One thought on “Withdrawal Timetable Passes House

  1. The dems have finally got what they have worked so hard to obtain for over 4 years, a defeat for the US in Iraq under a Republican President. It is unprecedented that so many members of one party have invested their political careers in insuring the defeat of their own country for pure political reasons. The dems cannot afford a victory and have worked tirelessly since the war began to distract our military from achieving victory. Even those hypocrites, who are on record as supporting this war are attempting to re-write their personal history, so as to appear to have been for it while at the same time against it. These same hypocritical dems while doing everything possible to insure defeat, say they support our troops. They have no shame. There is an enemy determined to destroy the west and will stop at nothing. The radical elements of the Muslim world fueled by religious fervor see this as an epic struggle between Muslims and Christians meaning the West. There will come a time when the struggle we face today in Iran pales to the conflict that will erupt once nations such as Iran gain nuclear weapons. This is not a question of ‘if’ but ‘when’.

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