6 thoughts on “My Favorite Sentence on the Internet Today

  1. Well, this is really an easy engineering problem to solve. All we have to do it place some card tables on the Mexican side of the border, where a red-blooded American cracker will sit and dispense those dog collars with the shocking mechanism on them, to every person who wants to sneak over our border. That buried dog fence will give each of the sneakers a small electric jolt. After about ten attempts each one will turn around, return the collar, and never try that again.
    I’m available to solve other engineering problems.

  2. I think President Obama should withdraw the offer of 1,200 troops (since no one seems to appreciate it), and offer instead one tactical nuclear weapon in the 50kt range.

  3. Oy Vay !
    As Hoppy says, the Mexicans are gonna have to wear shock collars so the underground fence will work.
    As Pansy mentions, the price of produce will skyrocket. Unfortunately, not only in Az, but all throughout the USA.
    And has anyone told him how much it costs per hour to keep a copter in the air?

  4. As Paul contends the govt can’t do anything that isn’t expressly authorized in the Constitution, Where in the Constitution does it expressly authorize the govt to close the borders?

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