First Draft Does Rising Tide

Rising Tide 5 was such a great success that I’m still exhausted from all the talking, eating and drinking I did last weekend. I’m way too tired to be coherent but I wanted to post a picture of the First Draft bloggers who attended. Dr. A took the snap first thing in the morning. The other shot was better of me but I decided to take one for the team.

From left to right: Michael F, Virgo Tex et moi:


I hope that Athenae, Jude and the rest of the gang can make it next year.

13 thoughts on “First Draft Does Rising Tide

  1. Hey, I met those people.

  2. Sorry I couldn’t make RT 5. I returned home from a trip to Scotland on Thursday at midnight, thoroughly exhausted. There was no way. I’m pleased that the gathering was a great success. Next year!

  3. Virgotex says:

    I am striving for coherence as well, to no avail as of yet.

  4. liprap says:

    Yay, FD krewe members!

  5. Adrastos says:

    @guy: Great to meet you.
    @mimi: You were missed.
    @Virgo: But at least you’re often coherent. Good to meetcha. Grace enjoyed chatting with you at the Half Moon.

  6. MichaelF says:

    Much, much better than my drivers license photo, that’s for sure. Thanks for posting it, and great to meet you, Virgotex.

  7. BrenyB says:

    Virgo, I enjoyed our chat. It was a pleasure to meet you.
    My first Rising Tide was a wonderful experience, but I missed meeting so many people! Adrastos, I tried to catch you several times, but you were a busy man!

  8. Adrastos says:

    @ brenyb: Sorry to have missed you but I had panelists to herd, call and gather.

  9. Tommy T says:

    I haz a sad.
    Next year – definitely!

  10. Adrastos says:

    Flamingos over RT? Cool.

  11. Elspeth Ravenwind says:

    Dangit- so many peeps I didn’t know were there! I’m in the midst of uploading the weekend’s pics to my flickr site. Will share a link when complete.

  12. Adrastos says:

    Me too and I was too busy to schmooze.
    Please do share a link. Thanks, ER aka WW.

  13. Elspeth Ravenwind says:

    Here we go. Not all is Rising Tide-related, but hey – enjoy the lagniappe. 🙂

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