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Spot The Tourist

Rep. George Clyde (R-of course-GA) would insist it’s a trick question — it’s most if not all of them

“Watching the TV footage of those who entered the Capitol and walked through Statuary Hall showed people in an orderly fashion staying between the…ropes taking videos and pictures. You know, if you didn’t know the TV footage was a video from January the 6th, you would actually think it was a normal tourist visit,” he said.

And that’s how The Big Lie propagates. Lather, rinse, repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat again.

Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that the elite media has been played — or worse, has been complicit — in various Big Lies for decades or longer.

Failed social programs…welfare queens…limited government…local control of schools/forced busing…supply side economics…super-predators…WMD…birtherism…and, last but not least, the Clinton Rules (not that I’m much of a fan of either Clinton, but good lord…).

All dutifully “reported.”

Both sides…

Geez, they must really think being accused of being librul — and I guess being tainted with librul cooties — is the absolute worst.

Like a stopped clock, DJT wasn’t entirely wrong about fake news, but the fake news was the generations-long nonsense: Vince Foster, ‘but her emails,’ etc., the end result being a cult that can’t even abide goddamn Liz Cheney’s heresy, not that I’ve got any sympathy for Rep. Cheney (too bad she and the MAGA’s can’t both lose, to paraphrase another horrible GOoPer).

DJT’s, um, skill — to give him more credit than I want — was managing to find himself at the right place and time to take advantage when the media doesn’t even bother to phone it in anymore. They Tweet it in instead.

And now he’s got an entire major political party all-in with his particular style of fascism.


No, Not A Basket Of Deplorables

More like a barrel of toxic waste.

Where do you begin? You can cite so many examples — MGT, Matt “Covid-17-but-I-swear-she-looked-at-least-19-wanna-see-her-picture?” Gaetz, Trump himself, the January 6th riot, the Tea Party/birther lunacy, Mitch the swamp turtle, the entire Bush Junior Administration…the Clenis (for those who remember the dial-up-Ur-internet)…the pre-internet-cable-TV-Stone-Age featuring Newton Leroy Gingrich and the halcyon days of Ronaldus Magnus, he-who-read-teleprompters-with-no-sin (or comprehension).

But a constant in all of that’s been a press corpse [sic] that can’t wait to demonize ANY Democratic-with-a-large-D administration and/or policy proposal while whitewashing (emphasis on white) any Republican-with-a-large-R reactionary push.

Watergate notwithstanding, the elite media is hardly an adversary to power, unless power is held by Democrats.

Look at how they lauded Saint John McCain, and how they’re working overtime to be Liz Cheney’s political lifeboat.

Meanwhile, the actual GOP, leadership and base, has embraced pussy-grabbing MAGAism.

Makes sense, in a perverse way, pun intentional. That’s where their votes are.

But that’s also the road to a particularly United States-style of fascism that’s embodied in the orange lard-ass that’s Donald Trump.

Anti-science, anti-knowledge, racist, misogynistic, ersatz-Christian-masking-actual-white-supremacy, manipulative, and at the same time helpless, pathetic, attention-craving, demanding, needy, emotionally infantile…

Heavily armed, entitled juveniles.

Which the elite media, in its infinite wisdom, insists is an advocacy of limited government.

And the media’s always managed, when it comes to the GOP, to confuse rhetoric with ideology.

Would be nice if the allegedly objective media would point out–with emphasis–the country is, by a small but comfortable margin, NOT MAGA.

Biden won the actual vote, as did HRC. Funny how that gets lost in the Cletus/diner safaris…

I’m not particularly optimistic. But, then again, I’m getting old.

Projection — It’s Not Just For Movies And Slide Shows

America’s Mayor needs a criminal lawyer, since he’s now a suspected lawyer criminal

Federal investigators on Wednesday seized cellphones and computers from Rudolph W. Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City who became President Donald J. Trump’s personal lawyer, stepping up a criminal investigation into Mr. Giuliani’s dealings in Ukraine, three people with knowledge of the investigation said.

F.B.I. agents executed search warrants around 6 a.m. at Mr. Giuliani’s apartment on Madison Avenue and his Park Avenue office in Manhattan, carting away the electronic devices, Mr. Giuliani confirmed in a statement.

The execution of search warrants is an extraordinary action for prosecutors to take against a lawyer, let alone a lawyer for a former president. The move marked a major development in the long-running investigation into Mr. Giuliani, which examines some of the same people and conduct that were at the center of Mr. Trump’s first impeachment trial.

It was also a remarkable moment in Mr. Giuliani’s long arc as a public figure.

No. Shit.

To repeat, yet again, it’s unfuckingbelievable the degree to which IOKIYAR’s become SOP.

Batshit insane wingnuttery is, to the elite media, one side of both sides.

Cokie’s Law metastasized.

High Broderism is catechism.

And, to be clear, I’m not defending the mainstream Democratic Party.

Lesser-of-evils isn’t absence of, um, evil.

But the GOP’s bugfuck nuts.

And that’s putting it nicely.

So nuts they spent an entire election cycle assuming they’d cow the press into turning Hunter Biden into the bastard spawn of HRC…while all the time they were up to their eyeballs…in the same place.

And while they didn’t quite manage to jerk the chain enough to eke out an Electoral College win, Rick Perry, former DOE head, isn’t even an afterthought these days.

Try to imagine the press ignoring anything like that in a Democratic administration.

“the bullshit piled up so fast … you needed wings to stay above it.”

Stacey Abrams Takes John Neely Kennedy To School

The burden of proof should be on those who demand restricting the right to vote.

During a Tuesday Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on voting rights, Republican Sen. John Kennedy (La.) asked Abrams if she believes the Georgia voting bill signed into law by Gov. Brian Kemp (R) last month is “racist.”

“I think there are provisions of it that are racist, yes,” she responded.

Kennedy then asked the former Georgia Democratic gubernatorial nominee to “give” him a “list of the provisions that you object to.”

Abrams, who founded the voting rights advocacy group Fair Fight Action, proceeded to list the components of the bill that she says would place unfair disadvantages on certain segments of the population, including voters in minority groups and low-income residents.

“It shortens the federal run-off period from nine weeks to four weeks. It restricts the time a voter can request and return an absentee ballot application,” she began before commenting on the provision that requires voters to present a photo ID when participating in absentee voting.

Abrams added that this provision would make Georgia “only the fourth state in the nation to require voters to put at risk their identity” before she was interrupted by Kennedy.

“What else?” he questioned.

The former Georgia state representative continued to list other provisions she opposes, including limits on the number of ballot drop box locations and its ban on “nearly all-out-of precinct votes.”

“Meaning that if you get to a precinct and you are in line for four hours and you get to the end of the line and you are not there between 5 and 7 p.m., you have to start all over again,” she added.

“OK. What else? Is that everything?” the Louisiana senator said.

“No, it is not,” Abrams replied before letting out a quick laugh. “No, sir.”

Abrams pointed out that the law allows precincts to have shortened voting windows, which she said “may have an effect on voters who cannot vote during business hours.”

She then started to move on to another provision before Kennedy interrupted, “OK. I get the idea.”

Stacey Abrams is a national hero.

A couple of weeks ago I noted I’m so old I remember when the right to vote was considered central to free society.

But I guess for the wingers freedom to vote is like the free press or free market: guaranteed only to those who own [one].

And their race to restrict voting rights is a tell.

They’re panicking.

Senior Moment

I doubt it hurts him all that much in Texas, but Cornyn — and his research assistants — seem to have a problem understanding basic irony and satire

Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) fumbled an effort to catch out Assistant Attorney General nominee Kristen Clarke on Wednesday about an opinion column she’d written while she was a university student at Harvard.

“Miss Clarke, Martin Luther King famously said that he had a dream of the day when his children would be known by the content of their character and not the color of their skin,” Cornyn opened his questioning at the Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing. “Do you agree with that?”

“Absolutely, Senator,” Clarke replied.

“Well, maybe there’s a misprint, but I’m sure you can clear it up for me, dating back to your days in school when you seemed to argue that African Americans were genetically superior to Caucasians. Is that correct?” Cornyn asked.

“No, Senator,” Clarke replied. “I believe you are referring to an op-ed that I wrote at the age of 19 about the Bell Curve theory, a racist book that equated DNA with genetics and race.”

“As a Black student at Harvard that time, we took grave offense to this book,” she continued. “It was co-authored by a Harvard professor. We held a number of events to speak out against the book, and this op-ed opened with a satirical reference to the statement that you just noted.”

Can only imagine how shocked and horrified he’d get reading America’s Finest News Source.
But that’s giving him the benefit of the doubt–I’ll guess actual reading is assigned to his staff.
And, sad to say, that’s a big part of the problem: ignorance isn’t just bliss, it’s MAGA.
Stupid’s an asset.
Stir in a lazy corporate media, and it’s a gumbo from hell.
Sending DJT off to spend even more time golfing (aside: I actually was OK with him golfing his way through his four years — it caused the least damage); anyway, that was just one step.
As I’ve noted before, the rot runs deep…

Voter Fraud — Another Zombie Myth

And it’s not a myth that’s embedded particularly deep.

Though for every admission of it being bullshit, you’ll get ever louder screaming from the myth perpetrators…

Which, of course, is the tell.

Getting worked up into a lather and a fury is what’s done when you lack evidence, i.e., if the facts are against you, pound the law, if the law is against you, pound the facts, if the facts and the law are against you, pound the table.

And…this is another example of how miserably and totally the elite corporate media’s failed.

Sure, they’ve done a bit of what they call reporting, mostly stenography of the both sides variety, but continue to fall flat, with a solid thud, when it comes to the essential function of informing the citizenry.

Universal voting shouldn’t be controversial, and questioning universal suffrage should be viewed as incompatible with fundamental national values.

I’m so old I remember when voting was one thing that distinguished us from the dirty rotten commies.

But that was a long time ago, before Moscow Mitch decided the nation was a hostage to be ransomed…or shot.

Another tell on voter fraud being zombie bullshit is, if you really were worried it, a national system of registration and identification wouldn’t be difficult at all to put into place, and no, it wouldn’t be overreach.

But suggesting that really brings out vineyard levels of whine from the usual suspects, who’ll insist, using language and reasoning remarkably similar to that of serial abusers, that the rules (“the Constitution”) must be interpreted as harshly as possible.

Well, when it’s in their interest. When it isn’t, watch them turn on a dime.

And watch the elite media insist that’s not hypocrisy, but savvy…well, when Republicans do it.


Money Is Money

Corporations, with some prodding, aren’t quite ready to jump on the ultra wingnut blood-and-soil bandwagon.

Imagine that…

Companies that remained silent last week as Georgia Republicans rushed to pass a law to restrict voting access reversed course on Wednesday in the face of mounting outrage from activists, customers and a coalition of powerful Black executives.

Delta Air Lines, Georgia’s largest employer, had made only general statements in support of voting rights last week and had declined to take a position on the legislation. That muted response drew fierce criticism, as well as protests at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and calls for a boycott.

But on Wednesday, Ed Bastian, Delta’s chief executive, made a stark reversal. “I need to make it crystal clear that the final bill is unacceptable and does not match Delta’s values,” he wrote in an internal memo that was reviewed by The New York Times.

Coca-Cola, another of Georgia’s largest companies, which had also declined to take a position on the legislation before it passed, made a similarly worded statement.

“I want to be crystal clear,” said James Quincey, Coca-Cola’s chief executive. “The Coca-Cola Company does not support this legislation, as it makes it harder for people to vote, not easier.”

Less than a day before the abrupt reversals, a group of prominent Black executives called on companies to publicly oppose a wave of similarly restrictive voting bills that Republicans are advancing in almost every state.

“Voter integrity” laws are, are, to use a scientific term, bullshit. Particularly in Georgia, where the now-passed legislation includes a provision to allow the presently Gerrymandered legislature to override local election boards.

And more generally, whenever wingers pull out arcane — and highly selective — “Constitutional” minutiae, you can be sure they’re peddling said bullshit.

It’s telling that completely reasonable, common sense, voting and election rules have broad support.


I’m so old I remember when votes counted, and (so called) popular vote victories but Electoral College losses were strictly nerd catnip for Political Science majors like me.

But there are always those who can’t wait to pull out whatever stops they can come up with to be buzzkills.

McConnell Insists Thumbs Down Is No Indication Of Vicious, Bloodthirsty Cruelty

Metaphorically speaking, that is

McConnell said Democrats were putting forth a “solution in search of a problem”—and implied that he was simply shocked that his party would be accused of trying to disenfranchise voters. “States,” he said, “are not engaging in trying to suppress voters, whatsoever.” (In earlier remarks, he claimed the filibuster—which has been used for generations to block civil rights legislation and which he will undoubtedly use to thwart the pro-democracy bill unless Democrats abolish or amend it—had “no racial history.”)

Moscow Mitch and the rest of the GOP have worked the refs for so long they think it’s entirely normal for anything they say, regardless of how outrageous, to be considered a logical beginning point if not serious policy.

In contrast, Democrats often are required to demonstrate some degree of conservative support for pretty much anything.

Voter suppression, in a sane would, would be an outrage, and the media would report it accordingly. That they don’t — and that they also fail rather miserably in noting the anti-democratic nature of institutions like the Senate and Electoral College — speaks volumes, and not in a good way.


Yet Another Lost Cause

The myth, not the lie…

Stir in the puke funnel/echo chamber, add a liberal helping of, pun intentional, a press corps that can’t wait to flog any and every bullshit wingnut screed, and mix in a two time loser of the actual vote (fobbed off as “popular vote”) claiming fraud while the cult faithful…do what cults do.

Usually ends ugly.

Just saying.

The original Lost Cause  — with more than a bit of flat-out terrorism — managed to control the narrative for roughly a century.

After some very modest adjustments — desegregated public schools, legislated civil rights, voting rights, housing rights (mileage may vary, depending on location) — the last half century’s been quite the blowback, culminating in virtual if not actual hagiography of an orange thing…who was played by Kim Jong Un (to cite a single example — I don’t have time or spleen to note the countless other instances of batshit insanity).

And now they’re openly embracing a rejection of even a semblance of democracy.

To be honest, it’s only the sheer grotesqueness of the Nashville Nathan Bedford Forrest “statue” that makes me think a similar memorial is the only suitable shrine for DJT.

The last Lost Cause is, at long last, being tossed into history’s dumpster. This one needs to be similarly disposed of.

Get Your Culture War On

If the law is against you, pound the facts. If the facts are against you, pound the law. If the law and the fact are against you, pound the table.

And if the law and the fact are against you — and if you can’t pound the table — turn it into a culture war.

…the Republicans are betting, as many of the experts have predicted, that the economy is going to rebound sharply once the pandemic is under control and they may be looking at a very robust recovery going into the midterms anyway. Trying to run against that is unlikely to be very popular even with their own voters. So culture war is probably all they’ve got anyway.

…in one recent survey of GOP voters, “anxiety about America’s changing identity in an era of growing racial and religious diversity has emerged as the core unifying principle of the GOP coalition” with immigration, lack of support for the police (read: Black Lives Matter), liberal media and moral decline as their top issues. A poll in January showed that “roughly 9 in 10 Trump voters agreed with a series of stark propositions: that America is losing faith in the ideas that make the country great, that Christianity is under attack in the US and that discrimination against Whites ‘will increase a lot’ in years ahead.” Virtually all of these people are convinced that there is no discrimination in America against well, anyone except them.

Citing some interesting research in the journal Political Behavior about the role of victimization in American politics, Parker Molloy at Media Matters reports that it was central to both Donald Trump’s success as well as a necessary component of right-wing media’s hold on its audience. She writes:

The authors found that people who engaged in egocentric victimhood (“I am the victim because I deserve more than I get”) were more likely to support Trump during his 2016 campaign, while people who engaged in systemic victimhood (“I am the victim because the system is rigged against me”) were less likely to vote for Trump.

Garnish with a corporate media that’s so afraid of being labeled librul they’ll accept any wingnut screed as legitimate news while demanding any Democratic initiative receive an official GOP imprimatur in the form of legislative votes, regardless of how popular, and it’s not surprising we find ourselves…where we are.

Man Of La Manchin

Trying to decide if I should say wrong or why?

Or both.

This is just bad on so many levels. You can only hope that it gets lost in the glare before the midterms or 2024.

They can’t possibly believe they’ll be rewarded for bullshit fiscal discipline during a real life crisis.

And do they really think it will outflank any screeching about big gumbit librulism?

All this will accomplish, if implemented, is engender resentment from anyone “lucky” enough to miss the cutoff, and provide fence-sitters an excuse to go full wingnut.

DJT himself (god, can’t we just forget him?); anyway, he and the MAGAts were fine with checks for the $2K (note: $1400 is already a compromise), and duh, why not?

They bailed out the Midwest to the tune of billions when their idiotic trade war failed.

Besides, most of us were on the receiving end for decades as salaries stagnated, critical infrastructure failed, and the stock market…soared.

A modest — exceedingly modest — bit of relief won’t break the bank. It won’t even balance the scale or level the playing field all that much.

But it might give a lot of us a chance to catch our breath.

Or get some folks pissed enough to lurch rightward if they yank it away.

Oh, and Manchin is worth millions, as is Shaheen. It’s not like they’re hurting.

Sigh: don’t overthink this. Pass the bill and provide the relief.


New Year, Same Old Playbook

After all, it’s worked before, so nothing really unusual about Ron Johnson (R-Stupidville) insisting that it wasn’t really a riot….ok, maybe it was but it was Antifa disguised as Trump supporters, which would be news to “close ally of…Majorie Taylor Green” Anthony Aguero, as well as other participants, while KKKarlson deadpanned how he looked far and wide for evidence of QAnon, but gosh, there’s not even a website, so what’s all the fuss/it’s all in the libruls’ heads, hahaha, blah blah blah, and unless the media dutifully chants “both sides” it’s further proof they’re infested with librul cooties, etc.

Nice there’s a little pushback, though it’d be nicer if the corporate press pushed just a bit harder, considering what happened over the last four (or more) years, culminating in an actual and ugly riot.

A riot by people who willingly went along with the biggest of big lies about non-existent voter fraud and an equally non-existent election theft pushed by the political-party-mutated-into-authoritarian-cult (Qult?) that is the GOP.

And it’s not like the big lie or psychotic rhetoric/behavior is anything new. It wasn’t just fringe lunatics who accused Hillary Clinton of murder.

I remember Senate Majority Leader Moscow Mitch (uh oh, now I’ve upset Joe Manchin), anyway, Moscow Mitch threatened to “shoot the hostage” in 2010-2011 during budget deficit negotiations, the hostage being…the fucking country.

WMD was another big lie, with the added bonus of bipartisan support (I vote Democratic, but never forget that in most cases it’s as lesser of evils). In the 1990s we were told horror stories about super-predators, while the pre-internet Stone Age of the 1980s included endless cable TV coverage of things like the McMartin day care scandal that turned out to be total nonsense, though nonsense that hurt a number of innocent people and brainwashed a fair chunk of the public.

QAnon, in some respects, is just the distilled and/or regurgitated essence of decades of pretty rank crap. And now there’s a whole generation that’s grown on little else.

It’s a deep hole that’s been dug, and I’m not really sure how to get out…



Everything’s Bigger In Texas

And that includes the failure and finger pointing

even faced with a staggering blow to his immediate constituents, a blow caused almost entirely by decades of deliberate political choices, Governor Abbott has nothing except a whole basket full of talking-point nostrums that are insultingly inadequate to the crisis at hand.

Abbot, — along with Rick Perry, Tucker Carlson, Dan Crenshaw and various assorted wingnut politicos and pundits — immediately opted for knee-jerk it’s-the-blue-stet-libruls-who-are-to-blame-mode, Crenshaw’s allegation being particularly absurd.

Though perhaps, at long last, we’re seeing just a tiny bit of pushback from a media that normally amplifies wingnut bullshit to eleven before realizing  — again — they were played.

Of course, being Texas, you knew at least one public official would insist the proper response is no response.

Ted Boyd (to be fair, now former-mayor), represent

only the strong will survive and the weak will parish [sic].

They’ll never pass up a chance to advocate culling the herd. Unless it’s their neck on the chopping block, of course.

Welcome to modern conservatism: little more than rage, grievance, vengeance, and aggression fantasies.

Oh, also too, tax cuts…but only for the rich.

Christ, these idiots should be assigned a basic civics course, with emphasis on Justice, Domestic Tranquility, and General Welfare.

Give them a damn calendar. We’re not living in the 18th Century, regardless of how much they want to drag us back there.

Advice To Trump’s Counsel

Ask if they’ll let you Zoom your statement/case and choose a filter.

It’s not like they could get any worse.

Meanwhile, the GOPQAnons appear to be sitting with all the impartiality of the Mississippi jurors who acquitted J.W. Milam and Roy Bryant. Might as well have a Diet Cult, um, I mean Diet Coke, before voting, just to make it appear they’ve deliberated a bit…


The Democratic impeachment managers put on a good, maybe even superb case. Full disclosure, I only saw highlights–am lucky that I can work from home, but it’s work, and I could only catch recaps/written stories during the day–anyway, it’s unfortunately a case that won’t be decided on the evidence.

The cult won’t lay a finger on their Dear Leader.

He’s their Elvis

Old, fat, squeezed into an ill fitting (white) power suit.

But without any redeeming characteristics Elvis might have had.

He certainly embodies the deranged hopes and dreams of his followers, who are less Hillbilly Elegy and more straight up vicious racist, though Trump himself is way too lazy/flabby to personally lead a riot. Actual work isn’t Trump’s thing.

He’s more the kind of person who’d cash a 13 cent check.


The Calls Are Coming From Inside The House (of Representatives)

Is that a white power sign from MGT? Might just be a coincidence, but…



Rep. Greene is an asshole. If voters in the district want to elect her, fine, and if the GOP wants to cling to and/or laud her as the face of the party, that’s also fine, but…you reap what you sow.

And the GOP is sowing batshit crazy.

Legislatures require at the very least a minimum of parliamentary rules if not, I dunno, basic manners or decorum.

But since the days of another toxic Georgian, one Newton Leroy Gingrich, Republicans have been pissing on this basic principle (and a number of others).

Oh, and note the corporate media asymmetry on this. Greene endorses any number of bug nut conspiracy theories and/or assassinations of political opponents, but, you know, both sides, so reports of Jen Psaki “screening” press briefing questions gets treated as controversial as well.


Just me, but it would be nice/refreshing for the Dems to deal with this as quickly as possible. No long-winded speeches, no histrionics.

Just point out the obvious: Taylor Greene is a rhetorical bomb thrower who should get as much consideration in the House of Representatives as your average Dittohead.

Take the vote, move on. If the corporate press or anyone else pitches a fit, let them, but don’t engage.

It’s time for the Democrats to shake off the learned helplessness and act like a majority party, since they are the majority party.


After a generation’s worth of Cletus Safaris, the NY Times finally took a look beyond the rural diners of central Pennsylvania and/or Southern New Jersey.

As President Biden’s inauguration ticked closer, some of Donald Trump’s supporters were feeling gleeful. Mr. Trump was on the cusp of declaring martial law, they believed. Military tribunals would follow, then televised executions, then Democrats and other deep state operatives would finally be brought to justice.

Just ordinary, “real” Americans…armed to the teeth.

Despite the economic anxiety, they’ve amassed quite the arsenals.

Meanwhile, the Republican leadership or wannabees — thinking of McConnell, Cruz, Hawley, et al — are fine examples of profiles in wanking when not spewing abusive rhetoric.

Then there’s newly elected Rep. Taylor Greene. Batshit insane. Mainstream GOP.

And it’s not like this is really different from previous flavors of wingnut.

Sure, it’s been pushed up to eleven over the last decade or so, but the crazy’s been around for some time.

Vince Foster…the McMartin Daycare allegations…you don’t need the internet to peddle in lunacy.

But it WOULD be nice if the goddamn press wouldn’t insist we need to consider their point of view, when their point of view is just plain nuts.


There was the Square Deal, the New Deal, the Fair Deal…why not the Big F***ing Deal?

OK, Biden’s demanding decency, so effing is out, and I dunno, with the obscenity of the last four years, maybe a little decency is a refreshing alternative for now.

But I’d still argue The Big (Effing) Deal is something to consider.

And anyone who spent the last four plus years enabling Orange Narcissus that takes to clutching pearls or lurching to the fainting couch can fuck off.

If nothing else, there’s no longer an official imprimatur of, name it, xenophobia, overt racism, white supremacy, the use of the big lie as a means of political control…the Trumpification of the Executive Branch. (And let’s not forget that the previous Bush Junior/Dick.Cheney regime wasn’t exactly a modern day Era of Good Feelings.)

Trump Steaks. Trump Wine. Trump Republicanism.

That’s not to say Trumpism is gone.

The MAGA minions/MAGA millions (possible inspiration for a future Photoshop, I’m thinking along the lines of the ultimate losing lottery ticket); anyway, the MAGAts are still around.

Trump, loathe as I am to admit it, could re-emerge like a horror movie villain.

And if he doesn’t, MAGA maestro wannabees like Cruz or Hawley are ready, even eager, to be the next wingnut Nosferatu.

But, for the moment, it’s, if not nice, a relief. The last four years were exhausting.

So, a cause for celebrating.

Oh, one more thing…this idiot is smiling

There was some debate over whether he was the absolute worst…not anymore.

Donny Two-Times

“Gonna go get impeached, get impeached.”


I keep thinking how — not that a Democratic president would or could ever make a speech like DJT’s on January 6th — though if somehow they could, how it would be covered, not just by Fox and its even more lunatic wingnut spawn, but by the corporate media, including the allegedly librul MSNBC.

If it was a Democrat, impeachment would be the least of their worries.

The more incendiary excerpts would be replayed on an almost continuous loop, while conservative punditry raged, libs cowered, and demands were made for head to roll…

But, Trump, poster child for impulse control issues — I’d give odds of well under 50 percent that even today, the septuagenarian would fail a marshmallow test — anyway, Trump couldn’t even fume quietly/stomp off to Florida or wherever, and bide his time.

Instead, he begged for another bite of the impeachment apple, or, being Trump, the impeachment double cheeseburger with extra bacon.

And the Republican party, with few exceptions, is wholly under his tiny thumb.

Sure, Moscow Mitch (via a strategic press leak) and Liz Cheney are creating distance, but…no way is that a sign of principle for either one.

The rot still runs deep.

Inside The Residence

After he’s done smashing shit I don’t think it would be all too surprising if DJT decided to play with fire and burn a few things, including a copy of the Constitution (be glad the original is securely stored).

Yesterday‘s mob scene certainly epitomized the Trump era, and let’s not forget they’re up in arms about…Joe Biden. Of Delaware.

The Post-Office-Box-Corporate-Home-Of-Record-State.

It’s not like Biden’s going to swear the Oath of Office on Mao’s Little Red Book.

But hey, Hillbilly Elegy/Economic Anxiety, right? Weird that economic anxiety evidently has time and money to visit/ransack the capital.

Laff: more like Lord of the Flies met Deliverance met Hannity, Limbaugh, Ingraham, etc. Lather, rinse, repeat, emphasis on lather.

But what the hell, I’m so old I remember when calling these people a basket of deplorables was the height of political arrogance and snobbery.

Two more weeks…

Hypocritic Oath

Sorry, Hippocrates, nothing personal, but your name’s close enough for a pun.

This is really about Josh Hawley’s play to the wingnut base with his ridiculous decision to challenge the Electoral College vote, and his even more ridiculous defense (warning, Fox Noise link).

Note, by the way, that the “but the Democrats…” justification by Hawley and others is accepted without question, and not just by Fox, despite the plain truth that voter suppression is a GOP tactic.

You’d think this would settle, once and for all, that the idea of a Moderate Republican, the Holy Grail of elite/corporate journalism, is the null set.

Howard Baker is dead, and besides, he was shoehorned into that role by dumb luck and a press constantly on the hunt even then for GOP Daddy heroes.


In other news, Moscow Mitch said nyet to helping American citizens.

Maybe they should’ve written the bill in Russian…

Goodbye, 2020…