Pumpkin Beer

I love everything about fall food. I love sweet potatoes, I love stews, I love soups, I love roasting a whole chicken and picking the bones clean all week, I love baking potatoes and stuffing pork tenderloins with apples and I love gingerbread pound cake with pears simmered in spiced rum. I love the farmer’s market right now, full of thick heirloom tomatoes and apples that not only taste like apples but actually smell like apples. I love pies and cobblers and I love evenings cool enough for a smoky cabernet or a rich malbec.

Or a pumpkin beer!

Fall fall fall fall fall fall.


13 thoughts on “Pumpkin Beer

  1. Tracy says:


  2. Monkeyfister says:

    I am growing a BIG Pumpkin Patch this year– 80′ x 120′. I’ll be making some Pumpkin Ale this Autumn, as soon as I get a ripe one.

  3. hoppy says:

    Fall? It is supposed to be 100+F later this week. This is summer, endless summer. Plenty of time for Fall later.

  4. pansypoo says:

    i’ll pass on all things squash, but i am enjoying my impromptu pepper soup.

  5. preznit giv me turkee says:

    big fan of the Buffalo Bill Pumpkin Ale and Brooklyn’s Post Road Pumpkin. if Southern Tier’s Pumking is anywhere near as good as their Creme Brulee stout I may just have to move to New York for the Fall

  6. preznit giv me turkee says:

    and it’s still close to 100 fuckin’ degrees everyday, but I can dream of the cooler weather coming soon (hopefully)

  7. Adrastos says:

    Fall? What the fuck is that? It’s not even vaguely aumtumnal here until late October.
    Punkin beer sounds good to me.

  8. Tom Allen says:

    Oooh, ooh, ooh, one day to September!!1! Another hot summer, can’t wait for fall.
    Squash? Meh. Gingerbread pound cake? ZOMG! Where can I find a recipe for that? Cause rhubarb’s going out of season and there’s only few farmers’ markets left.
    And pumpkin beer, huh?

  9. FeralLiberal says:

    Fall produce coming on strong in the garden. Canning tomatoes. Root crops. Wine perking away in the carboys. Yeah, I love fall.

  10. joejoejoe says:

    _____ beer sounds good this _____!

  11. leinie says:

    Cuz FALL FALL FALL means that HOCKEY HOCKEY HOCKEY is a coming!

  12. Nancy in Detroit says:

    If it’s available in your area, you MUST try Dogfish Head’s Punkin Ale. It’s the bomb.
    Also, yay hockey!

  13. Interrobang says:

    It’s still summer here too. I’m enjoying every minute of it. Fall just means winter’s coming. 🙁

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