz around and annoy Western democracies. Let them run an unrunable country. When the time is right an opposition group will take to the hills, just as the Taliban did twenty years ago, and begin a guerilla war that will end with them marching into Kabul. But if you think that will bring about a peaceful, serene Afghanistan I’ll remind you that the Taliban will just take to the hills and begin another guerilla war.

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