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After a generation’s worth of Cletus Safaris, the NY Times finally took a look beyond the rural diners of central Pennsylvania and/or Southern New Jersey.

As President Biden’s inauguration ticked closer, some of Donald Trump’s supporters were feeling gleeful. Mr. Trump was on the cusp of declaring martial law, they believed. Military tribunals would follow, then televised executions, then Democrats and other deep state operatives would finally be brought to justice.

Just ordinary, “real” Americans…armed to the teeth.

Despite the economic anxiety, they’ve amassed quite the arsenals.

Meanwhile, the Republican leadership or wannabees — thinking of McConnell, Cruz, Hawley, et al — are fine examples of profiles in wanking when not spewing abusive rhetoric.

Then there’s newly elected Rep. Taylor Greene. Batshit insane. Mainstream GOP.

And it’s not like this is really different from previous flavors of wingnut.

Sure, it’s been pushed up to eleven over the last decade or so, but the crazy’s been around for some time.

Vince Foster…the McMartin Daycare allegations…you don’t need the internet to peddle in lunacy.

But it WOULD be nice if the goddamn press wouldn’t insist we need to consider their point of view, when their point of view is just plain nuts.


There was the Square Deal, the New Deal, the Fair Deal…why not the Big F***ing Deal?

OK, Biden’s demanding decency, so effing is out, and I dunno, with the obscenity of the last four years, maybe a little decency is a refreshing alternative for now.

But I’d still argue The Big (Effing) Deal is something to consider.

And anyone who spent the last four plus years enabling Orange Narcissus that takes to clutching pearls or lurching to the fainting couch can fuck off.

If nothing else, there’s no longer an official imprimatur of, name it, xenophobia, overt racism, white supremacy, the use of the big lie as a means of political control…the Trumpification of the Executive Branch. (And let’s not forget that the previous Bush Junior/Dick.Cheney regime wasn’t exactly a modern day Era of Good Feelings.)

Trump Steaks. Trump Wine. Trump Republicanism.

That’s not to say Trumpism is gone.

The MAGA minions/MAGA millions (possible inspiration for a future Photoshop, I’m thinking along the lines of the ultimate losing lottery ticket); anyway, the MAGAts are still around.

Trump, loathe as I am to admit it, could re-emerge like a horror movie villain.

And if he doesn’t, MAGA maestro wannabees like Cruz or Hawley are ready, even eager, to be the next wingnut Nosferatu.

But, for the moment, it’s, if not nice, a relief. The last four years were exhausting.

So, a cause for celebrating.

Oh, one more thing…this idiot is smiling

There was some debate over whether he was the absolute worst…not anymore.

Donny Two-Times

“Gonna go get impeached, get impeached.”


I keep thinking how — not that a Democratic president would or could ever make a speech like DJT’s on January 6th — though if somehow they could, how it would be covered, not just by Fox and its even more lunatic wingnut spawn, but by the corporate media, including the allegedly librul MSNBC.

If it was a Democrat, impeachment would be the least of their worries.

The more incendiary excerpts would be replayed on an almost continuous loop, while conservative punditry raged, libs cowered, and demands were made for head to roll…

But, Trump, poster child for impulse control issues — I’d give odds of well under 50 percent that even today, the septuagenarian would fail a marshmallow test — anyway, Trump couldn’t even fume quietly/stomp off to Florida or wherever, and bide his time.

Instead, he begged for another bite of the impeachment apple, or, being Trump, the impeachment double cheeseburger with extra bacon.

And the Republican party, with few exceptions, is wholly under his tiny thumb.

Sure, Moscow Mitch (via a strategic press leak) and Liz Cheney are creating distance, but…no way is that a sign of principle for either one.

The rot still runs deep.

Inside The Residence

After he’s done smashing shit I don’t think it would be all too surprising if DJT decided to play with fire and burn a few things, including a copy of the Constitution (be glad the original is securely stored).

Yesterday‘s mob scene certainly epitomized the Trump era, and let’s not forget they’re up in arms about…Joe Biden. Of Delaware.

The Post-Office-Box-Corporate-Home-Of-Record-State.

It’s not like Biden’s going to swear the Oath of Office on Mao’s Little Red Book.

But hey, Hillbilly Elegy/Economic Anxiety, right? Weird that economic anxiety evidently has time and money to visit/ransack the capital.

Laff: more like Lord of the Flies met Deliverance met Hannity, Limbaugh, Ingraham, etc. Lather, rinse, repeat, emphasis on lather.

But what the hell, I’m so old I remember when calling these people a basket of deplorables was the height of political arrogance and snobbery.

Two more weeks…

Hypocritic Oath

Sorry, Hippocrates, nothing personal, but your name’s close enough for a pun.

This is really about Josh Hawley’s play to the wingnut base with his ridiculous decision to challenge the Electoral College vote, and his even more ridiculous defense (warning, Fox Noise link).

Note, by the way, that the “but the Democrats…” justification by Hawley and others is accepted without question, and not just by Fox, despite the plain truth that voter suppression is a GOP tactic.

You’d think this would settle, once and for all, that the idea of a Moderate Republican, the Holy Grail of elite/corporate journalism, is the null set.

Howard Baker is dead, and besides, he was shoehorned into that role by dumb luck and a press constantly on the hunt even then for GOP Daddy heroes.


In other news, Moscow Mitch said nyet to helping American citizens.

Maybe they should’ve written the bill in Russian…

Goodbye, 2020…

Predictable Finale

Of course it was going to end like this. Is anyone really surprised?

“Complete clusterf—,” summarized one top Republican Hill aide.

The world’s oldest baby/bully is stuffing pardons into the stockings of loyalists and lumps of coal into those of his enemies, while deliberately leaving a colossal mess for the incoming Biden administration.

Then there’s his, um, legacy.

DJT’s loyal minions will insist, like all cultists in good-standing, that Dear Leader is the “kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being they’ve ever known,” while the rest of us can barely keep up with the firehose of sleaze and corruption.

Things that would’ve sunk any other administration are lost in the glare.

Like how he’s abandoned even a pretense of showing or demonstrating any concern for the responsibilities of his office, to cite a single example.

Oh, and while yeah, the most likely scenario over the next month is an epic tantrum and extended pout, I’m still not going to rest easy until he’s gone.

Trump might be lazy, but he won’t pass on the chance to screw anyone he defines as an enemy.

He’ll also look for any cracks in the system he can exploit for gain, legal or not.

It’s what he does.

January 20th can’t get here soon enough.

Oh, Just Indulge Him For A Bit

What could go wrong?

A former Houston police captain, who the authorities said was investigating a voter fraud conspiracy theory for a conservative activist group, was arrested and charged with pointing his gun at an air-conditioner repairman he had pursued to try to uncover fraudulent ballots, prosecutors said Tuesday.

The former captain, Mark A. Aguirre, 63, was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and then freed on $30,000 bail, on Tuesday.

According to a police affidavit, Mr. Aguirre struck the repairman’s box truck with his sport utility vehicle on the morning of Oct. 19. When the man got out of his truck, Mr. Aguirre pointed a handgun at him, ordered him to get on the ground and pressed a knee into his back, it said.

A couple of things. First, we’re only just hearing about this, but it happened in October. If I remember, there was some grumbling and whining, but the noise machine hadn’t really kicked into high gear.

Second, “investigating a voter fraud conspiracy for a conservative activist group.” What the fuck? If the allegations are accurate, he’s a right wing terrorist.

Finally, it’s about goddamned time the media stopped constantly carrying wingnut water and otherwise making excuses. They’ve been doing this for a generation or more. They coddled Reagan, never pointing out supply side economics was a miserable failure (but hey, it was Morning in America). Instead, they dubbed him The Great Communicator, even when as often as not he was muttering complete bullshit. They let him walk on Iran-Contra, because maybe they went too far during Watergate, they let Bush Senior get away with this (compare/contrast to the shitstorm over Bill Clinton’s pardon of Marc Rich).

Bush Junior was fawned over until his failures became painfully, embarrassingly evident, and impossible to gloss over.

They indulged Donald Trump from the moment he rode down the escalator to launch his campaign before an audience of paid extras.

They’ve indulged him — and the GOP — to the point of this country coming within an eyelash of rejecting democracy.

We’re still not out of the woods yet on that.

And you can count on a new generation of wingnuts to assume they’ll likewise be indulged…and if, heaven forbid, they aren’t…

Sore Loserzombies


With their rabid temperaments and tendencies to possess arsenals of weapons, this is like watching someone playing with sparklers in a garage full of greasy rags and open gas cans.

Maybe nothing will happen, but if something does, we can’t claim to be surprised.

Sadder still is that it’s taken this long to see just how bugfuck crazy the nuttier examples of the wingnut persuasion are, even though it’s really not new at all.

Birchers ranted about fluoridation of water. The pro-Vietnam war faction spent decades insisting the Rambo fantasy of unreleased POWs was real.

QAnon’s rantings about pedophilia remind me of the McMartin lunacy of the 1980s. Soros is the new anti-Semitism. Racism is the new racism.

Trump’s managed to distill the paranoia of Nixon, the casual, condescending smugness of Reagan, the creepiness of the older Bush, the arrogance of Bush Jr…

Add, pun intended, a liberal helping of George Wallace and Newt Gingrich psychopathy/toxicity, and it’s a match made in political hell.

But we’re the ones who need to reach out and understand where they’re coming from…

If You Ever Wondered How ‘The Big Lie’ Gets Spread…

wonder no more, your question is answered.

When Trump first announced, I thought he’d be an amusing sideshow/clownshow, but I also thought, ok, guess it’s good to know if were a nation of petty, narcissistic, racist assholes (or used car salesmen).

Turns out, no, but not by nearly the majority I thought (might be a bit more than that if we really did have universal suffrage, but..).


Did Trump get a pretty big boost from an idiot media that ignored or downplayed his massive and obvious lack of qualifications to do much of anything besides cheat at golf? Yeah, hell yeah.

Ironically, DJT benefitted from, of all things, fake news: the HRC email nothing burger, the utter lack of any reporting on his glaringly obvious ties to global criminal syndicates or his being a convenient full-service laundromat for mobbed up cash, the focus on personalities over actual issues, etc., etc….

But he also benefitted from a large number of shitheels being out there.

Like horror movie villains, mold, and other pests, they won’t go away.

Trump is their guy–they like that he behaves like the oldest obnoxious 12 year old on earth.

They like that he’s petty, racist, sexist, and stupid.

They like that he once cashed a 13 cent check.

And while they fell in love with this orange…thing…the rest of the GOP’s fallen in line.

Guess we’re going to find out how the vapid, corporate press spins it. “Opinions differ on fascism”-?

Trump Pardons Third Turkey

Michael Flynn avoids having to add jailbird to his CV, joining Corn and Cob (Corn, Cob…and Jive? — yeah, groan…or pardon me…ok, ok) on the clemency list.

DJT’s small hands should get some work over the next 8 weeks as he scribbles his name to official pardons and tries to lift anything that isn’t bolted to the floor. If nothing else, Trump is consistent.

Anyway, have a happy Thanksgiving. Pandemic or not, it’ll be the best Thanksgiving Day I’ve had in…four years, at least.


Their Hero

I made some modest improvements to DJT as GOP-Vitruvian-Man (note the hands are sized more appropriately).

Because he really has become their standard. Their trademark. Their brand.

And if you wonder how a gelatinous, sagging blob like that could become the living symbol of a major political party…

It’s been a generation since Ronaldus Magnus, as Rosalynn Carter said, “made us comfortable with our prejudices,” but just as important, he made the media comfortable with style over substance.

His rhetoric, which regularly included snide and condescending insults, bore little resemblance to reality, but hey, he was Teflon Ron. The Great Communicator.

And now the generation raised on a media diet of junk food, sugar highs, and empty calories has grown up.

No wonder they’re all in with Trump. Their idea of politics is a mix of reality television and professional wrestling. DJT is their version of hyping the next big main event crossed with Snap Into A Slim-Jim.

And, of course, her emails…

Hope that was worth four years, and now two months of full-on tantrums…the kind of tantrums children get when they’re deprived of their favorite toy or snack.

A Man For All Four Seasons (Total Landscaping)

There’s tragedy repeated as farce, then there’s the opera buffa (opera buffaliani?) of last weekend, featuring America’s Mayor, and creepiest shirt-tucker-in-ever, in a lead role.

Getting punk’d — by Borat — should be enough to get permanently deleted from the chattering classes eRolodexes.

But Rudy managed to equal if not top that at The Four Seasons…no, the other Four Seasons…no, the one off I-95.

Performance art doesn’t get any weirder.

Meanwhile, it wouldn’t surprise me if a view inside the White House residence found this

While Rudy gesticulates and goes into histrionics, Trump sulks and pouts.

And schemes.

Will anything come of this? Probably not, though it’s goddamned ugly, totally fitting with his history and personality, and if he managed to create an actual crisis, he’d sure as hell try to exploit it.

Trump is desperate, and that shouldn’t be misunderestimated.

Having said that, I’m definitely relieved. Can you imagine how goddamned ugly it would have been had he won?

Life Of The Party

First, not to get ahead of anything, but I’m cautiously optimistic…and…relieved, more than anything.

The last four years were, for me, a source of frustration and embarrassment, as well as exhausting…

For others, the consequences were far more severe.

So, assuming DJT stomps off into a post-presidency, following the inevitable public whining, lawsuits, tantrums, etc. — good.

But the end of Trump isn’t the end of Trumpism.

He is the GOP, and the GOP is he.

And that’s something I hadn’t really considered four years ago.

My assumption was the vast majority of them might be, in the words of Willard Mitt, “severely conservative,” but not batshit insane.

I stand corrected, and will keep in mind from here on out that one of our major political parties is flat-out, Qanon fascist.

Worse, bizarre, archaic election rules give it an inside track with both the presidency and the Senate…

And that will be the case for…for as long into the future as I can foresee.

Having said that, small steps forward are better than lurching backwards.

And this election is a small step forward.

President Biden? Vice President Harris? Sounds good to me.

At The Omaha Rally

OK, that might be Photoshopped a little, but it does capture a bit (or more) of the zeitgeist

Hundreds of people who attended President Donald Trump’s rally Tuesday evening at Eppley Airfield spent up to three hours in freezing temperatures waiting for buses to take them back to their cars.

Officer Michael Pecha, an Omaha Police Department spokesman, said 30 people received medical attention and seven were taken to area hospitals with various medical conditions.

And just wait for the spike in covfefe, um, I mean covid cases.

No word on whether the cult faithful were urged to drink the Kool Aid.

But it did get me thinking…what would DJT do to keep himself in office?

Obviously freeze and/or infect someone with a potentially deadly disease.

Punch a guy in the face?

Certainly…though only if the guy being punched couldn’t hit back, because that’s how bullies like Trump work.

Disown his kids? I’d guess yeah, except for Ivanka, and, ugh, I don’t even want to think why he wouldn’t disown her.

For sure he’d throw sand in the gears of anything and everything, including the postal service, which, amazingly, the press is covering as a normal news story, and not an outrage.

Same with the overt attempts to suppress voters. This isn’t a both-sides-we-report-you-decide issue. It’s a deliberate subversion of representative democracy.

And…watch, if Trump is losing on election night, he and the GOP will turn on a dime re: mail in ballots…and the elite media will act as if that’s completely normal.

The memory hole is alive and well.

America’s Mayor


Certainly an October surprise, maybe not one Team Trump wanted, but as a GOP sage once said, you go to war with the army you have…

Pretty sure Rudy bounced back to DJT’s who?-I-hardly-know-him list.

Oh, and if this had been a significant advisor to a Democratic candidate?

The press would already be publishing post-mortems about how the campaign was lost.

There are Clinton rules, but also more generally, GOP versus Democratic Party rules…and then there’s Trump himself.

This week Eric Boehlert noted DJT’s reaction to Covid isn’t merely stupid and inept, but has sinister undertones

For longtime Kremlin watchers, what Trump is doing looks familiar — he’s using the Vladimir Putin playbook and what observers in Moscow have called the “fog of unknowability.” It’s an insidious form of state-backed propaganda that Putin has been practicing years on the Russian press.

This isn’t a distracted White House bumbling its way through a crisis. This is an administration waging war with the truth, just like Putin does. The press needs to stop being amazed that Trump’s creating confusion and contradictions, as the pandemic shows no signs of abating.

This ties in with previous observations about Trump. Like Putin, he weaponizes lies. It’s a particularly cynical and evil means of expressing political power. Truth is what they say it is.

And that’s why he’s got to go. Rudy Giuliani might be a clown, but DJT is Pennywise.

Super Spreader Man

Just another week in bizarro world, where Trump is still the actual POTUS running for actual re-election…

And while the nightmare isn’t over until it’s over, there’s clearly a WTF element to his act — the Superman nonsense, the half plea, half threat to “suburban women” (which sounded like a creep at a bar, unhappy that his Andrew Dice Clay pickup lines didn’t go over all that well) — Campaign 2020, Pandemic Edition (Camdemic?) sounds a bit like a Farewell Tour, or at least I hope it does.

That said, Trump leaves a legacy, and the larger GOP is still his evil spawn for as far as I can see.

In addition to the GOP generally, Trump leaves us three Supreme Court justices.

He’ll also have enough lower court bench sitters to remind us — for a long time — how different GOP rhetoric is from GOP ideology.

So let’s give a big thanks (sarcasm) to those (looking at you, elite media and “moderate, reasonable types”) who naively and dutifully insisted Repubs believed in limited government, and not all-power-to-the-plutocrats-by-any-means-necessary.

The goalposts were moved so far right that virtually the entire field’s been ceded before a play has even been run.

Consider: we’re actually looking, straight-faced, at whether or not a brazenly corrupt, openly racist, fascist, and utterly incompetent incumbent can somehow cheat his way to a hollow electoral victory…during a pandemic made even worse by his incompetence.

And don’t expect the GOP legislative and judicial office holders to help clean up the mess. If anything, they’ll try like hell to make things worse.



Extreme Unctuous

All that was missing from Pence’s performance was a papal sedan chair throne to ensure his more-in-sorrow-than-anger furrowed brow and sneer was directed downward.

What an oily, sanctimonious, condescending, and yeah, patronizing piece of shit. No wonder he attracted a fly.

To tell the truth, I didn’t notice it, probably because I was busy doing other things. The debate was strictly a grim citizen’s duty. Watch and hope my preferred candidate was deemed worthy by my preferred punditry. Sigh.

I’m beginning to think debates aren’t useful for much of anything. It’s filler/content for the gaping and never satisfied cable news maw. There’s way too much armchair psychoanalysis, way too much noncommittal talk from the chatterers until they coalesce around some agreed upon gotcha moment. Maybe in times past with a more limited amount of media they offered voters a chance to see candidates react in real time, but now it’s just more endless, dreary spin.

Having said that, I still think Pence was and is full of enough shit to sink a garbage scow.

Fuck him.

Credit Where It’s Due

Dana Bash accurately called it a shitshow.

The media spin, distinct from the candidates’ efforts to push opinion, is focused — for once, as it should be — on Trump’s 90 minute bratty child act and his wink to the Proud Boys.

I sure as hell hope the country, or at least enough of us, are tired of it.

Trump IS exhausting.

I assume that’s a feature, not a bug.

Amp the bullshit to eleven, and the wholesale grift, fraud, and manic incompetence is slightly less noticeable.

Just trying to keep track is an effort.

For instance, anyone remember the ridiculous government shutdown (well, ridiculous for us…stressful as hell for laid-off workers).

But do you remember it was the second shutdown of this administration?

Trump was impeached less than a year ago; the Senate vote to not convict was in February…Chris Wallace didn’t even bring it up.

Trump’s personal financial shitshow was mostly ignored.

Not that it would’ve mattered, I guess, when you’ve got the world’s oldest baby throwing the mother of all public tantrums.

Sadly, it probably didn’t cost him any votes.

Hopefully, it didn’t win him any.

If anyone’s really undecided about the election, they should be checked for a pulse.

A Republic, If You Can Keep It…Or A Banana Republic Under Trump

The only surprise is no surprise.

DJT is telling us what he really thinks, and how he intends to get there.

Way to go, everyone who was so sure he’d never win that Hillary’s emails became a campaign fetish object, a means by which to kneecap an incoming administration, step one of a process that would conclude with gossipy books offering insider revelations of a Clinton administration in disarray. By playing that game in 2016, you managed to put what’s left of representative democracy in jeopardy this cycle.

Nice work, dipshits. Hope you’re proud.

Hell, at this point, I would not be at all surprised if Team Trump claimed election fraud, and if asked how they know, say because they committed it themselves.

I vaguely recall an election in, I think, Nigeria, in the mid 1990s, when the ruling party did just that, and cancelled the vote.

Though, if I remember, they were forced to step down after massive protests.

I have no idea what might happen here…


I did not know this, but Grotesque is an architectural term, a sort of generic Gargoyle, i.e., not all Grotesques are Gargoyles, but all Gargoyles are Grotesques…

And what’s a more appropriate monument to the Trump era?

His policies and rhetoric are political runoff wastesewagebilge water.

Just add some gold paint that looks like gold leaf…paint because he’d peel off actual gold leaf and stuff it into his pocket or under the first available mattress.

The election will be more than just the cult of Trump versus, well, those of us who aren’t brainwashed.

It’s grotesque superstition versus the modern world.

Not really much of of a choice if you think about it, no pun intended.