Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – “Return of the son of Monster Magnet” edition

OK – the CDC and the GHS haveboth been all over my ass for letting the Freeperville sludge pile up, so let’s spin the airlock hatch door and get to it, shall we? Oh oh. Man tattoos Palin on butt. Assholes at FR react to the cheeky thing!‏ Marine Tattoos Palin on Butt Fox ^ | 5/28/10 | Alice Wolke Posted onFriday, May 28, 2010 2:55:21 PM bypissant MARJAH, Afghanistan – How does the world love thee, Sarah Palin? Let me count the ways. Somewhere in Afghanistan, Marine Gunnery Sgt. Benjamin Lepping pays tribute to the former Alaskan governor with … Continue reading Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – “Return of the son of Monster Magnet” edition

Who Do I Remember?

Cross-posted at Adrastos: David Kurtz andJosh Marshall started a Memorial Day meme at TPM and I decided to join in. The veteran I’d like to remember on this solemn holiday is Sgt. Eddie Couvillion. My family tree is far too tangled and gnarly to describe here but suffice it to say that Eddie was my second father. He served in Europe during World War II, not in combat but in the Army Quartermaster Corps. In short, he was a supply Sergeant, one of those guys who won the war by keeping the troops fed, clothed and shod. Eddie was what … Continue reading Who Do I Remember?

Blog for Birds Results: Pelicans Adopted, Named!

Drum roll please … tonight a little more than $1,200 was sent to theInternational Bird Rescue Center, courtesy ofyou fine people. And the request was made for the following pelican names: Scout FYYFF UncleSamRocks Ashley Albert Lambreaux LaDonna (There was a tie at press time between Maddow and LaDonna and I figuredafter the week our girl had last week on Treme, she needed the Pelican more.) I really can’t emphasize enough how hard you all rocked this project. Usually when we do something like this I try to send everybody who donated an e-mail. This time, around the second day … Continue reading Blog for Birds Results: Pelicans Adopted, Named!

I Am Awesome: The Continuing Saga

I am actually more awesome than pile-driving a shark. It’s true. Since yesterday’s installment of Tales of Awesomeness went over so well, I thought I’d lay down another one. A couple of weeks ago, I was having a normal Saturday morning. Got up, had coffee, read a bit, and was on my way to the gym, which opens at eight a.m. on Saturdays.* I was going to pick up my gym buddy, and, while I was stopped at a light, I noticed something in the gutter right beside my car. It was a Social Security card. “That’s odd,” I thought. … Continue reading I Am Awesome: The Continuing Saga

Blog for Birds Conclusion: NINE Pelicans!

You know, this isn’t a big blog. I don’t know how we’re measuring our e-penis in blogtopia lately because I don’t care about that shit, but by any standard you choose, this isn’t a big blog. We can’t change the course of history with just one post, or even with a whole bunch of posts, and the way I know that is that David Brooks is still employed.

However, what we do have is a bunch of people who put their time and money and voices and backs into stuff they care about. You’re not content just to complain about something. You want to fix it. You hear a tale of woe — about journalism, about soldiers, about the Gulf — and instead of spending three hours coming up with a way to shield your fragile sensibilities from giving a shit, you look around for something to DO.

People, in seven days we raised $1,200 for the International Bird Rescue Center. We raised enough money through the blog to adopt six pelicans, and readers told us they sent in enough money for another three. That’s money going to identify and rescue and clean pelicans and gannets and herons and whatever else that ends up stuck in the waste.

The need in the Gulf right now is enormous and what’s more, it’s going to be worse in the months to come. People who fished for a living are going to be out of work. People who ran hotels and restaurants are going to be out of work. The evidence of BP’s colossal disaster is going to be washing up on shore for a long damn time, and the fallout will last longer than that. I seriously doubt this is the only action we’ll be asking people to take.

But for this, for everything you’ve given over the last week for no other reason than that you needed to do something to help and this presented itself, for this thing right now, thank you all.

And now we have some pelicans to name! 

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I Am Awesome

Yes. Yes, I am.Find more stuff like thathere. It’s true. In fact, I am the acme of awesomeness. Let me give you a little taste of why I am so very, very incredible. Last night, I went out for dinner. My companion and I went to a hibachi place. When we were seated, we were the only people at the station. A bit later, a woman about my age came in with two eight-year-old children. They sat across the way from us. Now, I don’t like children. I get annoyed by the noise, the whining, the uncontrolled emission of various … Continue reading I Am Awesome

Friday Ferretblogging: Stuffed Thing From Hell Returns

Back when I first posted the video of Bucky playing with his stuffie, you all wanted to see him chastise it the way he does when it misbehaves. All week he’s been kicking its ass, stopping only when I pulled out the camera, but yesterday I finally managed to get him to discipline his little friend for the Internet’s edification: Stripe used to do that, grab a toy and shake it violently like it was a mouse. I think Bucky has the makings of a mouser in him. A. Continue reading Friday Ferretblogging: Stuffed Thing From Hell Returns

Not a burning Bush

The line between speech and threat is always a fine one. One of my favorite explanations about free expression is that your right to be angry stops in the fraction of an inch between your fist and the other guy’s nose.In the case of a Wisconsin bar, it apparently stops somewhere south of the 834th Cuervo shot. Yester Years Pub made national news when a group of inebriated patrons decided toburn a plastic bust of President Barack Obama. Adding fuel (pardon the pun) to the uproar about this was what appeared to be a duct tape noose around the neck … Continue reading Not a burning Bush

Blog for Birds Final Day: The Pelican-ing

As of last night, we had just more than $900 in the Paypalfor the International Bird Rescue Center. Yeah. NINE HUNDRED DOLLARS. A couple of you wrote in to say you’d sent checks directly to the bird rescue center, bringing our Pelican total to seven and a half! You guys are amazing. Thank you to everybody who’s contributed. If you haven’t yet kicked in, doooo eeet.And suggest names for our pelicans in the comments! A. Continue reading Blog for Birds Final Day: The Pelican-ing

Even Carl Hiaassen Couldn’t Make This Up

a href=”” target=”_blank”>A three year old criminal case was finally resolved in Brevard County, Florida: The Brevard County doctor who was arrested for groping a woman while dressed as Captain America with a burrito in his pants will not go to jail. Instead, Doctor Raymond Adamcik will take part in a diversion program for first time offenders, which includes community service, fines and random alcohol and drug testing. The charges will not show up on his criminal record.Adamcik was arrested in April during a bar crawl for medical professionals. How could I have possibly missed this at the time? A … Continue reading Even Carl Hiaassen Couldn’t Make This Up

Republicans vs. The Internet

Advantage: Internet: Instead of making lots of little guns and cannons for the war we should use the funds to make one really really big cannon that shoots nukes that shoot out smaller nukes. It should be shaped like a |>3ni$ and called “the big shot” The password is password. This is fun. It’s like agent Smith infecting everybody in the matrix until everyone is and agent Smith clone. Someone call Neo! I like to think of myself as a real American with real opinions on things and so I want you to know that you should vote YES on … Continue reading Republicans vs. The Internet

It’s Not So Hard Out There For a Wimp

FromAlbum4 In non-top kill news out of New Orleans, James O’Keefe and his fellow O’Keefe-stone Kops were sternly admonished and given a slap on the wrist, which was pretty much what I expected. Presumably the lesson learned was that it’s ok to beat up on ACORN, which is like bullying the smallest and least popular kid in the class, but Senators, even Senators from BP (or maybe Senators from BP and other representatives of Corporate America), anyway, Senators aren’t to be fucked with. RHIP–Rank Has Its Privileges. O’Keefe is just a punk, like his mentorAndrew Breitbart. I hear Breitbart comes … Continue reading It’s Not So Hard Out There For a Wimp

Blogs for Birds: Six and a Half Pelicans

Either the worst sitcom ever, I said in comments yesterday, or the best punk band. I keep settin’ the bar, and you guys keep clearing it.How many pelicans can we adopt? How about SEVEN? Keep the birds clean, people. Friday’s the last day. Then we shut this sucker down, pick names for these birdies, and send in our adoption fees. Reading the fine print, they do not actually send us the pelicans. Puck is relieved, but I think Riot’s a little disappointed.Hit the jar. A. Continue reading Blogs for Birds: Six and a Half Pelicans

Blame It On Cain

There’s a lot of finger pointing going on over the BP Oil-tastrophe and most of the targets deserve to share in the blame. One name I haven’t heard mentioned very much is George W Bush. It was his people at the MMS who were in the pocket of big oil and got free LSU football tickets that should have gone to me. Not that I have anything to sell but who among us doesn’t like free tickets? In fact, the Obama administration should be mentioning the dread former President and his Veep more often on every subject. They drove the … Continue reading Blame It On Cain

Some Days, I Just Don’t Get It

Like this, but with oil instead of debris. So, it looks like the homeland is screwed. Again. That’s a picture of Biloxi, MS, after Katrina. The place was pretty much wiped out. And now they’ve got another disaster looming. We’ve all heard about the “spill” (which is kind of like calling a hydrogen bomb an explosive–technically true, but woefully understated). What I don’t get is certain people’s reactions. Of COURSE the Palinites are going to use this to call for more drilling and less regulation. That’s what they do. But there are some people, likeCole, who just don’t seem to … Continue reading Some Days, I Just Don’t Get It

WWTFUS: You said it was night inside my heart, it was

p> Good stuff from last weekend’s landmark livestream event, The National Live at BAM, directed by the famed team ofChris Hegedus and DA Pennebaker, highlighting the group’s brand new release, High Violet, one of dozens of great new albums falling out of the sky this month. All videos (beautiful, high quality) from the show arehere. Proceeds from the event benefited theRed Hot Organization. I haven’t fallen in instant love with this one yet the way I did withBoxer andAlligator, but it’s starting to work on me, I can tell. Love that neurasthenic white boy music. Continue reading WWTFUS: You said it was night inside my heart, it was

EVERYBODY’S Heard About the Bird, Apparently: 4 Pelicans!

So I thought we’d get one Pelican. $200. I mean, in case you haven’t noticed the country’s kind of caving in on itself and everybody can name six people off the top of their heads who are unemployed or broke or both. So $200 would be nice. Little thing for us all to feel good about. Reasonable expectation. As of today we have more than $800 in the Paypal account to send to the Center at week’s end. THAT’S FOUR PELICANS. That’s $800 to help the people who are cleaning up BP’s mess. Dare we try for five?Lookit this guy. … Continue reading EVERYBODY’S Heard About the Bird, Apparently: 4 Pelicans!

What Are They Supposed To Do?

From the Balloon Juice comments: what exactly is the Obama administration supposed to do about the oil spill? How about we issue subpoenas against those responsible? How about finding what that big party on the rig was about before the explosion? How aboutNOT allowing BP to gather their own evidence in advance of them being a defendant in a future trial? How about taking action against the oil thugs that held survivors in captivity for 48 hours while their family members worried about them? How about taking action against the fatcat bubbas who tried to get residents to sign a … Continue reading What Are They Supposed To Do?

The Least Offensive Thing a Hockey Fan Has Ever Said

I guarantee you: ViaBeachwood. And no, I’m not going crazy over the Hawks. I don’t really follow the NHL, nor the Hawks because they sucked for so many years and also because it’s too goddamn expensive to go to a game, and I feel lame jumping on the bandwagon now, like I haven’t earned it. Badger hockey starts in October, and I’m counting the days until then. A. Continue reading The Least Offensive Thing a Hockey Fan Has Ever Said

It Came From Mexico: The Ixtoc I Oil Spill

We in the United States of Amnesia have short memories: The exploratory oil well two miles below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico exploded in a ball of fire, spurting millions of gallons of crude into the sea. As weeks turned to months, oil executives grappled with capping the well. The growing slick turned into an immediate ecological nightmare. The year was 1979. The blowout of the Ixtoc I, drilled by the Mexican-run Pemex, retains the dubious record of causing the world’s largest accidental oil spill, dumping an estimated 138 million gallons over nine months. Eventually, Pemex cut off … Continue reading It Came From Mexico: The Ixtoc I Oil Spill

Anguish And Anger In St. Bernard Parish

There was a community meeting in St. Bernard Parish last evening, which is facing a crisis worse than Hurricane Katrina and the Federal Flood. That’s saying a lot since Da Parish took it in the neck in 2005. One fisherman summed up the situation by asking BP and the assembled officialdom:“Can you replace my heritage?” Here’s how WWL-TV’s Bigad Shaban covered the story last night: Continue reading Anguish And Anger In St. Bernard Parish

Newspaper Crisis: Calm the Hell Down

You must chill. I have hidden your keys: Of the roughly 1,400 American dailies, 11 have gone out of business in the past two years, well under one percent. And among those that did fold, a number were in cities with more than one major paper. The Rocky Mountain News and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, for example, stopped print publication – but both were in markets with daily newspaper competition. What’s more, newspaper profit margins, after falling for many years, may actually improve this year, according to a new J.P. Morgan analysis, as revenue declines moderate and newspaper companies reap the … Continue reading Newspaper Crisis: Calm the Hell Down

Massa Contradictions

Goofball former Congressman Eric Massa is back in the news with more wild talk but no backrubs thistime around: Aside from Massa’s media troubles, the profile also reveals his claims that he was privy to the confessions of “four retired generals” who told him that “General David Petraeus, a commander with soldiers deployed in two theaters of war, has had multiple meetings with Dick Cheney, the former vice president of the United States, to discuss Petraeus’s candidacy for the Republican nomination for the presidency. And in fact, that’s more than a constitutional crisis. That’s treason.” “Were he to run and … Continue reading Massa Contradictions