Mad Men Thread: When Clio Met Emmy

Damn, that was a boozy episode. I feel like I have the delirium tremens after watching it twice. Don Draper won a Clio award, went on an epic bender and blacked out for an entire weekend. And Duck Philips showed up as drunk as another kind of critter, a skunk. The last time we saw that dog abandoning malaka, he was on the wagon.Why a duck? Or is that fuck a duck orducks on the wall? I got a kick out of Matthew Weiner’s airing an episode built around Don’s Clio award on the night of the Emmy’s. I only … Continue reading Mad Men Thread: When Clio Met Emmy

Shorter Media: It Followed Us Home, Mom!

Sigh: To the chagrin of many, the media gravitates towards controversy. It is in their (our) DNA. Whether anyone or everyone likes it or not, it is what they do. It’s why politics and sports, mystery and mayhem dominate coverage. This story includes the ultimate elixir for media coverage: emotion, politics, terrorism, religion and bias. Some will say that the existence of those elements alone shouldn’t mean that the media must play into the hands of those appealing to biases and the most base of human instincts. True, so then what makes this controversy deserving of days and days of … Continue reading Shorter Media: It Followed Us Home, Mom!

Mac McClelland’s Rising Tide 5 Keynote

If you have a bit of spare time to watch it, Mac’s keynote was both entertaining and informative. My favorite bit was when she called Governor PBJ “a fucking douchebag.” Mac definitely had her Mother Jones as well as her Mojo working or are they the same thing? Mac was introduced by her Bloody Mary tech andNOLA blogger, Jeffrey Bostick: p align=”center” class=”asset asset-video” style=”display: block; margin: 0pt auto;”> Rising Tide V: Keynote by Mother Jones reporter Mac McClelland (28 Aug 2010 NOLA) fromSophielab onVimeo. Continue reading Mac McClelland’s Rising Tide 5 Keynote

Where the Money in Journalism Goes

THIS SO MUCH: It’s probably entirely self-defeating, but I can’t really bring myself to care very much about new media, monetization, branding, synergy, social media or whatnot when I look around at the wreckage that a brief rash of contemptible mismanagement created in this city, worsened by an economic crisis caused by similar financial mismanagement. The ongoing troubles of the print industry tend to be accompanied by prescriptions aimed at journalists and ad departments. Be more biased! Be less biased! Learn multimedia! Aggregate! Learn computer-assisted journalism! Practice branding! All of which is fine and good. But if the end of … Continue reading Where the Money in Journalism Goes

Pumpkin Beer

I love everything about fall food. I love sweet potatoes, I love stews, I love soups, I love roasting a whole chicken and picking the bones clean all week, I love baking potatoes and stuffing pork tenderloins with apples and I love gingerbread pound cake with pears simmered in spiced rum. I love the farmer’s market right now, full of thick heirloom tomatoes and apples that not only taste like apples but actually smell like apples. I love pies and cobblers and I love evenings cool enough for a smoky cabernet or a rich malbec. Or a pumpkin beer! Fall … Continue reading Pumpkin Beer

First Draft Does Rising Tide

Rising Tide 5 was such a great success that I’m still exhausted from all the talking, eating and drinking I did last weekend. I’m way too tired to be coherent but I wanted to post a picture of the First Draft bloggers who attended. Dr. A took the snap first thing in the morning. The other shot was better of me but I decided to take one for the team. From left to right: Michael F, Virgo Tex et moi: I hope that Athenae, Jude and the rest of the gang can make it next year. Continue reading First Draft Does Rising Tide

Douthat: Beck and I Can’t be Bothered Anymore

Seriously, he’s just phoning it in now: There was enough material, in other words, to justify almost any interpretation of the event. A Beck admirer could spin “Restoring Honor” as proof that left-wing fears about the Tea Partiers are overblown: free of rancor, racism or populist resentment, the atmosphere at the rally resembled that of a church picnic or a high school football game. But a suspicious liberal could retort that all the God-and-Christ talk and military tributes were proof enough that a sinister Christian nationalism lurked beneath the surface. (I’m sure The New York Review of Books has already … Continue reading Douthat: Beck and I Can’t be Bothered Anymore

Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – Beck-ola Edition

Good Monday morning, everyone!

In dishonour of The New Messiah Beck, let’s open up some big drums of Freeper drool and see how he’s doing on that bastion of People Who Want Their Country Back (patent applied for) on the eve of his self-styled religious pilgrimage.

Of course, one could only hope that Godis listening, and a miracle *does* occur – and
every white person there – turns black.

First up –The Bloom is off the Beck for Red State Trike Force!‏

I am Done With Glenn Beck! He is now boring, idiotic, and not conservative. ^

Posted onMonday, August 23, 2010 10:52:45 AM bybig black dog

When Glenn Beck came to Fox News his show was brilliant and a can’t
miss program that was interesting, creative, and a real threat to Obama
and the Liberals. During the past year and half is show has steadily
declined since it began and has now become completely unwatchable. For
his first 6 months I never missed a episode and now I could care less
about Beck.

Well, obviously, his appeal is becoming more selective.

There are many reasons I lost interest in Beck and no longer
watch and listen to him.

Glenn Beck is not a conservative and
both his TV show and radio show have become annoying. Beck has devolved
into nothing more than a fickle Paultard that is both condesending and
patronizing. Glenn Beck is not a conservative and not really for the
advancement of conservatism. Beck has bought into the Ron Paul agenda
hook line and sinker. My take is that Beck has run out of stuff to stay
and is now boring and idiotic. He is not advancing the Conservative

He can’t even decide whether to capitalize the word “conservative”.

and is pretty much promoting the Paultard agenda that seeks to
undermine real a real conservative agenda. Plus his annoying theme song
on the radio is awful
and really annoying just like Beck.

p align=”center” class=”asset asset-video” style=”display: block; margin: 0pt auto;”>

Beck is a huckster and with nothing of value to say that has not already
been said by smarter people that are not fickle Paultards. Beck puts
out a crappy book every few months and has his one man shows and comedy
tour and even goes on tour with Ted Baxter, himself O’Reilly.

And you’re just now noticing all of this?

Glenn Beck
has lost and I contend does not really believe in anything. His CPAC
routine was terrible and it may have been the point where I began to see
him for what he is and stated liking him less.

The Ron Paul/
Judge Napolitano brand of libertarianism is not conservative and in fact
undermines Conservatives. Ron Paul at the 2008 Republican Debate seemed
like a darn infiltrator and Beck now seems like a darn fool and a
boring one at that. Libertarians are under-miners and not on the side
conservatives. Beck is a flake that is for sure and both he and his
shows are tiresome. Glenn Beck seems to lack the bite and credibility he
once had. The Friday show is a complete waste . I am tired of history
lessons from a guy that did not even go to college and uses a chalkboard
in 2010. The act is idiotic, boring,and repetitive. I think we can
safely say Glenn Beck is no Rush Limbaugh, he is not even Sean Hannity.

posted onMonday, August 23, 2010 10:52:45 AM
bybig black dog

Not even Sean Hannity?

Is that what they call “Damning with faint praise”?


To: big black dog

I’m poppin popcorn. The responses should be good.

posted onMonday, August 23, 2010 10:54:44 AM

Pass the butter.


To: big black dog

I have a five minute car commute every morning now (I used to
walk to work). It is the first time I’ve listened to Beck since I
discovered some of his Youtube videos which I thought were great.

On the radio he seems to mostly just fill time. Maybe my exposure to the “gems” on youtube caused me to expect more.

I listened for a week or two but now I just listen to a song or two on my way to work.

posted onMonday, August 23, 2010 10:55:17 AM
(The US Today: Revelation 18:4)

Die Fahne hoch! Die Reihen fest geschlossen!

To: big black dog

I like Beck, but his show on the radio has gotten awful.The religious nonsense is utterly misplaced for political radio.


He should stick with focusing on the admn and hard news stories, not the stuff as of late.

posted onMonday, August 23, 2010 10:55:46 AM
byGlockThe Vote


To: big black dog

What are you, 10? This reads like it was written by a ignorant, angry child.

posted onMonday, August 23, 2010 10:56:15 AM
byKimberly GG
(“Path to Citizenship” Amnesty candidates will NOT get my vote! DeMint, 2012)

You big poopy head!

To: big black dog

Beck is a little too apocalyptic for my tastes … and he
steadfastly refuses to acknowledge any reason for optimism. He’s also
more activist than radio/tv host at this point — so spends a lot of time
promoting his activism (and working people into a frenzy so they’ll


posted onMonday, August 23, 2010 10:56:44 AM
(“Shut it down” … 00:00:03 … 00:00:02 … 00:00:01 … 00:00:00.)

Ya know – when you can’t even fool people who wantto be fooled…

To: GlockThe Vote

>>The religious nonsense is utterly misplaced for political radio.<<

The one thing that has made me nervous about him since day one is that he is Mormon.

posted onMonday, August 23, 2010 10:57:48 AM
(The US Today: Revelation 18:4)


To: big black dog
Beck has bought into the Ron Paul agenda hook line and

only you were right!!! You have been listening to a different Glenn
Beck. The one I listened to this morning was jinoistic on the Mosque
issue. He despises Ron Paul and it shows.

Like I always say – once you start drawing lines in the sand, it’s hard to stop. Eventually it’s just you.

Glenn Beck is out for Glenn
Beck. Period.

posted onMonday, August 23, 2010 11:20:08 AM
byCaptain Kirk


More bountiful Beck bullshit bombs after the bouncy break.

Continue reading “Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – Beck-ola Edition”

Radical Examples of Faith

This: I know I’m just an iniquitous heathen doomed to be consigned to eternal hellfire and all, but this advice strikes me as part of the reason so many young people are falling away from USian Christianity: It reeks of privilege and cynicism to suggest that the average Christian can, and should—after spending the first sixteen (or however many) years of your kid’s lifenot living a life that suggests “how Christians live” is by making radical sacrifices—pick up and take off to work for a summer in Bolivia. (And why Bolivia, and not Detroit? I think we all know the … Continue reading Radical Examples of Faith

Weekend Question Thread

How much sleep do you usually get? I ask this because I got into an argument about sleep with my doctor, who was trying to convince me that six hours of sleep that is frequently interrupted by waking up thinking about a guy I need to call about a thing was not enough for a person my age. I was trying to explain that this is the best it’s pretty much ever been, that in college I could get by on four hours and feel rested and it pisses me off I can’t do that anymore, and she was giving … Continue reading Weekend Question Thread

Stupid is as stupid does: Journalism edition

This week WaPo ran a nice “anatomy of a rumor” story on the rampant story regarding the death of the Washington times. The tone is fairly WaPo, in that it has the “shame on that grubby little blogger” feel to it. If you haven’t, you’re not missing much. However, this little tidbit from the WaPo really bugged me: It turns out that Hughes’s reporting consisted of receiving an anonymous email. In an interview, Hughes, 52, of Reston, said he occasionally receives reliable tips about the Times from the same email account. Hughes said he has no clue who the … Continue reading Stupid is as stupid does: Journalism edition

Brave, Brave Brownie

Ugh: On August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina began wreaking havoc on the Gulf Coast that’s still reverberating today — and many members of the public continue to see Michael Brown, head of FEMA at the time, as one of the story’s chief villains. Still, Brown, a KOA talk-show host who’ll broadcast live from New Orleans tonight and tomorrow, insists this feeling is hardly universal, as he learned after being caught in a recent storm. “I’ve actually been to New Orleans several times” since Katrina, he points out en route to the airport this morning. “This might be my fourth or … Continue reading Brave, Brave Brownie

Ken Mehlman and Why Nobody’s Happy

Oliver: I’m not going to lie.I don’t understand it. I don’t understand how blacks, latinos, and gays can just smile and nod for the right when they actively dislike people like you so vehemently. In the case of Mehlman, he was RNC chair while Bush and the GOP team were running on a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage back in 2004. It’s almost like a black man working to elect Strom Thurmond. Sick stuff. It seems like a million years ago now. Every time one of these Bushistas sticks his head out of his hole and tells us all … Continue reading Ken Mehlman and Why Nobody’s Happy

I’ll Be Howling In The Wires…

…and reading one of my pieces at the book launch tomorrow. Here’s the one I plan to read. It’s pretty good for a baby blogger if I do say so myself. It’s dated 1/15/06: Waiting For The Electrician Or Someone Like Him… …is the title of a 1968 LP by those wacky funstersFiresign Theatre who were kinda sorta the Yank version of Monty Python. I devoted part of my misspent adolescence listening to their records. (For the young uns reading this: A record is a black thing made of vinyl that is played with a needle. Ouch.) Now, you’re probably … Continue reading I’ll Be Howling In The Wires…

Even Tweety Is Right Sometimes

We here at First Draft enjoy mocking Chris Matthews. The Hardball host can be a bombastic ass BUT he’s been ferocious in defense of the Park 951 project and has gone after its opportunistic and sleazy opponents hammer and tongs. Here’s an excerpt of his skewering of Rick Lazio who’s the guy Andrew Cuomo is going to trounce in the Noo Yawk Governor’s race: p align=”center” class=”asset asset-video” style=”display: block; margin: 0pt auto;”> Continue reading Even Tweety Is Right Sometimes

Whiny McWhinerson Whines About Medill

Far be it from me to defend the Medildos, but seriously, you cannot just: But as my summer in D.C. progressed, I realized certain discrepancies that not only plague the media as a whole, but Medill too. People often complain about media bias. They say media outlets only cater to the right or the left; that there is no media objectivity anymore. Perhaps, they are right. After spending some time on the Hill, it seems like the media and Congress reflect each other. There is no middle ground. For the record, I fall on the political right. A) You certainly … Continue reading Whiny McWhinerson Whines About Medill

ass? ass! ass? ass! ass? ass! ass? ass! ass? ass! ass? ass!ass? ass!

It never fails. Just when I’m feeling completely cynical and bleak about the future of the country, of humanity — hell, of the whole planet — the intarwebz always manages to shake me out of it. ViaNerdist: So. To reinvigorate America’s waning interest in the space program, NASA has taken an inspired and admirable step; creating a freeware game called Moonbase Alpha where the player takes on the role of an astronaut working to resolve an emergency on a hypothetical moonbase in the not too distant future. However, in what amounts to the Internet equivalent of forgetting to convert to … Continue reading ass? ass! ass? ass! ass? ass! ass? ass! ass? ass! ass? ass!ass? ass!

Your Life Need Not Rebuke Mine

So lately I’ve had this Death to the Trend Story thing bouncing around in my head, but honestly, it’s not so much I can’t stand a trend story as I can’t stand a defensive trend story, which is what these things always turn into. They always turn into a detailed list of reasons why not only do you not do what someone else is doing, but you don’t WANT to do it, you don’t NEED to do it, and by the way, this makes you BETTER. I don’t always eat organic food, but hey, that just means I’m not, like, … Continue reading Your Life Need Not Rebuke Mine