Pumpkin Beer

I love everything about fall food. I love sweet potatoes, I love stews, I love soups, I love roasting a whole chicken and picking the bones clean all week, I love baking potatoes and stuffing pork tenderloins with apples and I love gingerbread pound cake with pears simmered in spiced rum. I love the farmer’s market right now, full of thick heirloom tomatoes and apples that not only taste like apples but actually smell like apples. I love pies and cobblers and I love evenings cool enough for a smoky cabernet or a rich malbec.

Or a pumpkin beer!

Fall fall fall fall fall fall.


13 thoughts on “Pumpkin Beer

  1. I am growing a BIG Pumpkin Patch this year– 80′ x 120′. I’ll be making some Pumpkin Ale this Autumn, as soon as I get a ripe one.

  2. Fall? It is supposed to be 100+F later this week. This is summer, endless summer. Plenty of time for Fall later.

  3. big fan of the Buffalo Bill Pumpkin Ale and Brooklyn’s Post Road Pumpkin. if Southern Tier’s Pumking is anywhere near as good as their Creme Brulee stout I may just have to move to New York for the Fall

  4. and it’s still close to 100 fuckin’ degrees everyday, but I can dream of the cooler weather coming soon (hopefully)

  5. Oooh, ooh, ooh, one day to September!!1! Another hot summer, can’t wait for fall.
    Squash? Meh. Gingerbread pound cake? ZOMG! Where can I find a recipe for that? Cause rhubarb’s going out of season and there’s only few farmers’ markets left.
    And pumpkin beer, huh?

  6. It’s still summer here too. I’m enjoying every minute of it. Fall just means winter’s coming. 🙁

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