CPAC = Crazy People Acting Crazy

The Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) held its annual shindig last week. It was, as always, a display of insanity. In case you missed hearing about it given Everything Else, no worries. Famous Trump Antagonizers The Lincoln Project, in response to CPAC, did the only thing they do well, create social media content. Here’s a helpful 105-second summary of the batshit madness that is CPAC: We watched it so you don't have to. CPAC day one in 105 seconds. — The Lincoln Project (@ProjectLincoln) February 25, 2022 Thanks, folks. That video points out some (but not all!) of the … Continue reading CPAC = Crazy People Acting Crazy

Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – “War Declared” edition

People, I’ve got to say – I have always taken happiness in seeing the Freeperati go at each other, especially post-Darnold, where the True Believers and the pragmatists get their circular firing squad on, but this?

This is something completely different.

Video of Ukrainian woman confronting Russian soldier goes viral: Put sunflower seeds in your pocket ‘so at least [flowers] will grow’ when you’re killed
The Blaze ^ | 2/25/2022 | Sara Taylor

Posted on 2/25/2022, 2:16:07 PM by marcusmaximus

A fiery Ukrainian women went viral for her reaction to a Russian soldier patrolling a Ukrainian street earlier this week.

What are the details? The unnamed woman — dressed in nearly all black and wearing a white winter hat — was seen in a video shared to social media telling off a Russian soldier and suggesting he carry sunflower seeds in his pockets — so that when he is killed on foreign soil, flowers will sprout from his decomposing body.

“Put them in your pockets,” she stoically told the soldier during one point of the interaction, “so at least sunflowers will grow when you all lie down here.”

The sunflower, which is Ukraine’s national flower, is often said to represent power, strength, warmth, and more.

Elsewhere in the video, the woman could be heard telling the soldier, “You’re occupants, you’re fascists! What the f*** are you doing on our land with all these guns?”

She added, “From this moment, you are cursed. I’m telling you. You f***ing came here uninvited.”

“Pieces of s**t,” she concluded.

1 posted on 2/25/2022, 2:16:07 PM by marcusmaximus
Now, you know that the “it’s not our fight/Putin’s a great guy” types, conditioned by four years plus of Trumpism, are going to try to downplay Putin’s Hitler impersonation.  (My fave blogger Shower Cap called Putin “Underpants Gnome Mussolini”)
You also know they’re going to get some pushback from the Freepers who have had about enough of The Darnold and his dictator pals.
To: marcusmaximus
Should the soldier be there? No.
But he was actually restrained and polite.

He restrained himself from shooting her in front of a bunch of witnesses recording on their phones.

He’ll politely be rounding her up when there are no witnesses around.

Bravery? Meh.

9 posted on 2/25/2022, 2:28:23 PM by PGR88

To: marcusmaximus

She is lucky the Russian soldier she spoke to chose to treat her like a fussy old Grandma. He may have known at least one person was filming the interaction.

If there were no cameras rolling and you had a more combative type of soldier, she could have gotten rifle-butted in the head or much worse.

10 posted on 2/25/2022, 2:28:49 PM by lee martell

Yeah! How DARE she?? (I’m assuming “much worse” means raping her. He’ll get around to that later)
To: marcusmaximus

Well Putin is a smart genius, so this soldier clearly has nothing to worry about.

3 posted on 2/25/2022, 2:20:40 PM by bigdaddy45

To: marcusmaximus

Oh but we have people on here that say that country belongs to Russia because they looked at a map or something. Wake up and stand up.

4 posted on 2/25/2022, 2:22:21 PM by Williams (Stop Tolerating The Intolerant)

To: PGR88

I guess if foreign soldiers occupied your street, you would be bringing them lunch.

12 posted on 2/25/2022, 2:33:12 PM by nbenyo

(Tommy T checks the URL to make sure he hasn’t stumbled into DU)
More savage takedowns of “PGR88”    “KGB88”  below the thingamabob…..

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Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with random ruminations – pulling my trumpet card edition

Today in “Things no one but me cares about” – the CBS Sunday Morning trumpet theme. I’ve been watching this show since Charles Kuralt hosted it, and was surprised to find out that the demographic is not just old farts like me, but actually placed first in its time slot in the key demographic of adults 25–54, beating all of the political discussion-driven Sunday morning talk shows. The issue I have is with the trumpet piece that opens the show. It’s “Abblasen”, attributed to Gottfried Reiche. It’s a pretty famous fanfare, and was performed for decades as written, by Doc … Continue reading Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with random ruminations – pulling my trumpet card edition

The Lady Is A Tramp

Today marks the end of Rodgers & Hart month. There’s no better song with which to close it out.

The Lady Is A Tramp was written by Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart for the smash hit 1937 musical Babes In Arms. It was featured in the 1957 film version of R & H’s hit show Pal Joey. That’s why I associate it with the Chairman of the Board. Hence the Hayworth-Sinatra-Novak featured image.

This week’s post is bookmarked by two of my favorite artists: Sinatra and Oscar Peterson. We begin with Francis Albert.

Ella Fitzgerald’s version is *almost* as good as Frank’s.

Here are Frank and Ella together on his 1965 A Man and his Music teevee special:

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Vlad the Dissembler

  Well here we are, the place we never thought we’d be at but the place we always knew deep down we’d get to. Russia, Vladimir Putin’s Russia, has without reason, provocation, or seemingly sanity, has invaded the sovereign country of Ukraine because…well if I could figure out why I’d be on the Kremlin Desk at the Company and briefing the bigwigs in the White House. In other words, I can’t figure it out and anyone who says they KNOW why he did it is just blowing smoke up that proverbial backside. Some of the reasons expounded by the experts … Continue reading Vlad the Dissembler

Life During Wartime

The attack on Ukraine has begun, and it is definitely a time of uncertainty and fear. A good look at what it is like inside is here: On a Thursday morning in Kharkiv, Ukraine wakes to war. Read @jscros’s latest dispatch from Ukraine: — Rolling Stone (@RollingStone) February 24, 2022 This is a combination of heartbreaking and surreal. Some people going to work, some people bugging out. I thought, of course, some people would go to work if America is attacked, for the combination of necessary services still needed and, well, think about some aspects of American business leadership. … Continue reading Life During Wartime

So, What’s Rick Scott Been up To?

It’s been a while since I’ve paid much attention to Florida’s Junior Senator, Lex Luthor to some; my eyes see the Weekly World News’s Bat Boy. Maybe the worst of both, with a generous helping of boilerplate GOP Wingnut, occasionally lurching from surprising-obscurity-for-a-Senator-from-a-large-State to spew Grapefruit League Kevin McCarthy-ish sound bites… Sound, fury, signifying nothing, though with the assumption (sadly, correct) that his bigoted rhetoric will automatically be given serious consideration. If nothing else, Politico will deem it savvy enough to offer a direct link, even if reality forces them to admit it’s, um, Bat (Boy) Shit Insane Paul Waldman When … Continue reading So, What’s Rick Scott Been up To?

The Greatest Gift You Can Give

Without the organ Donor there is no story, no hope

Gonna get a little personal on you today.

Last week my older son Brian had a corneal transplant. Without it he would have gone blind, which would be a rather inconvenient condition to have given that his chosen profession is photography. You can see some of his work by clicking here.

He lives with a condition called keratoconus which you are welcome to click the link and find out more about, but basically means his corneas never formed properly.  It occurs in around one out of every 2,000 people and is the leading cause of corneal transplant.

This was the third attempt to have the transplant, the first two aborted because of, first, a problem with anesthesia and second a problem with the viability of the cornea to be transplanted. With transplants the phrase “good enough” is never good enough. If it’s the least bit hinky the surgeon says no go.

As well she should.

Fortunately the third time was the charm. As he is a single gentleman his mother (Cruella) and I took care of him for the first few days of his recovery. That consisted mostly of keeping lights in the house low or off, making sure he took his anti-rejection medication and providing as much TLC as he would allow us to give. Once assured he was capable of going it on his own we returned him to his own house where he continues to recover.

From this experience I find myself up on the soapbox preaching the good word of organ donation and why you, yes you, should be taking the easy steps to participate in the process.

To see how, click the link below

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When Taking Precautions Is A Threat To ‘Freedom’

This is going to go down in history as one very strange period of time. A fairly large portion of the population has, apparently, decided that the COVID pandemic is over. When these people came to this conclusion varies anywhere from two weeks ago to two years ago. I honestly do not know how some of the more recent “the pandemic is over” converts will react if/when there is another variant. Perhaps they will accept going back to mask-wearing, or perhaps they will click their heels three times and pretend that will be protection. Where we go from here is … Continue reading When Taking Precautions Is A Threat To ‘Freedom’

Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – soup or Trooper edition

Ok, folks – when we last left our Freeper Fandango, they were still bickering over Sgt. KMA.

Here’s the article at the beginning of the thread :

Washington trooper who defied state vaccine mandate and told gov to ‘kiss my a–‘ dies from COVID-19 NY Post ^ | 1/29/22 | Kyle Morris Posted on 1/29/2022, 6:44:09 AM by Callahan

A Washington State Patrol officer who defied a statewide vaccine mandate and signed off for the last time by telling Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee to “kiss my a–” is dead from COVID-19.

Occasionally, even a Freeper ditches the “Kung Flu” cult :

(in response to the “Darwin Award winner” comment that got deleted and that I rescued)

To: Blennos
Cruel comment or not, thousands of so-called Darwin Awards have been bestowed on these very pages during my time on FreeRepublic. I cannot begin to count the times I have read phrases like “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes” and “Hold my beer” or heard about Karma and of course Schadenfreude. I have zero doubt that if former officer Lamay had simply gotten vaccinated he would still be alive right now, perhaps enjoying a nice hot cup of coffee, looking forward to a relaxing weekend after a satisfying week on the job and counting the days to a happy retirement and generous pension. I hope no others have died as a result of following his well-publicized lead. We don’t know whether he was treated or self-medicated with Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, our some other cocktail of drugs and vitamins, but as a celebrated poster child for the antivaxx movement, I am sure he had access to all of the above and I would not be surprised if he had Dr. Zelenko and the My Pillow guy on speed dial. Sorry you are no longer with us, Mr. Lamay. I wish you were enjoying that nice hot cup of coffee right now. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need a refill.
53 posted on 1/29/2022, 7:38:12 AM by Atticus
Of course, the majority are all like :
To: Callahan
They can mock him all they want. They are low life.
They missed it.
He died a free man.
57 posted on 1/29/2022, 7:41:53 AM by Candor7
And on the other hand :
To: Atticus
“I have zero doubt that if former officer Lamay had simply gotten vaccinated he would still be alive right now…”
Ditto 100%.
I have NO clue why so many have chosen this hill to die on.
86 posted on 1/29/2022, 8:10:59 AM by devane617 (RUN FOR LOCAL ELECTED OFFICE! COUNCIL,SCHOOL BOARD, ETC.)
Excellent choice of words.
As to the “why” part:
That’s it for the “Trooper” part of today’s post – the “Souper” part below the fold :

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Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with Random Ruminations – more COVID crapola

(written at the first months of the pandemic) All over social media, I see people saying things like: “You should be more respectful of the dead” whenever the subject of Herman Cain’s suicide – um, death comes up. No. I’m respectful of service members who gave their lives for their country. I’m respectful of First Responders who died while trying to save others. I don’t have to be respectful of morons who willfully caused their own deaths. Herman Cain and other deniers/anti-science idiots like him who loudly told everyone that the trucks zooming down the highway weren’t real, and stepped … Continue reading Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with Random Ruminations – more COVID crapola


Rodgers & Hart month continues with one of my favorite songs. Manhattan was written by the dynamic duo in 1925 for a review show, Garrick’s Gaieties. It’s unclear if it received good or bad reviews…

Once again, we bookend the post with Ella Fitzgerald and Oscar Peterson. We begin with Ella:

Blossom Dearie was an underrated artist with a unique voice and pianistic style.

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