Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – “War Declared” edition

People, I’ve got to say – I have always taken happiness in seeing the Freeperati go at each other, especially post-Darnold, where the True Believers and the pragmatists get their circular firing squad on, but this?

This is something completely different.

Video of Ukrainian woman confronting Russian soldier goes viral: Put sunflower seeds in your pocket ‘so at least [flowers] will grow’ when you’re killed
The Blaze ^ | 2/25/2022 | Sara Taylor

Posted on 2/25/2022, 2:16:07 PM by marcusmaximus

A fiery Ukrainian women went viral for her reaction to a Russian soldier patrolling a Ukrainian street earlier this week.

What are the details? The unnamed woman — dressed in nearly all black and wearing a white winter hat — was seen in a video shared to social media telling off a Russian soldier and suggesting he carry sunflower seeds in his pockets — so that when he is killed on foreign soil, flowers will sprout from his decomposing body.

“Put them in your pockets,” she stoically told the soldier during one point of the interaction, “so at least sunflowers will grow when you all lie down here.”

The sunflower, which is Ukraine’s national flower, is often said to represent power, strength, warmth, and more.

Elsewhere in the video, the woman could be heard telling the soldier, “You’re occupants, you’re fascists! What the f*** are you doing on our land with all these guns?”

She added, “From this moment, you are cursed. I’m telling you. You f***ing came here uninvited.”

“Pieces of s**t,” she concluded.

1 posted on 2/25/2022, 2:16:07 PM by marcusmaximus
Now, you know that the “it’s not our fight/Putin’s a great guy” types, conditioned by four years plus of Trumpism, are going to try to downplay Putin’s Hitler impersonation.  (My fave blogger Shower Cap called Putin “Underpants Gnome Mussolini”)
You also know they’re going to get some pushback from the Freepers who have had about enough of The Darnold and his dictator pals.
To: marcusmaximus
Should the soldier be there? No.
But he was actually restrained and polite.

He restrained himself from shooting her in front of a bunch of witnesses recording on their phones.

He’ll politely be rounding her up when there are no witnesses around.

Bravery? Meh.

9 posted on 2/25/2022, 2:28:23 PM by PGR88

To: marcusmaximus

She is lucky the Russian soldier she spoke to chose to treat her like a fussy old Grandma. He may have known at least one person was filming the interaction.

If there were no cameras rolling and you had a more combative type of soldier, she could have gotten rifle-butted in the head or much worse.

10 posted on 2/25/2022, 2:28:49 PM by lee martell

Yeah! How DARE she?? (I’m assuming “much worse” means raping her. He’ll get around to that later)
To: marcusmaximus

Well Putin is a smart genius, so this soldier clearly has nothing to worry about.

3 posted on 2/25/2022, 2:20:40 PM by bigdaddy45

To: marcusmaximus

Oh but we have people on here that say that country belongs to Russia because they looked at a map or something. Wake up and stand up.

4 posted on 2/25/2022, 2:22:21 PM by Williams (Stop Tolerating The Intolerant)

To: PGR88

I guess if foreign soldiers occupied your street, you would be bringing them lunch.

12 posted on 2/25/2022, 2:33:12 PM by nbenyo

(Tommy T checks the URL to make sure he hasn’t stumbled into DU)
More savage takedowns of “PGR88”    “KGB88”  below the thingamabob…..

OK, where were we? Oh yes –

Don’t hide behind bs. I don’t tolerate anyone who kisses Russian or Chinese thugs, anymore than I tolerate scumbad American leftists.

Death to Putin and long live that Ukrainian hero.

16 posted on 2/25/2022, 2:37:00 PM by Williams (Stop Tolerating The Intolerant)

Ok – did someone hack Freeperville?
KGB88 finally strikes back :
To: nbenyo
I guess if foreign soldiers occupied your street, you would be bringing them lunch.
You will note their interaction was in Russian/Ukrainian. Even the specific cultural references were understood by each other just fine. Did you understand them?
Many people here do not have a CLUE about the cultural, historical, religious similarities of these people – but if Biden and the MSM shout “PUTIN!” and “WAR” they are ready to charge off.
I’ve listened to such lies about Trump, Russia, Ukraine, etc… for at least 5 years. I’m tired of being lied to, so I judge everything US MSM,, foreign media, and social media say with great skepticism.
20 posted on 2/25/2022, 2:43:44 PM by PGR88
I guess all of that live bombardment/rocket attack footage was shot on a soundstage in Burbank, amirite?
To: PGR88
Oh you mean we could invade England because both countries speak English?
I’ve known Ukrainians for decades and they hate Russia and Russians with a white hot hatred.
If they loved each other so much they wouldn’t be under attack with tanks aircraft missiles and everything else in the Russian Arsenal. Use some common sense for God’s sake.
27 posted on 2/25/2022, 3:05:41 PM by Williams (Stop Tolerating The Intolerant)
To: PGR88
My late grandmother was Ukrainian and I have relatives in Kiev. Maybe the Slavs all look the same to you, but I can assure you Ukrainians don’t want to be ruled by Russia any more than you want to be ruled by Mexico.
28 posted on 2/25/2022, 3:07:33 PM by nbenyo
But….but….but….Putin is a smart genius!
To: Williams
“I’ve known Ukrainians for decades and they hate Russia and Russians with a white hot hatred.”
Absolutely true. Some people here seem to believe that Ukrainians and Russians loved each other until the Western media/governments turned them against each other. The hatred and resentment goes back many generations.
31 posted on 2/25/2022, 3:14:09 PM by nbenyo
To: dfwgator
Very true!
I’m pretty well intrenched in the Romanian community as well (lived there for 6 months over 20 years ago). They cannot stand Russia or Russians either, for the same reasons. They also view Moldovans with high levels of skepticism due to the whole Trans-Dniester issue.
Putin’s ‘dream’ of reviving the old Soviet Union will never happen.
45 posted on 2/25/2022, 4:35:29 PM by Roman_War_Criminal (Jesus + Something = Nothing ; Jesus + Nothing = Everything )
Oops – it’s meme time!
Ok – proceed.

To: PGR88
Who believes that Putin or anyone in power in Russia have their “assets” anywhere near the Western banking system?

The days when people could easily hide large amounts of assets in places like the Cayman Islands or Panama or Cyprus are pretty much over.

The US and the EU have over time pretty much broken this system of offshoring assets.

They could locate pretty much anything financial if they decide to focus on it.

I don’t think popular perception has caught up to just how much financial surveillance and control the US/EU have over financial assets.

11 posted on 2/25/2022, 3:21:26 PM by Meet the New Boss

Maybe post something that makes the Ukrainians look like the cowardly wusses they are?
Ukrainian marine sacrifices himself to blow up bridge, Ukrainian Military says
Fox news ^ | 02/25/2022 | Timothy H.J. Nerozz
Posted on 2/25/2022, 1:00:08 PM by ChicagoConservative27The Ukrainian military has released a statement thanking a marine for allegedly sacrificing himself in order to demolish a bridge that would allow Russian tanks to advance.The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine released the statement Friday via social media, reporting that Vitaliy Volodymyrovych Skakun, a battalion engineer, had voluntarily undertaken a mission to mine out the support structure of the Genichesky Bridge near the Kyiv before Russian forces could cross it. Shakun did not have time to flee the blast zone before detonating the explosives, and informed his battalion that he would be blowing it up regardless.
God bless.
1 posted on 2/25/2022, 1:00:08 PM by ChicagoConservative27
To: ChicagoConservative27
Well, because this was reported on Fox, standby for the FR contingent that believes all news is propaganda now.
9 posted on 2/25/2022, 1:31:59 PM by Magnum44 (…against all enemies, foreign and domestic…)
To: ChicagoConservative27
The story came from a Twitter account here:

you can see the happy face of the alleged hero.

myths of heroes are common tools in wartime propaganda.. but usually they are at least somewhat plausible.

7 posted on 2/25/2022, 1:19:32 PM by mvonfr

And don’t forget the alleged bridge he didn’t blow up…


To: ChicagoConservative27

It would appear that ol’ Vlad, for now, has greatly under estimated the Ukrainians.

If this fails, he’s done. No más for him. He has backed himself into a corner

12 posted on 2/25/2022, 1:40:36 PM by qaz123


But – but – but – smart genius!!!


That’s all for now. You have been watching Freepers invalidate The Darnold, and call Putin out for the KGB thug that he is.
Strange days indeed.
One final word.
For all the people that think that banning Russia from SWIFT is no big deterrent, please read THIS.

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  1. The flag-waving Super Patriots would cheer for Putin to launch nuclear missiles and fry the planet, if it would make the libruls mad.

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