House proceedings on Gulf Coast Housing Recovery Act…Taylor’s remarks ruled improper

Wow another fascinating day in the House. Republicans introduced amendment after amendment to stymie the Gulf Coast Hurricane Housing Recovery Act of 2007. In debate on prohibiting communities from using CDBG funds for local match to receive disaster funds the following occurred. Republican Rep. Price (GA) objected to remarks by MS Democrat Rep. Gene Taylor (yes MS is not the the land of milk and honey recovery that the Bush assministration and wingnuts would have you think) The objection held up proceedings for over an hour. Taylor’s remarks were ruled improper. This resulted in his speaking rights for the day … Continue reading House proceedings on Gulf Coast Housing Recovery Act…Taylor’s remarks ruled improper

Hang Your Head Low

Makes you feel good to be an American. The suspect in the 2000 bombing of the USS Cole in Yemen said he was tortured into admitting responsibility for that attack and others, according to a hearing transcript the Pentagon released Friday. Abd al Rahim Hussein Mohammed al Nashiri, a Saudi Arabian detainee held by the United States at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, denied participating in the Cole attack. Al Nashiri said he “was tortured into confession, and once he made a confession his captors were happy and they stopped questioning him,” according to a statement read at his hearing. “Also, the … Continue reading Hang Your Head Low

Your President Speaks!

Using the wounded victims of his Vanity War as props, at Walter Reed Hospital. What’s Up, Doc? Every time I come to Walter Reed, I’m also impressed by the care givers — the docs, the nurses, the people who spend many hours trying to heal those who have been wounded in service to our country… And so on behalf of a grateful nation, I do want to thank our docs and our nurses and care givers for providing extraordinary health care to the people who wear the uniform…  I welcome General Schoomaker. But I also welcome General Tucker. Tucker is … Continue reading Your President Speaks!

Are The Vets Catching On?

Sounds like some of our military veteransare finally sick of being used as political props. Retired Maj. Gen. Paul Eaton, among retired military officers who took part in a conference call about Bush’s visit, praised the president for seeing wounded soldiers. But, he added: “I’m convinced he would honor them more if he would refrain from using soldiers as props in political theater.” “I would be very happy to see him do the Walter Reed visit more like the commander and secondarily as an inspector general, rather than as a politician,” he said. [snip] “Walter Reed is not a photo-op,” … Continue reading Are The Vets Catching On?

The Death Squads We Trained

This image says it all. A skull is painted on the helmet of an Iraqi army soldier patrolling in the Sunni Muslim stronghold of Baghdad’s Haifa street. AFP/Patrick Baz If you need to know more, here it is. Shia gunmen rounded up, bound and shot dead at least 45 Sunni men during a two-hour orgy of vengeance yesterday, in Tal Afar, a northern Iraqi town once held up by President Bush as a shining example of US success in quelling sectarian violence. The rampage, which one local politician said was carried out by Shia militiamen aided by police officers, came … Continue reading The Death Squads We Trained

This Can’t Be Good

Maybe I’ll sleep in on April 9. Radical Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr made a scathing attack on the United States in a statement issued Friday, blaming it for Iraq’s woes and calling for a mass demonstration April 9 to mark the fourth anniversary of Baghdad’s fall. [snip] “I renew my call for the occupier (the United States) to leave our land,” he said in the statement, a copy of which was obtained by The Associated Press. “The departure of the occupier will mean stability for Iraq, victory for Islam and peace and defeat for terrorism and infidels.” [snip] “Four years … Continue reading This Can’t Be Good

Today On Holden’s Obsession With The Gaggle

Dana Peroxide Gets Helenized

MS. PERINO: Helen.

Q I have two questions on the Middle East. Has the President been in touch with King Abdullah on his critical comments that we’re wrong to be in Iraq?

MS. PERINO: Not that I’m — no. The President only spoke to President Roh this morning, of South Korea. There have been no other calls that I know of.

Let me just remind you of something I said this morning, which is the United States and Saudi Arabia cooperate on a wide number of issues. It is not accurate to say that the United States is occupying Iraq. We are there under —

Q It is not right to say we’re occupying Iraq —

MS. PERINO: That’s right.

Q — with 150,000 troops there?

MS. PERINO: Helen, we are there at the invitation of the sovereign government of Iraq that was democratically elected —

Q Did we invade that country?

MS. PERINO: We were there under the U.N. Security Council resolution, and we are there now at the — I think one of the things to point out — and I think somebody brought up the Talabani comments this morning — is that he was talking about the initial when we — initially when we went in, of establishing a coalition provisional authority, rather than an Iraqi provisional authority. And we were there —

Q Did we have a right to go in?

MS. PERINO: We were there under a U.N. mandate, yes.

Ouch! But It’s Not Over Yet, Dana — More Helen

Q I have another question then. Does the U.S. take any responsibility for the reign of terror in Tal Afar yesterday between the Sunnis and the Shiites, where the Sunnis were killed, execution style, about 70 or so?

MS. PERINO: It was a horrible and atrocious day. I think that the people —

Q Well, do we take any responsibility for that?

MS. PERINO: I think the people who committed those atrocities are the ones who are responsible. And I know that the United States forces, the coalition forces that are there, who are working alongside the Iraqi security forces, are working to bring security to the region.

This is exactly what we’re talking about —

Q We had nothing to do with their killing each other?

MS. PERINO: The people who commit atrocities are the ones who are responsible for committing atrocities.

Q But, Dana, what about the apparent situation where the revenge killings were conducted, at least in part, by Iraqi police officers? We’re talking about Iraqi police actually trained by the United States, by the coalition.

MS. PERINO: I’ve seen parts of those reports. I don’t have a full report in terms of all that happened there. Clearly, it’s very disturbing if there are police officers that people are supposed to be able to trust committing such atrocities. I did hear also a report — and I hesitate to say it because I don’t have all of the facts — but that the Iraqi army went in and tried to help secure the situation. And that’s what we need, is that the Iraqi forces there being able to take over their own security. And if there are problems with the police forces, and clearly this would be one of them — that they need to go in there and purge those individuals from those positions of authority and the positions of trust that the Iraqi citizens should be able to have, and get them out of there, and allow for the peace to take over. And that’s what General Petraeus is working on.

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Rest In Peace Teddy

Teddy has been sick for quite some time. Today she passed on. Many think Teddy was a ‘he’ but in fact ‘she’ was a ‘she.’ When we got Teddy… …we didn’t know what to name her. We decided to watch her for the day and see if a name was revealed to us. She was quite a spunky feisty troublemaker. That night we were watching the TV show “Sisters” and the character Teddy was being feisty and getting into trouble. We looked at one another and said…her name is Teddy. I wanted to spend time with Teddy last night knowing … Continue reading Rest In Peace Teddy

Chimpy Loves His War Criminals

Birds of a feather, I suppose. Via Froomkin: Peter Baker writes in The Washington Post: “President Bush met at the White House this week with a Russian general who has been accused of overseeing some of the most notorious atrocities against civilians during the brutal second war in Chechnya. “Bush welcomed Gen. Vladimir Shamanov to the Oval Office Monday in Shamanov’s capacity as co-chairman of a U.S.-Russian commission on missing soldiers. . . . “Russian troops under Shamanov rampaged through the village of Alkhan-Yurt in December 1999, killing 17 civilians, according to human rights investigations. The soldiers looted homes and … Continue reading Chimpy Loves His War Criminals

I Don’t Wanna Hold Your Ha-aa-aa-aa-and!

Froomkin reports that Chimpy has lost his hand-holding buddy. Jim Hoagland writes in his Washington Post opinion column: “President Bush enjoys hosting formal state dinners about as much as having a root canal. Or proposing tax increases. So his decision to schedule a mid-April White House gala for Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah signified the president’s high regard for an Arab monarch who is also a Bush family friend. “Now the White House ponders what Abdullah’s sudden and sparsely explained cancellation of the dinner signifies. Nothing good — especially for Condoleezza Rice’s most important Middle East initiatives — is the clearest … Continue reading I Don’t Wanna Hold Your Ha-aa-aa-aa-and!

Your President Speaks!

Today in Washington, at the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association meeting. A Cattleman Can Spend Their Money The reason I say that is there’s a fundamental debate in Washington, when you really get down to it, and the debate is who best to spend your money. And I believe a cattleman can spend their money better than the government can. Ranch the Land? If people are concerned about keeping land in the hands of the family rancher, the best way to do so is to get rid of the death tax for those who ranch the land, once and for all. … Continue reading Your President Speaks!

Heckuva Job, Condi!

I was struck by the following passage in the New York Times’ account of Saudi King Abdullah’s condemnation of the American occupation of Iraq. Some here said the king’s speech was a response to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s call on Monday for Arab governments to “begin reaching out to Israel.” Many read Ms. Rice’s comments as suggesting that Washington was backing away from its support for an Arab initiative aimed at solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Israel wants the Arabs to make changes in the terms, most notably the call for a right of return for Palestinian refugees to what … Continue reading Heckuva Job, Condi!

Today On Holden’s Obsession With The Gaggle

Man, the gagglers batted Dana Peroxide around the briefing room like a ping-pong ball today.

First, On The President And Majority Votes In Congress

Q On this Iraq spending bill, does the President really think that majority votes by both houses of Congress requires no give on his part?

MS. PERINO: Well, that’s — first, let’s step back and talk about that majority, which was a bare majority of 50 votes in the Senate and 218 votes in the House, which were cobbled together in order to twist arms and buy votes using domestic spending from all the different lobbies that I mentioned, plus other ones — tropical fish — I forgot to throw that one in there.

So if we start there, and say that is not, in any way, representative of large majorities in either side. Of course, the President understands that there needs to be give-and-take between Congress and the White House when we’re talking about any type of legislation. But they’ve known for three weeks what the President’s position is regarding arbitrary timetables for withdrawal, and that is what he said he would veto.

Q Dana, just to follow up on that, then, perhaps a little clarity — if a bill were to come back stripped of spinach, peanut, shrimp, tropical fish, anything else, if it came back stripped entirely of pork, but had timetables in there, would they still get a veto?

MS. PERINO: I think the President said that if there are arbitrary timetables for withdrawal that would tie the hands of our commanders on the ground, then, yes, he said he would veto it.

Iraq War Forevah!

Q So he doesn’t want to be out before 2008?

MS. PERINO: The President would like to see troops home as soon as possible —

Q We know all that business.

MS. PERINO: — but the President does not want to tie the generals’ hands on the ground. I’ll tell you, the framers of our Constitution had it right when they realized that you needed to have one Commander-in-Chief in charge of the war, not 535 generals on Capitol Hill.

Chimpy Is Responsible For Al Qaeda In Iraq

Q The President emphasized al Qaeda in Iraq, and if they don’t — we’ll fight them there. Before the war, he indicated — he not only indicated, he said that there were no ties with Saddam. Is he responsible for bringing al Qaeda into Iraq?

MS. PERINO: I don’t think the President is responsible — no, absolutely not. Al Qaeda went to Iraq —

Q Absolutely not?

MS. PERINO: You just have to go back to Zarqawi, and how he set up shop there in Iraq, and started fomenting the sectarian violence, and he was successful —

Q And he doesn’t think our moves brought them in?

MS. PERINO: — and we’re having to fight that now.

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Happy Kerry Photo: Suck It, Liars Edition

His spokeswoman has been e-mailing me his statements in a blatant attempt to get me to go out with him again. Like this one, about the withdrawal of Swift Boat Liar for Bush Sam Fox’s nomination as ambassador to Belgium: “Sam Fox had every opportunity to disavow the politics of personal destruction and to embrace the truth. He chose not to. The White House made the right decision to withdraw the nomination. I hope this signals a new day in political discourse.” A. Continue reading Happy Kerry Photo: Suck It, Liars Edition

Columnwhoring: I’m A Filthy Commie Edition

So the letters to the editor tell me, yet I go on writing anyway: The modern Republican Party has governed since Sept. 11, 2001, based on a nonstop love affair with the military, wrapping itself in the flag to imply that anyone who was not a Republican was anti-soldier and anti-American. There’s nothing unusual about that, by the way. Presidents have appeared with troops for political purposes all the way back to Gen. and President George Washington. What is unprecedented is the degree to which this president and his party have claimed exclusivity over that right. The problems really begin … Continue reading Columnwhoring: I’m A Filthy Commie Edition

Today On Holden’s Obsession With The Gaggle

Dana PeroxideLays Out The Assministration’s Iraq Policy: Leaving = Losing

Q Doesn’t this go against the will of the American people who want to pull out?

MS. PERINO: I think the President has been very clear that they don’t want to pull out if it means losing. And the President has said that —

Q How does losing — losing what?

MS. PERINO: The President has made it clear that the goal is to make sure that we can stabilize Baghdad, especially, so that the politicians in Baghdad can do the work that they need to do in order to reconcile politically and get the economic engine going, so that the security situation can not only stabilize in Baghdad, but then spread throughout the country.

Q At any price?

MS. PERINO: We understand fully the sacrifice that our men and women and the innocent Iraqis —

Q And you still think it’s worth it?

MS. PERINO: We do.

Dana Thinks It’s Unfortunate That A Member of the Assministration May Have Committed A Crime

Q I’d like to ask you about Monica Goodling. Her decision to take the Fifth contradicts the Attorney General’s promise that his staff would be forthcoming. What are your thoughts about that?

MS. PERINO: Well, I think it’s unfortunate that a public servant no longer feels that her testimony would be treated fairly before the Congress. And, yes, the Attorney General, with the support of the President, urged all the members of the Justice Department to cooperate with Congress’s request for testimony. However, we must respect the constitutional right of the individuals involved, and we are not going to question decisions that she made in private conversations with her and her attorney to protect those right.

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Purity Balls: Even Born-Again Christians Think They Suck

Via Feministing, this incredibly scary site and its featured articles’ surprisingly unscary comments: WHERE ARE THE YOUNG MEN??? VIRGINITY IS A TWO WAY STREET!!!! Do they have a ball with their dads? or their moms? Has anyone talked the THEM about their actions, their words, their dress, their using girls to get their sexual appetites met? Has anyone talked to them about the exploitation of women in pornography or phone sex? I bet not. And no, I would not have my daughters pledge their virginity to their FATHER, but to their GOD. I am a born-again believer, but this is … Continue reading Purity Balls: Even Born-Again Christians Think They Suck

Today On Holden’s Obsession With [Yesterday’s] Gaggle

Dana Peroxide Cannot Over-Emphasize Her Answer To This Question

Q Dana, quick two questions, but before my questions, I just pray for a speedy recovery for Tony.

MS. PERINO: Yes, we certainly — we all do.

Kinda Shorter Peroxide: Abu G Was Not Lying When He Said He Was Not Involved In Any Discussions Regarding the US Attorney Purge And Anyway We Don’t Even Know For Sure That He Was At That Meeting

Q Let me ask you about the email that shows the Attorney General in a meeting on November the 27th, and then the Attorney General’s statements on March 13th, “We never had a discussion about where things stood.” Do you find anything inconsistent in that?

MS. PERINO: The Justice Department, when they gave their statements on Friday night, said that they weren’t inconsistent. And my reading of it is that the Attorney General has said — I understand that there’s a March 13th piece, but I also looked back on March 14th, when he did interviews back and forth — I think it was with a CNN network — in which he said, and he said consistently, that he does not recall being involved in deliberations about who — which U.S. attorneys might be asked to be replaced for the remainder of the term. But he does say that he signed off on the final list. And my reading of that meeting was that was the final decision — the decisions had been made, the final plan had been in place, and they were asking the Attorney General for a sign-off.

Q So what’s he getting out of the 13th, when he said, “We never had a discussion about where things stood”?

MS. PERINO: I think what he’s referring to — and, again, I’m going to refer you to Justice Department for exactly what his thinking is, but when he says he doesn’t recall having recollections about having deliberative discussions about the ongoing process over that two-year period, but that he does take responsibility for signing off on the final plan.

Q Are you concerned — this is a Cabinet Secretary. Are you concerned at all that there seems to continue to be drips and drabs of information that comes out which seems to contradict the ever-changing story of the Attorney General?

MS. PERINO: I would take a slight issue with that, because I think what the Justice Department has done was what the President has asked them to do, which is to go back and look and leave no stone unturned, and find the documents that are responsive to the Congress. And when they do so, they turn them over. On that November 27th date, there was apparently a meeting. I don’t know who attended, I know that it was on a schedule.

Q Well, it’s pretty clear who attended. I mean, it says there who —

MS. PERINO: It says who was invited to attend —

Q Right.

MS. PERINO: — but I don’t know who all ended up being there.

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Your President Speaks!

Yesterday, at the White House, jawin’ with the CEOs of US automakers. Look, Daddy, A Whale Egg! If you want to reduce gasoline usage, like I believe we need to do so for national security reasons, as well as for environmental concerns, the consumer has got to be in a position to make a rational choice. The Request Within A Request Part of that request is embedded in a request to the Congress, and I would hope that Congress would move expeditiously on our plan to reduce gasoline usage by 20 percent over the next 10 years. It’s in our … Continue reading Your President Speaks!

You, Off My Internet

So here’s a question, peripherally related to the attorney firings and this but really, if there’s a more inept bunch of liars alive I’ve never met them. Has anybody ever really done a study or a story or any kind of examination of why and how e-mail’s being used within this and other presidential administrations? I ask this because between the Sloganator and this, watching these people use the Internet is like watching my grandmother yell at the answering machine. And I just think, given the amount of personal stuff people usually send through their work accounts (note to hatemailers: … Continue reading You, Off My Internet


Hits on something interesting here: Such solicitude.No doubt the tribunes at NBC News are flashing caution lights in the best interests of Democrats, for fear they might injure themselves lrunning around on the playground. But you have to wonder if there’s a prescribed amount of political corruption–muck–that’s allowed to be unearthed before it lands in the gone-too-far/boomerang effect/overplayed-their-hand category. Beltway pundits never seem to want to get to the bottom of anything. A little surface scraping suffices for them. As soon as the Democrats do a little digging, Beltway oracles hear ominous creakings underground and fret that the entire mine … Continue reading Wolcott

NY Police Spied for GOP convention

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry . For at least a year before the 2004 Republican National Convention, teams of undercover New York City police officers traveled to cities across the country, Canada and Europe to conduct covert observations of people who planned to protest at the convention, according to police records and interviews. From Albuquerque to Montreal, San Francisco to Miami, undercover New York police officers attended meetings of political groups, posing as sympathizers or fellow activists, the records show. They made friends, shared meals, swapped e-mail messages and then filed daily reports with the department’s Intelligence … Continue reading NY Police Spied for GOP convention

Presidential debate possibly to be held in New Orleans

This is a great idea… WASHINGTON — All six U.S. senators running for their party’s 2008 presidential nomination Thursday signed onto a letter from Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., asking that New Orleans host one of the candidate debates. Signing the letter to the Commission on Presidential Debates were Democrats Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York, Barack Obama of Illinois, Joseph Biden of Delaware and Chris Dodd of Connecticut, and Republicans John McCain of Arizona and Sam Brownback of Kansas. Landrieu prepared the letter after Women of the Storm, joined by Dillard, Loyola, Tulane and Xavier universities, proposed holding one of … Continue reading Presidential debate possibly to be held in New Orleans