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War Of The Gosars: “Stalin Would Be Proud”

In between obsessing about Rod Rosenstein’s unfiring and the Kavanaugh mess, I’ve continued to monitor the fight for the House of Representatives.

I love campaign ads; at least the first time I see them. The ad of the year ran in Arizona. It features the siblings of wingnut dentist/Congresscritter Paul Gosar. They are NOT supporting their brother’s re-election bid:

Ouch. Dr/Congressman/MAGA Maggot Gosar was not amused.

I’m not sure what’s Stalinist about affordable health care for rural Arizonans. At least Gosar  didn’t call for his siblings to be liquidated. Now that would be Stalinist.

The fact that Gosar is a dentist tickles my fancy. That’s why Steve Martin gets the last word:

Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – “You sank my Blankenship!” edition

Sometimes I hate sitting on these things until the next Monday…

This is one of those times.

Two West Virginia Internal Campaign Polls Show Blankenship Narrowly Edging GOP Rivals
Weekly Standard ^ | 05/07/2018 | John McCormack

Posted on 5/7/2018, 10:04:51 AM by GIdget2004

Republicans are panicking as internal polls show Don Blankenship, a coal baron who spent time in jail for a mining disaster that killed 29 workers, surging into the lead in the West Virginia Senate GOP primary over Attorney General Patrick Morrissey and Congressman Evan Jenkins.

The results of an internal campaign poll conducted for one rival Senate campaign on Saturday and Sunday were: Blankenship 31 percent, Jenkins 28 percent, Morrissey 27 percent.

The results of another internal poll conducted Friday and Saturday were: Blankenship 28 percent, Morrissey 27 percent, Jenkins 14 percent. Two weeks earlier, the same rival campaign found Blankenship at 14 percent, Morrissey at 29 percent, and Jenkins at 26 percent.

Politico reported Saturday night that internal polling showed Blankenship surging, but the specific numbers are being reported for the first time by THE WEEKLY STANDARD.

President Donald Trump, who overwhelmingly carried the state in 2016, weighed in on Twitter Monday morning: “To the great people of West Virginia we have, together, a really great chance to keep making a big difference. Problem is, Don Blankenship, currently running for Senate, can’t win the General Election in your State…No way! Remember Alabama. Vote Rep. Jenkins or A.G. Morrisey!”

“If it’s truly a two-point race, that Trump tweet is going to make a difference,” one West Virginia Senate campaign official tells THE WEEKLY STANDARD. What explains the Blankenship surge? “The debate [Monday on Fox News] helped him because Morrissey and Jenkins did what’s kind of playing out on TV–they’re slicing each other up,” says the campaign official. “Don got to be a one-liner folksy guy.” Second, Blankenship has taken up all the news coverage in the race by labeling Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell as “cocaine Mitch” and launching racist attacks against McConnell for creating jobs for “China people.”

1 posted on 5/7/2018, 10:04:51 AM by GIdget2004
Of course, we all know how the primary turned out, but let’s not let that get in the way of a little retroactive “Be careful what you wish for” action, shall we?
To: GIdget2004


If Blankenship wins the primary, u can write WV off as a GOP gain.

2 posted on 5/7/2018, 10:06:25 AM by tennmountainman (“Prophet Mountainman” Predicter Of All Things RINO…for a small fee.)

But – he’s Trumpier than Trump!
To: tennmountainman

And how frustrating would that be. West Virginia has been becoming increasingly Republican in recent years. Hate to see Manchin get re-elected by default, because of a flawed GOP candidate.

WE can get snakebit so to speak, can’t we?

Well, when you do political snake-handling, you’re gonna get bit. Just sayin’…

Alabama is a strong Republican state too, yet Democrat Doug Jones won the special election there.Blog Posts

6 posted on 5/7/2018, 10:10:33 AM by Dilbert San Diego

 That’s right, readers. The BASE of the GOP has suddenly gotten all antsy about realizing that they’ve stuck the electric prod of hate into the ground, and more crazy worms than they were prepared to handle have squirmed up out of the ooze.
That’s right. These scum-sucking pigs are suddenly nervous about their candidates abandoning their dog-whistles for foghorns.
To: GIdget2004


This says it all from the article:

“If Blankenship manages to win despite Trump’s opposition, it will be a strong data point for Kentucky congressman Thomas Massie’s theory that many Republican primary voters are simply “voting for the craziest son of a bitch in the race.”

7 posted on 5/7/2018, 10:12:58 AM by chuckee

I prefer to think of it as “Peak Tea Party”.
So – who’s responsible for this shitshow, anyway?

To: GIdget2004

Didn’t  DJT   iDJiT



carry WV by something like 70-25? If so he should be getting behind someone who can actually win in November…and do it loudly.If we can’t win WV we’re in deep poop.

8 posted on 5/7/2018, 10:13:00 AM by Gay State Conservative (You Say “White Privilege”…I Say “Protestant Work Ethic”)

Stupid GOP voters!!!
43 posted on 5/7/2018, 11:01:21 AM by KavMan
Wait, whut?
To: tennmountainman


If Blankenship wins the WV GOP primary, WV will be a “sinking ship” for the Republicans. Are West Virginians that stupid? Oh, wait a minute … Wasn’t this the home of KKK Grand Klegal, Senator Robert Byrd?

9 posted on 5/7/2018, 10:13:11 AM by JME_FAN (uired to)

And, speaking of the KKK….

To: GIdget2004

I support Blankenship. Like Senator-in-Exile Roy Moore, he is a GODLY man who has been unfairly persecuted by the DEEP STATE and the ENVIRONMENTAL TERRORISTS. He is a blood and soil white warrior for the TRUMP

Is he, now?


and speaks in the tribal REALTALK. I deem any disapproval coming from THE TRUMP – all by “unnamed sources”, y’know – to be the FAKE NEWS.

25 posted on 5/7/2018, 10:32:30 AM by Max Tactical (MAGA Style!)

Wait for it…
To: Max Tactical

I deem any disapproval coming from THE TRUMP – all by “unnamed sources”, y’know – to be the FAKE NEWS.

So a tweet posted publicly by President Trump himself is an “unnamed source” for the quote in your book?

Trollin’, trollin’, trollin’…

83 posted on 5/7/2018, 11:05:41 PM by Republican Wildcat
To: Republican Wildcat


Obviously hacked. THE TRUMP would say no such thing.

86 posted on 5/8/2018, 12:23:53 AM by Max Tactical (MAGA Style!)

And there ya have it.
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Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – Less is Moore edition

Hi, people – I got permission to do my post quite a few days early – I’ll take off next Monday as penance.

Let’s drop in on last night’s Freeperville live election thread, shall we?

Vanity – Turnout, Turnout, Turnout….vote for Judge, Roy Moore. [LIVE THREAD]
Posted on 12/12/2017, 4:00:51 AM by JLAGRAYFOX

It’s really quite simple…..An American citizen, woman or man, is innocent until proven guilty by a judge, jury of their peers and a solid conviction of said accused crime.

Allegations & Accusations carry no meaning whatsoever, until they are duly proven to be true & factual in a recognized court of law.


Alabama, voters, cast your votes today for Judge, Roy Moore, a good, honorable, religious man, an American patriot, who loves his country and all the people in it. This, my friends is a “Critical Path Election”!!!

You, your family, your loved ones, your great state of Alabama, your country, the USA, POTUS, Donald J. Trump and your “Future” rests in the hands of your vote today!!! Go, Judge, Roy Moore, Go, POTUS, Donald J. Trump, Go, Steve Bannon…on to victory over those politicians, Democrat, “Doug Jones”, etc., whose policies would hurt & destroy this great American Republic!!

1 posted on 12/12/2017, 4:00:51 AM by JLAGRAYFOX
To: dontreadthis


Let’s hope. We need a win. We have been losing seats right and left since the election. Many in Oklahoma and other red areas. That needs to stop and hopefully today will be the win we need to stop the bleeding.

32 posted on 12/12/2017, 7:59:30 AM by napscoordinator (Trump/Hunter, jr for President/Vice President 2016)

…or open up the wound a lot wider.



I love the smell of liberal tears!

44 posted on 12/12/2017, 11:52:00 AM by Boardwalk

DO you, now?
To: Boardwalk
57 posted on 12/12/2017, 12:28:51 PM by Enchante (FusionGPS “dirty dossier” scandal links Hillary, FBI, CIA, Dept of Justice… “Deep State” is real)
That is SO precious!
Wish I could vote.Praying for a Moore landslide.

64 posted on 12/12/2017, 12:50:05 PM by lysie
“Suffer the little (female) children to come unto me”?


That’s easy for you to say…

This election has me more on edge than I was in November. Lots of sleepless nights and higher Blood pressure.

Good thing they can’t deny you insurance now for your pre-existing conditions, huh?

Unfortunately if Moore loses there will be a push to moderate and abandon the MAGA agenda even more, especially with Amnesty. So this really could be another make or break election for the country.

109 posted on 12/12/2017, 4:05:29 PM by qam1 (There’s been a huge party. All plates and the bottles are empty, all that’s left is the bill to pay)

Follow me below the fold for the good stuff.
You know you wanna….

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Today on Tommy T’s Local Yokels – letter of interest

Good people – I’d like to tell you about someone I met yesterday at the Democrats HD65 strategy / committee elections meeting Saturday.


His name is Young Sung, and he’s an impressive individual.

MBA, Deacon in his Methodist church, Korean-English translator for dispute resolution, the FBI, and Homeland Security. One of the mainstays behind development of the incredibly successful “H Mart” here in Carrollton (our fair city) Tx.

Endorsed by the Carrollton Fire Fighters Association, the Carrollton Police Officers Association, Ron Branson (former Mayor of Carrollton), Becky Miller (former Mayor of Carrollton), and many others, he ran for a seat on the Carrollton City Council last May.

Guess what happened?

He surged in early voting, and the Tea Party incumbent Anthony Wilder’s re-election was in danger.

Then, this was mailed out to Carrollton voters.




So – gay Korean mosques and temples for everyone!

Woo Hoo!

It gets better, though – please click on the “continue reading” to continue reading.

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Sitting Political Shiva

I started following the Israeli newspaper Haaretz’s Twitter feed during their last general election. As you may recall, the polls were wrong about that one too. An interesting link popped up on their feed:

I posted the tweet because Haaretz recently went behind a paywall with no free stories and Chrome’s incognito feature did not work. Oy, just oy.

I’m an agnostic who was raised Greek-Orthodox but most of my mother’s bridge playing and real estate cronies were Jewish, so I learned about sitting shiva as a child.  I remember going with her to Mrs. Rosenberg’s house when her husband died.  Mrs. Rosenberg was the Holocaust survivor I’ve written about before.  I didn’t even complain about going because Mrs. R and I had a mutual admiration society. She remains one of my heroes. She was also as funny as hell. I’m convinced that I learned the essence of black comedy from her. It’s the Shoah survivor’s ethos: nothing will ever be as bad as what they went through, in her case at Treblinka.

Just in case some of you don’t know what I’m talking about here’s a definition of shiva:

Shiva is the week long period of mourning following a loved one’s death. During this time, family members traditionally gather in one home to receive visitors. The word “shiva” means seven, signifying the seven day mourning period in which mourners are supposed to sit low to the ground.

When I saw the headline, I realized that I had metaphorically sat shiva all day Wednesday. For many of us, Hillary Clinton’s loss felt like a death in the family. If it doesn’t to you, please have some respect for those of us who are mourning. We’re sitting political shiva.

I spent the day trading messages with friends on social media and via text. One close friend works at an oil company and had to deal with triumphant Trumpers. He described the people of color at his firm as looking like they expected deportation or worse at any moment. I cannot blame them. Some of Dr. A’s med students came to her in tears yesterday. That gives me hope for the future of the medical profession.

I checked in with two dear friends in the afternoon. One of whom’s four-year old daughter was upset because the mean man beat the nice lady. It’s a pity that so many so-called grown ups couldn’t see what a child can and elected a goniff. That’s Yiddish for a thief, dishonest person, or scoundrel. That fits the Insult Comedian to a T.

After undergoing First Draft therapy by writing The Fearful Country and sitting virtual political shiva, Dr. A and I attended a Krewe meeting. Most of my Krewe mates looked as if they had slept precious little. I certainly did. Some of us had planned to suggest alternative election related themes but the Krewe wanted to develop a previously discussed theme. And that’s okay. The desire to move on from a trauma is understandable. The non-Krewe business conversation was about the election and how upset everyone was. The d word came up in the conversation: Devastated. The evening was a combination of sitting shiva and an Irish wake.

I sat next to my Spank protege who prefers to call me her Spank daddy. She converted to Judaism when she married. We talked about our mutual horror at how many forms of bigotry had been normalized by the Insult Comedian and his deplorable followers. The previously unspoken has been spoken. Loudly. Anti-Semitism has never left us but it’s back in its most virulent form since the 1940’s. An example of that is this:

That’s right, Kristallnacht took place on November 9-10 in 1938. America just elected a candidate who ran an anti-Semitic campaign. David Duke is celebrating with an exuberant, Heil, Trump. Yet another reason we’re sitting political shiva.

The mood on social media yesterday ranged from solemn to vengeful. The Trumpers were attacking perfect strangers for their supposed imperfections. One friend received hate messages from people who objected to a white chick being married to a black guy. This was deeply upsetting to me as they’re one of the sweetest couples I know. We’re also sitting shiva for the death of civility.

I had to deal with some vestigial Dudebros who wanted to say I told you so. I invited them to a “block party” but have no idea why they decided to crawl out of the woodwork. Actually, I do: everything has been normalized by the electoral college victory of the Insult Comedian. Btw, he’s attacked the electoral college in the past, now he loves it. Typical.

I think that the time for what ifs is down the road. I am skeptical that Sanders would have done better but I’m not certain about that. I do know that the stench of anti-Semitism was all over this election and a septuagenarian Jewish socialist would have felt it as well as incessant red baiting. Shorter Adrastos, I don’t know for sure and neither does anybody else. I am, however, not attacking individuals I disagree with on the internet. It’s called keyboard courage. Instead, I’m sitting political shiva.

My theory of what happened is a simple one. After a bruising primary campaign, Hillary Clinton had a great convention, won the debates, took a solid, steady lead and then came the first Comey letter. It depressed Democratic turnout and she lost the electoral vote but won the popular vote. The election was decided by James Comey, Rudy Giuliani, and the MSM’s sporadic attention to Trump’s scandals with an assist from Wikileaks, Russian intelligence, and the alt-right. Trump’s electoral vote victory has mainstreamed the latter. That’s another reason we’re sitting political shiva.

The Trumpers are already acting vengeful towards their enemies. The cartoon villain’s cartoon lackey, Omarosa, is openly discussing an enemies list. That’s right, a person who’s best known as a hiss-provoking reality show villain will have influence in the next administration. I wonder who will be Propaganda Minister: Bannon or Conway?

The awfulness of this election will endure for the next four years. Tolerance, mutual respect, and common decency were dealt a terrible, but not fatal, blow in 2016. Many of us are still reeling and that’s why we’re sitting political shiva. We need to grieve before we can move on.

The aftermath of this horrendous year and dreadful election result reminds me of what some New Orleanians did on Inauguration Day in 2005. We held a Jazz Funeral for Democracy to mourn Bush’s second term complete with brass bands and a horse-drawn bier. We did not know that disaster would come our way in a mere seven months. Here are two of Dr. A’s pictures of that march through downtown New Orleans:



I hadn’t seen that Flickr photo album for years. The second picture made me smile. The gent in the top hat and tails is-not Fred Astaire-my old friend Bob Smith. He’s more likely to be seen in a kilt now but I know he’s grieving over what happened this week. We all mourn the passing of someone/something special in our own way: from jazz funerals to demonstrations to wakes to sitting shiva. Me, I’m sitting political shiva this week.

Back to the Jazz Funeral for Democracy. 2016 is one of the worst years in our nation’s history but so was 2005. Remember, we elected Barack Obama four years after Bush narrowly defeated John Kerry. We as a people should not have to go through this but we do. And that is why this gentile is sitting political shiva.

The Fearful Country


The polls were wrong and so was I. I don’t regret urging people not to freak out, that’s no way to live. I regret not seeing the oncoming freight train of fear and hate for what it was: an unstoppable backlash to all the changes our society has undergone. In spite of that, Hillary Clinton will win the popular vote. Unfortunately, that’s not how we elect our Presidents. This is the second time in five elections that the winner was also a loser and the loser a winner. There’s only a shot glass of consolation in that thought, and it’s still too bitter to swallow.

I was bumped out of the Crack Van last night and decided not to re-enter. The level of tension was high and nobody was interested in my reassurances that we would win Virginia. I was right about that BUT everyone else was right about the big picture. I remained cautiously optimistic until Russ Feingold’s defeat in Wisconsin was called. I knew that there couldn’t be enough ticket splitters for HRC to carry that state and things spun out of control at that point.

It’s hard to process the fact that a cartoon villain who ran a sexist, racist, anti-Semitic, xenophobic campaign was able to win 276 and counting electoral votes. It’s as if the Gret Stet of Louisiana had elected David Duke as Governor in 1991 instead of rejecting him. Well, at least David Duke, Julian Assange, and Vladimir Putin are happy. Fuck them. And while we’re at it, fuck Jill Stein, Gary Johnson, and James Comey, especially Comey. Above all else fuck the majority of white people who delivered us into the tiny hands of the Insult Comedian.

Does anyone but the con man’s marks buy his “conciliatory” speech earlier this morning? He lied incessantly and exuberantly for the last 15 months, why should that be any different? There’s going to be hell to pay when he, inevitably, betrays his supporters.

Trump is a classic New Yorker: he thinks the rest of the country is full of rubes, yokels, and peckerwoods ripe for the plucking. He was right. It is genuinely surreal that a fake billionaire incited a popular uprising in what New Yorkers often call “the flyover.” Time for a relevant musical respite:

We live in a Breitbart-Bannon-Bossie Man country for now. Stephen Bannon’s dark vision of the Trump campaign won the election. The only question is how much revenge against their enemies B3 and Trump will seek. Vengeance is part of Trump’s world view, which one of many reasons his electoral college victory is so fucking scary. The backlash has only begun.

Above all else, this national tragedy was driven by fear and hatred of women. It was bad enough to these people that we had an African-American President. The mob of angry white male voters could not stand the notion of a female President. Even worse was how many white women agreed with them. That’s the worst part of the backlash of 2016, how many women voted for a man who thinks they exist only to serve him.

American history is full of examples of voters selecting a President who is nothing like their predecessor. This time we’ve gone too far in replacing the elegant, intelligent, articulate and big hearted Barack Obama with the self-absorbed, bigoted, and stupid Donald Trump.

Despite my love of snark, I am usually a “the glass is half-full” kind of guy. It’s hard to see things that way at after seeing how much vast swaths of the country hate women, blacks, gays, Muslims, Latinos, and on and on and on.

Ironies abound in the wake of this national disaster. Republican sabotage of government has been so successful, that they will control both the executive and legislative branches. Additionally, voters have elected a candidate who ran an anti-Semitic campaign whereas the Senate will have it’s first Jewish leader, Chuck Schumer. Minority leader, alas. The genial Senator Schumer will have to become obstructionist in the chief and use the filibuster as an offensive weapon. The GOPers will whine like stuck pigs but fuck them. We’re about to learn just how strong our institutions really are.

I guess I’ll write a post-mortem eventually, but this is still too raw and painful. The finger of blame is already being pointed but even the GOP’s internal models got this wrong. Here’s what I said when the ugly reality sunk in the wee small hours of the morning:

As a British politics buff, I poo-pooed the Brexit analogy. I was wrong about that as well. America *is* eating a bowl of stupid for Brexit right now. Skip the arsenic, pass the sugar.

Let’s all try not to go into a Tailspin:

I’d like to conclude on a relatively upbeat note. Thanks to our loyal readers and my wonderful colleagues Michael F, Tommy T, Doc, and especially our truly fearless leader Athenae. She’s the reason that we Won’t Back Down:



We’re Not Like You

I live in what would be considered a rural area, even if you don’t consider the kinds of people who consider everything that’s not in L.A., D.C., New York, Atlanta and Chicago to be rural. We have 3,300 souls in this city and the biggest issue on the ballot here was whether we should be forced to vote in “districts” for city council or if we should be voting as a city.

I’m pretty sure my alderperson is my friend’s cousin.

And he’s related to half the town, so that’s a pretty safe bet.

My state is going the way of Trump, even as CNN keeps doing the “too close to call” thing at 12:30 a.m. The sad part is I know so many of these people who decided to vote that way.

They check out my groceries. They sell me my gas. They deliver my mail and pick up my garbage. They have kids who play with my kid. They wave to me as I work on my truck and I do the same to them as they mow their lawns.

I, like A, won’t apologize for my vote. I wasn’t excited to vote for Hillary, as I was with Obama or Ross Perot (my first presidential vote). I wasn’t ambivalent either, as I was for Clinton in 1996. I was fucking petrified like I was in 2004 when I cast a vote for John Kerry and spent half the goddamned day and night checking my computer and nearby TV terminals for updates as I flew to Tennessee for a media convention. Maybe even more so this time because while stupid scares me, arrogant ignorance sends my heart into arrhythmic palpitations.

This was an election of anger.

This was an election of hatred.

This was an election of difference: Us vs. Them.

Donald Trump knew something a lot of we “smart people” didn’t: Hate and Anger is so much easier to mobilize than anything else we have inside us. The longer this circus went on, the more we kept thinking, “Sure, these assholes will turn out in force to watch him scream about making this country great again, but when it comes down to it, they’ll either figure out he’s a con man or they’ll be too busy watching a ‘Duck Dynasty’ marathon to show up and vote.”

Of all the people who didn’t see this coming, one did: Bill Maher.

Like him or hate him, Maher basically knew this country backwards and forwards when it came to the little enclaves of Americana that tend to host comedians. He knew that people were pissed and were ready to kick someone, anyone in the balls over their perceived sense of what was wrong with this country. He kept telling us, “Look, you are the dumbshits who kept saying, ‘He won’t run’ and then he did. ‘He won’t win a primary’ and then he did. ‘He won’t get the nomination’ and then he did. WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO FUCKING WAKE UP?”

I woke up today.

I looked at the people in my polling place. Old people in flag sweaters. Fat guys with “With us or against us” T-shirts. Farmers with “Make America Great Again” hats. Women who love making jam and talked about the wonderful way things “used to be.”

It was like the back end of every one of these Sorkin Scenes:

I feel right now like I felt in 2004: A heap of useless, exhausted beyond belief, stunned by the stupidity of my fellow citizens as I try to talk with a mouth full of ashes.

A is right. We have to get up again. The question I have is, “Who is standing next to us when we do?”

When you don’t see this coming or you can’t see this within the people you think you know, the ability to rise again becomes more difficult. The ability to think, “Maybe things will be better after some time passes,” crumbles away. The sense that, “All we have to do is let people see that we’re all in this together,” dissipates in your hands as you realize hope is an illusion.

And yet it is one we must cling to. Even as reality proved to us this very night that faith, hope and trust are no longer common traits we share with those around us.

Don’t Make Obama Turn This Country Around

You know he has a dad voice: 

“There is no serious person out there who would suggest somehow that you could even rig America’s elections, in part because they’re so decentralized and the numbers of votes involved,” Obama said.

“There’s no evidence that that has happened in the past or that there are instances in which that will happen this time,” he continued. “And so, I ‘d advise Mr. Trump to stop whining and go try to make his case to get votes.”


I am so old I remember when Democrats who talked about who owned companies that made voting machines were so widely mocked and derided that they never talked about it again, and that was in the election right after that “hanging  chad” one. INTERNET GRANDMA.


A Stronger Letter Will Follow…

Angelo Drossos, who owned the San Antonio Spurs during their ABA days, was a hard-charging Greek businessman who was known to have an incredibly bluntness about him, especially when he knew he was right.

The most famous story about him, retold in his own words in Terry Pluto’s classic book “Loose Balls,” involves his purchase of future-Hall-of-Fame shooter George “Ice” Gervin. Drossos had purchased Gervin from the failing Virginia Squires, only to have the team’s owner (Earl Foreman) come down with a case of seller’s remorse. The league president, Mike Storen, sided with Foreman and demanded Gervin be returned to Virginia. He threatened Drossos with a number of unsavory penalties in a series of telegrams and letters.

Drossos responded in a telegram only he could have written:

“Fuck you. A stronger letter will follow.”

I thought of Drossos and his way with words today when I read the NY Times’ legal response to Trump’s demand that the paper retract a story that accused him of groping two women.

Trump is no stranger to the legal system, nor is he unwilling to sue at the drop of a hat. My favorite Trump suit is the one he filed against comedian Bill Maher, who accused him of being fathered by an orangutan. It wasn’t a libel suit, however, as Trump was actually suing for a breach of contract. Maher had jokingly noted that he’d give $5 million to the Hair Club for Men in Trump’s name if he could produce a birth certificate that proved Trump’s mom wasn’t fucking a simian in the zoo.

(Shockingly, the case never got very far.)

However, the concept of libel is one that scares even the best journalists. Nobody wants to be sued in general, but libel suits are often dicey because you often have legal interpretation meeting issues of “polite society.” Judges can often be offended by content and thus take it out on the messengers.

When I teach libel to my reporting kids, I often point out that truth is the ultimate defense against libel. Sure, if you report that the governor stole money from the state to buy Corvettes for underage prostitutes the guy is going to look bad and want to sue you. However, if you can prove this is all true, you should be OK in court.

Most people use the “truth shield” as the safest venue for fighting a suit like this.

David McCraw decided to go at this a different way, which is why he is now my new personal legal man-crush.

McCraw instead doubles down on the idea of libel in his letter, pointing out that “the essence of a libel claim, of course, is the protection of one’s reputation.” He then goes on to point out how there is virtually no way to ruin Trump’s reputation, because he’s such a vile, stupid, sexually fucked up nut wad. He lists a series of items that demonstrate Trump’s own statements basically paint him as exactly the kind of guy who is likely to grope women, and thus the article is essentially par for the course.

As one of my good friends pointed out, it’s not every day that a lawyer gets to write the phrases “libel per se” and “piece of ass” in the same letter.

The letter then takes on a more conventional approach, in which McCraw notes that the paper did what the law allows by publishing “newsworthy information about a subject of deep public concern.” He also states that if Trump doesn’t like it and thinks he can use the law to crush his critics, “we welcome the opportunity to have a court set him straight.”

In other words: Fuck you.

And in deference to the late Angelo Drossos, I don’t think even HE could write a stronger letter that could follow this.

Trump Lives in Our America

This is a sitting governor, guys, so talk to me some more about how Trump is such an outlier. 

“I want us to be able to fight ideologically, mentally, spiritually, economically, so that we don’t have to do it physically,” the tea party politician said in a Saturday speech at the Values Voters Summit, an annual gathering of religious conservatives. “But that may, in fact, be the case.”

Bevin said he was asked in a recent if the nation could “survive” a Clinton presidency, and he responded that it would be “possible” but at a great “price.”

“The roots of the tree of liberty are watered by what?” Bevin continued. “The blood, of who? The tyrants to be sure, but who else? The patriots. Whose blood will be shed? It may be that of those in this room. It might be that of our children and grandchildren.”

I keep seeing these idiot headlines about how we’re now living in “Trump’s America” or some crap, like this just happened, like this is new. For fuck’s sake, Republicans have been calling Democrats traitors since at least 9/11 if not the 1930s. Before the Creeping Sharia Menace and the Secret Muslim Infiltration it was the Russkies and the Commies and the Reds that Real Americans were gonna have to rise up against with full fanfare and drama.

Other Real Americans, natch, not people like this.

People rightly said when the Tea Party came around that this is where Republicans have been going for years, just louder and dumber, and we were all either ignored or ridiculed. People rightly said, when Sarah Palin was nominated as VP, that this was not just a problem with one halfbright woman, that her elevation was indicative of some pretty serious weaknesses in structure and values, and they were ignored or ridiculed.

And now we have GOP presidential nominee Trump and sitting governors of entire states calling for armed insurrection if we elect a pretty middle-of-the-road, frankly kind of boring conventional politician who will probably not change anything very profoundly. And everyone acts like that’s just a low pressure system moving in, like that’s just the weather and the way the earth turns.

America didn’t just “turn into” Trump’s America. It didn’t “become” this way all on its own. People did this to it, and other people ignored it, or went along because the numbers favored it that day, or decided they couldn’t be bothered or risk looking like dirty hippies. A thousand little decisions were made by actual people every single day and if you don’t listen to those saying hey, that and that and that and that are not going to add up to anything good, you don’t get to bitch at the rise of Cheeto Jesus and pretend you didn’t see it coming.


Republicans Don’t Get To Go Back to Normal After This

So after Trump, we’re all just gonna go back to pretending the Republicans get to be a party again, right?

We’re gonna pretend this didn’t happen?

We’re gonna pretend they didn’t build this?

We’re gonna pretend Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and about a hundred other people didn’t sit silently by while this happened? 

Donald J. Trump belittled the parents of a slain Muslim soldier who had strongly denounced Mr. Trump during the Democratic National Convention, saying that the soldier’s father had delivered the entire speech because his mother was not “allowed” to speak.

We’re gonna pretend that every past president, every past presidential candidate, of the Republican party just sat out that convention, like maybe that was gonna give them plausible deniability, like they don’t have to be responsible for it if they’re not physically there?

We’re gonna let them be a party again after this? You have GOT to be fucking kidding me.

They don’t get to do that.

They don’t get a do-over.

Not again.

They’ve gotten hundreds of do-overs in the past 15 years alone. Nominate an ignoramus who’ll ignore intelligence briefings about terrorism and later use terrorism to declare war on a country that had nothing to do with 9/11? BYGONES! Trash a genuine war hero and mock his service with Purple Heart Band-Aids through a whole convention and in the press day after day after day? ANCIENT HISTORY! Imply that an opposing party’s candidate isn’t a citizen of this country, “pals around with terrorists,” and is whatever the fuck a secret Muslim is? LET’S LOOK FORWARD, NOT BACK! Run a vicious campaign against the coded racism of “government dependence” by the “47 percent” and willfully pretend one of our most pro-corporate presidents hates small business? LET’S GEAR UP FOR THE NEXT ONE, BOYS!

And NOW we’re talking about how Trump is some kind of special case, and letting Republicans differentiate themselves from him and “disavow” his xenophobic, anti-American horseshit by saying man, why does he have to say it OUT LOUD, and writing sympathetic crap about how it puts these noble Abraham Lincoln cosplayers in “such a difficult position.” No. No. No. Just … no. I was not angry before I came to the DNC, motherfuckers.

We can laugh all day long about how Trump makes Republicans squirm, about how he’s the manifestation of their disgusting little id, about how Paul Ryan is up there tugging on his collar trying not to drown in his own flop sweat and Reince “Reindeer Penis” Priebus is America’s whoopee cushion but fuck them all forever, for profaning the names of the Khans, and everyone just like them in this country.

You don’t get to do that and get let back in the door in 2018 or 2020 like it didn’t happen, Paul Ryan. Mitch McConnell. Scott Walker. Chris Christie. Ben Carson. Even Ted Cruz, no matter how gloriously assholic your convention antics were. The Bushes and the McCains and the Romneys don’t get to take the party back after this. You don’t get to run again as a Republican, Marco Rubio, and not get chased out of the room. This should be the end of them.

Every debate in every contest between anything and a Republican should just be the Anything Candidate saying, “Trump” and leaning back, because that’s all you need to say. Any Republican running for office anywhere should be put to the Trump test. Where were you, sir or madam, when Trump was running?

Were you in the crowd, cheering? Were you at the podium, yelling lock her up? Were you cowering in the corner hoping nobody would ask you a HARD KWESTIN about your own fucking nominee? Where were you? What did you do? What did you say? WHERE WERE YOU, dammit? Why won’t you answer us?

There is no After Trump, and you know what?  I think most of them know that, and it’s why they’re still on his side, or quiet enough that it’s a distinction without a difference. They’re hedging their bets and hoping for power because once this is over, this is OVER.

So before you read one more Politico/newsmag wankfest piece about #notallRepublicans, or asking Where Do They Go From Here … GAH, it doesn’t fucking matter where they go from here. They shouldn’t be allowed to go anywhere. Even to the nearest landfill, because the seagulls and the rats deserve better than that.


Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati -GOP convention crap-up.

Mercy.  Talk about some punch in a turdbowl?

I’ll put it this way – I got a phone call from the Quicken Loans Arena asking if I could lease them some of our ISO room clean-up gear for afterwards.

In Freeperville?  They’re getting right to the important stuff!

It’s – Plagarism for thee, but not for me!

Melania Trump speech appears to plagiarize Michelle Obama
The Hill ^ | /19/16 | Lisa Hagen

Posted on ‎7‎/‎18‎/‎2016‎ ‎11‎:‎39‎:‎43‎ ‎PM by Typical_Whitey

Melania Trump’s highly anticipated speech at the Republican National Convention Monday night appears to have nearly copied a paragraph from Michelle Obama’s speech at the 2008 Democratic National Convention.


Media is attacking Melania Trump.
1 posted on 7‎/‎18‎/‎2016‎ ‎11‎:‎39‎:‎43‎ ‎PM by Typical_Whitey
And by “attacking”, he means “reporting the news”.
And love your handle, BTW.

To: Typical_Whitey


Give me a ******* break!!! Idiots.

5 posted on 7‎/‎18‎/‎2016‎ ‎11‎:‎41‎:‎44‎ ‎PM by FlingWingFlyer (Let’s Make Our Founding Documents Great Again!)

I’m sorry, sir – you’re stuck here for the duration of the Freepathon.  Which never ends.
To: Typical_Whitey
I’ll bet anyone a beer that this paragraph has appeared in spouses convention remarks since the turn of the century.
6 posted on 7‎/‎18‎/‎2016‎ ‎11‎:‎41‎:‎45‎ ‎PM by JohnBrowdie
So it’s exactly like every other spouses’ convention speech?
To: arl295

Mooch said she was never proud of USA

Melania said the USA is the greatest

Doesn’t sound like the same speech at all.

8 posted on 7‎/‎18‎/‎2016‎ ‎11‎:‎42‎:‎31‎ ‎PM by Zenjitsuman (Y)

So it’s NOT exactly like every other spouses’ convention speech?


To: Coronal

It’s plagiarism. Yeah Obama and Biden did it too but this is politically devastating given the timing and the setting.

18 posted on 7‎/‎18‎/‎2016‎ ‎11‎:‎46‎:‎26‎ ‎PM by over3Owithabrain

Of course, the only good defense is a good offense :

‘JUST WORDS’: OBAMA ’08 RIPS LINES FROM DEVAL PATRICK… TWICE… ^ | Feb 19, 2008 Posted on 7‎/‎19‎/‎2016‎ ‎1‎:‎14‎:‎19‎ ‎AM by Helicondelta

Deval Patrick’s speech in Worcester, MA on 6/3/06.

Barack Obama’s speech in South Carolina on 11/2/07.

1 posted on 7‎/‎19‎/‎2016‎ ‎1‎:‎14‎:‎19‎ ‎AM by Helicondelta
More after the unbelievably original break…

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The One-Day Story: In Which I Give Melania Trump’s People Some Free Advice

Oh, Melania. I so want you to succeed because I have a feeling you just married a rich dude, and now you’re in the middle of this shitshow, and I kind of dig your cheekbones. But now you’re in the middle of this shitshow for your own thing, and this is not helping.

Guys, you fire the speechwriter, you say hey, we fucked up hiring whatsisnuts, he’ll never eat lunch in this town again, and by tomorrow everybody will be talking about something else. Probably some other preventable emergency you created. That’s how these things work. It’s a one-day story. It’s a miserable story but you apologize and then it’s over.

You do this, you faff around with “it’s not really plagiarism” and “it’s Hillary’s fault!” and “everybody plagiarizes” and you make it a two-week clusterfuck that never ends. You prolong the story. You prolong your own agony. You continue it on and on and on.

Just STOP IT. People will laugh and then in a week you can pretend it’s funny too and it’ll be over. Keep this defensive shit up and it’s the six-pointed star all over again.


Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – “Sarah is the concept by which we measure our Palin” edition

Oh dear – “Satindoll”‘s got the fever for the flavour of Our Sarah. It’s –

Palin and simple!

Vanity — Who I Suspect Will Be Trump’s Choice for Republican VP
July 14, 2016 | Satin Doll

Posted on ‎7‎/‎14‎/‎2016‎ ‎2‎:‎01‎:‎05‎ ‎PM by SatinDoll

No, I do not believe Trump’s choice will be Gov. Pence of Indiana. Nor Newt, nor Christie — not even a man. Yes, I do believe the proposed VP will be a woman.

I suspect that Trump’s VP running mate will be ex-Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

Why? Well, she is a natural born citizen, a real conservative, and she is ferocious contra liberals/progressives. In addition, she isn’t on the list of speakers for the Cleveland Convention and she has been silent of late. She has had lots of experience in dealing with those demons from Hell (the MSM) and her nomination will literally terrify the GOPee boys club.

1 posted on 7‎/‎14‎/‎2016‎ ‎2‎:‎01‎:‎05‎ ‎PM by SatinDoll
Well, Our Sarah’s name has disappeared from the “hot topic” block of links at the top of the Freeperville main page, but she is still in the “popular keywords” list on the right.
Or morbid curiosity?
To: SatinDoll

The flight out of Anchorage should be easy to track….

3 posted on ‎7‎/‎14‎/‎2016‎ ‎2‎:‎03‎:‎23‎ ‎PM by Genoa

Oh, we’ll get around to Track in a little bit, you betcha!
To: SatinDoll

“I suspect” = “I wish.”

5 posted on ‎7‎/‎14‎/‎2016‎ ‎2‎:‎04‎:‎09‎ ‎PM by Huck (Never give up.)

To: SatinDoll

She has too much bad luck.

13 posted on 7‎/‎14‎/‎2016‎ ‎2‎:‎06‎:‎38‎ ‎PM by donna (No one should be allowed to become a citizen or even a resident if they support Sharia Law.)

To: SatinDoll

HELL NO!!!!!

21 posted on 7‎/‎14‎/‎2016‎ ‎2‎:‎09‎:‎45‎ ‎PM by ObozoMustGo2012

But why??
To: SatinDoll

Sarah’s delivery has become too shrill and disjointed.
When she writes her opinions down on Facebook, it’s a totally different story, it’s the other Sarah, who is not caught up in performing for or reacting to the cameras.

20 posted on 7‎/‎14‎/‎2016‎ ‎2‎:‎09‎:‎10‎ ‎PM by lee martell


To: lee martell

You said it well, as to delivery “shrill and disjointed”. The only word I could think of was “hysterical”, which was not an accurate descriptor.

26 posted on 7‎/‎14‎/‎2016‎ ‎2‎:‎11‎:‎38‎ ‎PM by NEMDF

To: SatinDoll

It all depends if she can get her family under control, make sure no one is on probation for fighting in bars, no reality tv show conflicts, is not scheduled for Dancing with the Stars, and Kate plus her Eight is going to vote.

55 posted on ‎7‎/‎14‎/‎2016‎ ‎2‎:‎29‎:‎45‎ ‎PM by Toespi

To: SatinDoll

Sarah is nice, but has become a caracture(sic) of herself. It is now difficult to tell her from Tina Fey’s imitation.

82 posted on 7‎/‎14‎/‎2016‎ ‎3‎:‎53‎:‎45‎ ‎PM by aMorePerfectUnion

Actually, it always was.
More on this as reality sets in….

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Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the DNC – unconventional edition

OK – I’m back – two broken-down cars and major recarpeting/flooding repair later.

So – instead of bitching and whining about politics on the Book Of Faces, I was actually doing something constructive.

Stop laughing.



View from my room of the (damn I hate saying this) Alamodome. Whoever picked this venue should have been played the Deguello.




My district (SD12) was crammed into a cinderblock  brusebad –  I mean “meeting room”, and we proceeded to vote as if our very beings depended on it.


All of my candidates (save two) won their slots, and at least four of the votes were close enough to require runoffs, some being decided by one or two votes.

So not only did my vote count, you could say it was a tie-breaker.

So much for the “Oh, my vote doesn’t count” whine, eh?
From the main floor – here’s something you don’t see very often – Mariachis For Hillary!
For the A/V geeks among us – a view from the control center:
Anywhoo, pretty standard rah-rah stuff on the convention floor – the real work is done in committee and in the voting blocs.
At the close of the convention, as people started leaving (there’s only so many 30-minute speeches people can handle at one sitting), some Sanders delegates tried to pull a fast one and do an end-run around the majority.
How?  Follow below and find out.

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Too Good for Their Voters

George H.W. Bush is too good for the Republican National Convention.

Let me repeat that. George H.W. Bush, whose pardons ended any chance of anyone being punished for the Iran-Contra cover-up and whose government denied for years that any veterans suffered as a result of the first Gulf War, is too good for a Republican National Convention at which Donald Trump will be nominated.

(Donald Trump’s policies, at this point, have killed exactly nobody.

Can’t say the same for Bush the First.)

You know who else is too good for the Republican National Convention? George W. Bush. You might remember him from such productions as, What Weapons of Mass Destruction? and Oh, Were You Using New Orleans, America? Sorry My Bad. His minor hits include Dude Where’s Bin Laden and My War Killing Your Kid is No Excuse to Be Rude.

That man is too good for a Republican National Convention at which Donald Trump will be nominated.

John McCain is too good for a Republican National Convention at which Donald Trump will be nominated. John McCain has had many sympathetic articles written about the terrible position in which Donald Trump’s existence puts him, as if John McCain is a powerless creature, like say an undocumented immigrant who might be deported if Donald Trump becomes president.

Nobody is in a more terrible position than John McCain, who has to worry about his image and other stuff that is not real, so John McCain has decided he’s too good for a Republican National Convention at which Donald Trump will be nominated.

(Donald Trump is not half as dumb as Sarah Palin, who sat back and let the McCain campaign blame her for their miserable, nasty, racist loss in 2008. Donald Trump’s Tweets generally make sense, especially when he’s shit-talking Republicans. Palin still can’t find a coherent thought with a searchlight and a posse.)

And Mitt Romney is too good for a Republican National Convention at which Donald Trump will be nominated. Mitt Romney is too good for the voters who genuflected when he rolled out Donald Trump’s endorsement four years ago, too good for the voters who tried to put him into office despite a nasty, racist, small-minded campaign based on the idea that America needed to be meaner to poor people. Mitt Romney, who no one liked but everyone supported because party loyalty and who else would line up to lose to Obama, has basically told all 58 million people who voted for him to fuck themselves.

(He said that during the campaign, too, but like, nicer.)

I swear, it becomes less of a mystery every day, the alienation and anger of the GOP base. If you did this to me, decided to skip the party I planned AFTER I printed your name on all the balloons, I’d set your gift table on fire. Upend the cake into the pool. The petting zoo would be profoundly unsafe.

I’d release some snakes. See how much fun the pony rides are THEN.

In the five days since Donald Trump’s last remaining rivals quit, it’s been amazing, watching the GOP turn its back on its own voters. They are publicly, loudly, emphatically declaring they are too good for their own voters, and it’s amazing to watch.

Look, Donald Trump should not be president and come November I’mma quit my job and follow Hillary’s campaign around in a panel van if it seems like that’s what’s necessary to keep this racist prick out of the White House. But Trump didn’t win the Republican nomination by cheating and he didn’t win by stuffing the ballot box and he didn’t sneak in the side entrance after paying off the parking attendants. He got where he is completely fairly, by getting the most votes out of anyone else during the Republican primaries the Republican party planned.

So for former presidents and former nominees for president of this party to come out and basically say they’re too good to associate with the person their voters picked, well, I’ve never seen such institutional loathing for the people who pay the institution’s bills, and I’m a Democrat.

Donald Trump has done nothing to these former presidents and nominees (other than call John McCain a pussy, which is what McCain let his party do to John Kerry for a year NO I’M NOT OVER IT) to excuse them throwing a temper tantrum like this.

Lots of other Republican senators and congressmen — are trying to get some political capital out of pretending to be above Trump. There’s some hay to be made there, given the gullibility of our political press, the willingness to give Republicans politicians the benefit of the doubt when it comes to motives and meaning.

But presidents? Nominees? People for whom other people worked and voted and fought? They don’t get to turn their backs and pretend they have nothing to do with where the party is and who it’s with. They don’t get to be above it all. They benefitted for years from the votes of the people who voted for Trump and from their hard work and their loyalty.

They’re too good for their own people? What are they thinking? That the voters they trained to hold grudges close will forgive the Bushes, McCains and Romneys in an instant if Trump loses? HAHAHAHAHAHA. Those voters already hate McCain and Romney for being miserable losers, and the Bushes are making themselves more irrelevant by the hour. Those voters will not forget that their leaders abandoned them.

It’s why Trump got as far as he did in the first place.


ps. Good for Bob Dole. A free lunch is a free lunch, especially when you’re NINETY FREAKING TWO. Don’t turn down food at that point. Get at the buffet table.

It Can’t Be Said Often Enough: Trump Was Not a Surprise

Not if you’d been paying attention in any way: 

A 2006 report by the Institute for Policy Studies found that, in 2005, CEOs of the largest U.S. private defense contractors continued to profit from the ongoing wars.

Defense CEO pay was 44 times that of a military general with 20 years of experience and 308 times that of an Army private in 2005. Generals made $174,452 and Army privates made $25,085, while average defense CEO pay was $7.7 million.

In contrast to wealthy individuals who became even wealthier, those who were sent to do the actual fighting comprised disproportionately high numbers of working class Americans. In the combined efforts of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan and Operation Iraqi Freedom, almost 7,000 U.S. soldiers have died. More than 970,000 veteran disability claims have been registered with the Veterans Administration.

Returning soldiers face higher unemployment rates than their civilian counterparts, particularly among male veterans age 21 to 24. Between 2009 and 2012, the youngest veterans had an unemployment rate of 21.6 percent, compared to 13.5 percent for civilians.

Veterans struggle to find proper healthcare in a system ill-prepared for the number of wounded, particularly those with catastrophic injuries and mental health issues that require long-term care. Private nonprofit organizations have been picking up the slack left by inadequate funding in the federal budget.

Like their ancestors who fought in and survived the Civil War, today’s soldiers return to find their situations either the same, or much worse, than when they left. Who would blame them for being angry? As soldiers go off to war we say, “God bless our troops.” Maybe we should add, “God help them when they come home.”

It reminds me of when 9/11 happened and there was a sea of stories about “why they hate us” and other stuff, like, how dare those illogical people blame America for the fact that their kids are killed by bombs we sold to their enemies, what crazy talk. To profess surprise at Donald Trump’s message taking hold is to admit you were asleep the entire last half of the last century and the entirety so far of this one.

And the veteran piece is a critical one because for a lot of people, including a lot of people I know, service was the fastest and most reliable way out of a dead-end situation. So they join up to escape poverty, and then get plunged right back into poverty when they get home, only now they’re minus a leg and need medication the VA can’t give them for three months. You’ve taken what is already a monstrous situation — go to war so your family can eat, kids! — and made the best case scenario end of it (that you come home alive) a horror show.

I don’t blame anybody at a Trump rally one bit for being pissed the government doesn’t listen to them. Because you know what? It doesn’t.


Chick Issues

My friend Emma, who is brilliant on this campaign season: 

This is an especially weird year for dissecting gender politics. On the one hand, we have Hillary Clinton, who, unlike any other presidential candidate, has the added advantage in appealing to women of actually being a woman. On the other hand, there is Donald J. Trump, whose predominantly white, male supporters delight in him saying “politically incorrect” things, even when that means implying that his opponent’s wife is unattractive.

Mr. Trump is also running a campaign that answers the question, What if male voters were treated like female voters? What if they were reduced to a single issue, condescended to, and counted on to show up anyway?

There are plenty of examples of how campaigns have done just that to female voters for years.

In 2014, the College Republican National Committee released a series of ads aimed at young women, based on the TLC program “Say Yes to the Dress,” with Republican candidates for governor standing in for garish taffeta creations. In one of the ads, a young woman models a strapless wedding gown called “The Rick Scott,” to her female friends’ delight. Her mother wants her to wear the frumpy “Charlie Crist” dress.

In his re-election campaign that same year, Senator Mark Udall, Democrat of Colorado, ran ads contrasting his record on supporting access to abortion and birth control with that of his challenger, Cory Gardner. At one point in the campaign, ads about abortion and birth control made up more than 50 percent of the television spots Mr. Udall had on the air, earning him the nickname “Mark Uterus.” In the end, Mr. Udall won the female vote by aneight-point margin, but still lost to Mr. Gardner.

At a time when a woman’s place is in combat, it is FUCKING INSANE that our two neverending wars are not considered a “women’s issue.” At least the pay gap has something to do with the economy, but overall women are considered to care about boobies and babies and that is IT. I wouldn’t say abortion access and breast cancer treatment are unimportant, but I would say our country’s economic condition and the state of our health care system and how much we pay in taxes have something to do with our lives as well.

Reducing us to candidate “shopping” like we’re buying clothes is bad. So is reducing us to childcare and breast exams.


Louisiana Politics: Angelle Of The Morning Or Fallen Angelle?

The Gret Stet Goober race continues to heat up. Make that reheat and rehash because that’s what two of the Republican candidates are doing. That’s right, David Vitter is playing to his strengths as an asshole and reviving one of his greatest hits: BLAME OBAMA FOR EVERYTHING. His latest ad rather feebly attempts to tie one of his GOP opponents to the President:

OMG, Scott Angelle was a Democrat for 31 years. We’re all going to Obama Hell, but at least we’ll have Obamaphones. Of course, the Gret Stet is full of party switchers and those who haven’t bothered. The father of a friend of mine is one of the most conservative people I know.  Even though he hasn’t voted for a Democrat in a Gret Stetwide race in 25 years, he’s still a registered Democrat. I somehow doubt that Right-Wing Dad will be horrified by this factoid. Btw, he’s a very nice man who once told me that he thought Bitter Vitter was a jerk. So it goes.

The Angelle camp fired back and, of course, doubled down on the Obama bashing:

What will the denizens of wingnuttia do after January, 20, 2016? They’ll have to find a new goat to scape or a new guy to fall. If Hillary is the next Oval One, expect a lot of menstrual flow jokes…

The reason Vitter targeted Angelle is that he seems to have what Poppy Bush once called “the big mo.” He’s a good campaigner with the Cajuniest Cajun accent I’ve heard in quite some time, which gives him a base in Acadiana. He is, however, the candidate with the closest ties to Gov PBJ. If the Vitter people had *any* imagination, they’d tie Jindal around his neck and make him a Fallen Angelle:

I don’t have high hopes that the Gret Stet Goober race will elevate to higher ground. Diaper Dave doesn’t do higher ground. The campaign is replete with silly allegations, including calling Lt. Gov Jay Dardenne a liberal because he’s not an asshole. Vitter knowns from assholery and malakatude. y’all. He’s unlikely to go after Gomer Bel Edwards because he wants someone with a D after their name in the run-off.

I wish I could say that we were facing a contest between the diapered Devil and the Angelle of the morning. Other than his swell Cajun accent, there’s nothing much to like about Scott Angelle. I just have a congenital inability to resist a pun but you already knew that. I’m storing up the Angelle puns like a squirrel hoarding acorns.

I still think it’s going to be a Vitter-Edwards run-off with Vitter emerging as the winner. It’s time to stock up on Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. We’re going to need it.


Quote Of The Day: Fog Of Trumpy History Edition

No, I’m not talking about former NFL tight end and longtime broadcaster Bob Trumpy. I’m talking about a certain mouthy Presidential candidate who seems to have finally peaked. That’s right, the guy known around here as the Insult Comedian with cotton candy piss hair whose main connection to football was smothering the USFL baby in its infancy,

Politico Magazine continues to be a better publication than its parent. They recently published Trump Is…13 Historians Scour the past for Trumpian precedents. It’s a distinguished group including Garry Wills and Sean Willentz, which largely eschews the Perot comparison that drives me bat shit. My second favorite Trump Is segment came from Jeremy Mayer who called the Insult Comedian, “sui generis with a touch of Silvio Berlusconi.” I would have said a sliver of Silvio but it’s still an apt comparison. Hmm, I wonder if the Donald ever has bunga, bunga parties?

Been patiently waiting for the QOTD? It comes from historian and son of David, Alan Brinkley:

Donald Trump seems to think that he can become president, although few serious people believe him. Is he a populist who is tapping into a covered well of real feeling? Is he an outlier who is unafraid to speak the unsaid truths of politics? Does he speak for the sliver factions of party? No. Trump is not in the tradition of great—and sometimes dangerous—populists like Huey Long or Father Coughlin in the 1930s. Nor is he a passionate outlier forcing his party to move beyond a centrist position like Edmund Muskie did in 1968. He isn’t even a lightning rod for a single, and unattractive, ideological issue the way George Wallace was in the ’60s and ’70s. Donald Trump just wants to be heard.

It is amazing that a candidate for president has no discernable policy nor any belief system other than the certainty that anything he says is right. Trump is not seeking votes, he is simply demanding attention.

He nailed it. The Insult Comedian is fundamentally a spoiled 5-year-old who wants to be loved, and pitches a fit when he’s not the center of attention. That explains the threat of a lawsuit over a negative ad by the Club for Growth. It may, finally, be the moment when the Trump candidacy jumps the shark. It doesn’t fit his public image as a 1% tough guy but it *does* fit his reality as a spoiled brat who cannot take criticism.

The Insult Comedian is a classic bully. He can dish it out but he can’t take it. He’s just another rich asshole with a glass jaw: