First Draft Does Rising Tide

Rising Tide 5 was such a great success that I’m still exhausted from all the talking, eating and drinking I did last weekend. I’m way too tired to be coherent but I wanted to post a picture of the First Draft bloggers who attended. Dr. A took the snap first thing in the morning. The other shot was better of me but I decided to take one for the team.

From left to right: Michael F, Virgo Tex et moi:


I hope that Athenae, Jude and the rest of the gang can make it next year.

13 thoughts on “First Draft Does Rising Tide

  1. Sorry I couldn’t make RT 5. I returned home from a trip to Scotland on Thursday at midnight, thoroughly exhausted. There was no way. I’m pleased that the gathering was a great success. Next year!

  2. @guy: Great to meet you.
    @mimi: You were missed.
    @Virgo: But at least you’re often coherent. Good to meetcha. Grace enjoyed chatting with you at the Half Moon.

  3. Much, much better than my drivers license photo, that’s for sure. Thanks for posting it, and great to meet you, Virgotex.

  4. Virgo, I enjoyed our chat. It was a pleasure to meet you.
    My first Rising Tide was a wonderful experience, but I missed meeting so many people! Adrastos, I tried to catch you several times, but you were a busy man!

  5. Dangit- so many peeps I didn’t know were there! I’m in the midst of uploading the weekend’s pics to my flickr site. Will share a link when complete.

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