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When it comes to research, Senator Paul puts the lazy into laissez-faire, not just using Wikipedia butciting it verbatim…and without attribution.

He says it’s all a misunderstanding, though as Rachel Maddow pointed out last night, Paul either doesn’t know or won’t acknowledge what plagiarism actually is. Or maybe he’s been told about Joe Biden’s run to obscurity in 1988 after a similar instance (I’ve read Joe was pilloried unfairly for forgetting to reference Neil Kinnock only once, though the Times mentions an additional allegation from law school).

My guess is this is likely a staffer writing or editing hastily — and lazily — but, as always, the tell is the reaction. If Paul had admitted as much, sure, it’d be embarrassing…but by digging in…he’s digging himself a nice sized hole. Well, good — like Harry Reid said last night (also onRachel Maddow’s show) a Ted Cruz presidential candidacy would destroy the Rethuglican Party.

Good riddance.

3 thoughts on “Wikirandia

  1. And don’t forget that he plagiarized an article from a very popular Sci-Fi flick as if it were an actual news report or documentary.
    But wait…I am getting news that a UFO with a robot has landed in DC…
    As a university librarian, it is a never ending battle to get folks to cite their sources. While the students (and even some profs) seem to think if a photocopy costs less than a quarter then it isn’t plagiarizing.

  2. I’m undecided what’s worse: that Cruz plagiarized, or that he plagiarizedfrom Wikipedia.

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