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Given the Chance, We Will Help Each Other

In trying to get my professional shit together, at the age of 35 which is kind of hilarious/pathetic, I’ve been doing a lot of looking at what I tend to write about here. Besides John Kerry and the cock jokes, I mean. And between the journalism and the politics I realize what I write about most is the fact that we are better than we almost always think we are. Kinder, more generous, with an almost fathomless capacity for work and fierce tenacity when something matters to us.

And I write about that when I see us underestimating ourselves. Giving up when we don’t have to. Moaning about a problem instead of fixing it. Making up a small problem to fix instead of tackling the big one that’s real. Saying that something’s politically unfeasible as if that’s, you know, a real thing. Talking about how there’s not enough money to run a paper decently when there completely, completely is. Running into a wall and pretending that’s a reason to stop when there is a perfectly good ladder just laying there.

If there’s one thing guaranteed to make me crazy nuts, it’s that tendency, and sometimes I think I would be a happier person if I didn’t know we were better than that, if I didn’t see what happens when we stop giving ourselves excuses. When we’re called on to be extraordinary, when we’re able to clarify just what it is we want and go after it with the kind of focus that requires us to overcome all the ways in which we tend to give ourselves an out.

And so if I have a New Year’s Resolution at all, beyond the usual “stop eating so much junk food whether Mr. A buys it or not” and “quit being a pussy and go to the dentist like a grownup” stuff I resolve to do every year and fall down on by March, it’s this: Quit listening to the voice in my head, always louder this time of year, that says it’s impossible, it’s somebody else’s job, I’m tired, I’m done, I’ve done enough, it’s over anyway, can’t change a thing.

Because we have this phenomenal capacity, and the worst thing isn’t that that voice is always right. It’s that it might be wrong, and I listened to it anyway.


Friday Ferretblogging: Claire’s Sweater/Leash Edition

Claire’s so tiny that a regular ferret leash won’t fit her. She slips right out of the one we have for Riot and Bucky, so Mr. A went back to the pet store and got her a guinea pig harness. It looks like a wee sweater, with a bell and an elastic leash attached.

Generally our ferrets on leashes are kind of useless. It’s either like walking a water balloon (Bucky) or a seriously disobedient puppy hopped up on coke (Riot) and either way, you go where they want to go and not the other way round. Claire, however, is pretty good on the leash; a gentle tug and she’ll follow along. Either her previous owners trained her on it or it’s just her generally sweet (not to say stoned) nature to do what we want.

Until I put her down in the snow. OH HELL NO. Her tail puffed up to the size of a small tree and she turned tail and fled back up the stairs right to our door and scratched to get in:

I think the next walk outside will be this spring.


Friday Catblogging: Della surfs the internets

Happy New Year from Dr. A, Oscar, Della Street et moi. 2011 has gotta be better than 2010 at least I hope it is:


True Blue

Tonight on Adrastos’ Obsession with the Jayhawks:

Thanks, Gore

Not the former Veep but his distant cousin (and my favorite writer) Gore Vidal.Apparently the master’s “snottiness” made Michelle Bachmann a Republican. Genetics made her an idiot:

I was a reasonable, fair-minded Democrat. And another secret you need to know: My husband and I met in college. We worked on Jimmy Carter’s presidential campaign. It’s true, it’s true. This is like a 12-step meeting here today, you know that. Because I am here to admit to you, I’m a Minnesotan who had “DFL” – that’s what we call Democrats in our state — stamped on my birth certificate, worked for Jimmy Carter. The first time I ever went to Washington, DC, I went to dance at Jimmy Carter’s inaugural ball! It gets worse!

Until I was reading this snotty novel called ‘Burr,’ by Gore Vidal, and read how he mocked our Founding Fathers. And as a reasonable, decent, fair-minded person who happened to be a Democrat, I thought, ‘You know what? What he’s writing about, this mocking of people that I revere, and the country that I love, and that I would lay my life down to defend — just like every one of you in this room would, and as many of you in this roomhave when you wore the uniform of this great country — I knew that that was not representative of my country.

And at that point I put the book down and I laughed. I was riding a train. I looked out the window and I said, ‘You know what? I think I must be a Republican. I don’t think I’m a Democrat.’

Burr remains one of my favorite books, I’ve re-read it many times, but now I like it more than ever. Thanks, GV.

It’s interesting how someone with no sense of humor can be so funny but that’s Michelle Bachmann in a wingnutshell. At least she’s original: most Goopers her age blame Jimmy Carter for making them wingers. Btw, Carter is also a distant cousin of both Al Gore and Gore Vidal. It’s a small fucking world, after all…

‘Dead cats on the lawn’

God, Haley is a solipsistic prick:

In the Weekly Standard profile, Barbour marvelled at the fact that Yazoo City’s schools were desegregated without violence, unlike in many other towns in Mississippi. But for Mangold, whose parents were both physicians in Yazoo City, another local institution is in the forefront of his memory of that era: the hospital.

Built in the mid 1950s with federal assistance, the Yazoo City hospital was, at the insistence of the local White Citizens Council, a whites-only facility, Mangold says. As a child, he had the nighttime assignment of answering the back door at his parents’ home, where they had their medical practice (whites came to the front door, blacks to the back). He would often see black residents with grievous injuries requiring emergency care — but they had no where to go.

“There was no hospital in town where blacks could go. They would have to go to Jackson 40 or 50 miles away and many died on the way,” he says, adding that this state of affairs lasted for years.

Further, his parents became pariahs in town and their business was damaged because they had resisted the White Citizens Council petition that the hospital be whites-only.

“Threatening phone calls, dead cats on the lawn and other acts of intimidation combined to run my father out of town for two years,” Mangold wrote in his letter to the Clarion-Ledger.

The idea that this selective amnesiac could be president is a deranged fantasy held only by people who don’t realize that even racists think saying everything was okay in the South in the 50s for black people is possibly a bridge too far. When your fellow good ole boys are saying, “DAMN, son,” it’s maybe time to shut up. Go sit down over there, Haley, on the bench next to George Allen and Trent Lott.

This story (and this one, which is amazing) is also interesting for a reason we talk about here a lot, which is: There’s this bullshit narrative that everybody thought racism and gaybashing and sexism and discrimination were just hunky-dory and then along came Martin Luther King and political correctness and it all harshed our white buzz and we woke up to how we really shouldn’t treat women and minorities like dogs anymore. Thank God for the magical year 1960 or whatever, when we all figured out that we’re all human beings just by flipping the calendar!

There’s a tendency to talk about things as if the simple passage of time was what accomplished change, as if the drastic alteration of laws and attitudes was just inevitable, instead of the result of decades and decades and decades of pushing and pushing for more and more rights, more openness, more decency, more humanity. There’s a tendency to talk about all of this as if it just happened, rather than having been made to happen by people who suffered greatly for it long before the TV cameras showed up.

And for quite a few people, this kind of behavior was NEVER okay. Quite a few people never were racist, sexist, homophobic assholes who needed their minds changed by the passage of time and the sight of lots of other people coming to the conclusion that their fellow human beings were exactly that. Those folks don’t get enough credit.


Who Knew…


That there was acinéma vérité element to those talking baby ads…? Maybe Gerber can come out with a new product line — strained w[h]ine and cheese.

Matt Taibbi had more on Countdown last night.

True Grit

I love the Coen brothers. I even like the movies that other people don’t: I’m a sucker for TheHudsucker Proxy, a fiend forBarton Finkand even like the unnecessary remake ofThe Ladykillers; mostly for the black church lady who ranted about hippety hop music. I also love Jeff Bridges and Westerns soTrue Grit is right up my street.

I usually dislike remakes but this one hews closer to the novel than the original and has Matt Damon as LaBoeuf instead of Glenn (Rhinestone Cowboy) Campbell. (A digression: about 15 years ago we went to a benefit concert in NOLA that was headlined by Little Feat. Allen Toussaint was also on the bill and introduced another artist as a “great humanitarian and one of the greatest Americans ever.” It was Glenn (Galveston, oh Galveston) Campbell. I nearly plotzed.)

I enjoyed the Coens rich and dark take onTrue Grit. Jeff Bridges was a more restrained Rooster Cogburn than John Wayne, pilgrim. Bridges was only half a ham as the drunken lawman whereas the Duke was the whole hog, chitterlings and all. That’s show biz for you: put an eyepatch and pot belly on John Wayne and have him play a drunk and he wins an Oscar. It was a fun performance but didn’t compare to his work with John Ford or Howard Hawks. Also, having Wayne play an obnoxious drunk was type casting. Give me Ethan Edwards or Tom Dunson any day.

I like True Grita lot, it compares favorably withNo Country For Old Men. But while I like and respect those films, my heart still belongs to Fargo, Raising ArizonaandO Brother Where Are Thoufor their antic originality. Having said that I’d still give True Grit a B+ or 3 1/2 stars.

WikiLeaks is Wrong Because Those Sickos Enjoy It

The Wall Street Journal basically plays a big game of“my kink is a fetish, your kink is porn” with this piece:

Mr. Ellsberg himself has recently denounced the “myth” of the “good” Pentagon Papers as opposed to the “bad” WikiLeaks. But the real myth is that the two disclosures are the same.

The Pentagon Papers revelations dealt with a discrete topic, the ever-increasing level of duplicity of our leaders over a score of years in increasing the nation’s involvement in Vietnam while denying it. It revealed official wrongdoing or, at the least, a pervasive lack of candor by the government to its people.

WikiLeaks is different. It revels in the revelation of “secrets” simply because they are secret. It assaults the very notion of diplomacy that is not presented live on C-Span. It has sometimes served the public by its revelations but it also offers, at considerable potential price, a vast amount of material that discloses no abuses of power at all.

This is something I noticed a lot back in the early days of blogging, and still do see quite a bit of: The general disdain for passionate pursuit of a story, and the arguing of demeanor versus actual, you know, stuff. What WikiLeaks is doing might be okay if it didn’t “revel” in it, roll around in it like a dog in the snow.

If only everyone were completely serious, like that nice fellow Mr. Ellsberg, and very very quiet, and didn’t wave a big foam finger around. Then everything might be fine. Note that the concept of opposing government secrecy on any level just because is seen as revelling in destroying America. As opposed to a legitimate disclosure of information that, to Floyd Abrams at least, is critial to understanding just what the blue hell is going on.

But WikiLeaks offers no articles of its own, no context of any of the materials it discloses, and no analysis of them other than assertions in press releases or their equivalent. As Princeton historian Sean Wilentz told the Associated Press earlier this month, WikiLeaks seems rooted in a “simpleminded idea of secrecy and transparency,” one that is “simply offended by any actions that are cloaked.”

Well, yes. Because it isn’t WikiLeaks’ job to be anything other than what WikiLeaks’ owner wants it to be. Bashing WikiLeaks for not analyzing the government documents it discloses is like telling me I’m a crappy figure skater. It’s not my job to know how to do a triple lutz. If it was, I’d be better at it. The task of the New York Times in the case of the Pentagon Papers was to analyze, provide articles and give people a greater understanding of what Ellsberg gave them.

Same as the Times’ job (and that of the Post, and the Trib, and the Wall Street Journal) would be here, if we weren’t all so freaking busy covering how very bad and dirty and filthy WikiLeaks makes us feel.


‘After the cuts, the department’s average age will be 40’

If only we had stuff we could just spend money on:

Gary fire officials hope 34 city firefighters who have lost or are losing their jobs are granted a last-minute reprieve.

Four of the firefighters were laid off Dec. 18, and Friday is the last day on the job for the other 30.

Fire Chief Jeff Ward said there still is a chance the department will get a federal grant that would allow the department to bring back the laid-off firefighters, but he isn’t sure when, or if, the grant will materialize.

The layoffs would slash the city’s firefighting force by 20 percent.

Well, really. The last thing you need when temps are low and people are poor and likely lighting candles and using space heaters because they can’t pay their electric and gas bills (nasty fires always happen in the winter) is a ready firefighting crew.

But hey, government can’t create any jobs. This is also probably the union’s fault on some level. Bootstraps!




Gloom and Toon

Gloom and doom is how some dimmer critics have long described Richard Thompson’s music. I never bought it; not only is RT a brilliant guitarist and songwriter but he’s pretty damn funny. Trust me, I know from funny and Richard is funny.

Here’s a tres cool animated video from the rag end of the glory days of the rock video. It features the animated adventures of Richard Thompson singing an chirpy ditty about a guy who just got out of jail.

Happy Michelle Obama Photo


Our First Lady is awesome:

Austin Futch, 10, from Memphis, Tennessee, said he quizzed the first lady about a few things on his mind concerning life in the White House.

He wanted to know how it felt to be surrounded at all times bySecret Service agents — not too bad because they are nice guys — and if it was hard being married to the president.

“No, he’s a pretty good guy,”Michelle Obama told him, according to a transcript of the calls released by the White House.

“I mean, it’s a tough job and sometimes you want to do everything you can to help him, but it’s pretty easy being married to him. He’s kind of funny — fun to hang out with.”

Even in the moments when I’ve wanted to chuck her husband, I hoped we could keep Michelle. What’s it like being married to the president? “Eh, he doesn’t suck.”


Let’s Cut Stuff! Why? Because Let’s Cut Stuff!

Once again, the only reason anybody cares about the deficit is that Republicans are screaming that they should care about the deficit, so that they can break unions, decimate public education, ruin most major centers of the educated populace and drive power into the hands of the mouthbreathing teawads who elect them.That’s what’s behind all these oh-so-necessary spending cuts:

Cutting non-security discretionary funds by $100 billion means a 21% annual reduction in the part of the budget that includes funding for education, health and human services and housing and urban development, among other things, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a liberal think tank.

In other words, the sacred cows of domestic Democratic policy.

Asked which programs will be cut to get to the $100 billion target, Boehner did not offer specifics.

“But I will tell you,” he told reporters earlier this month. “We are going to cut spending.”

It is the fucking cereal box copywriter version of public policy. And oh, by the way, those things aren’t just “sacred cows of domestic Democratic policy,” they’re the goddamn underpinnings of modern American society, but hey, let’s cast everything in the most trivial possible light. After all, CNN’s staffers can probably spring for at least a middling private school for their kids when the apocalypse comes, so screw it, really.


The King’s Speech

Since I work nearly every Sunday, Dr. A and I don’t get to the movies as much as we used to. Also, movies for grownups are getting rarer and rarer all the time: the best dramas for people like us have gravitated to cable teevee. Mercifully, it’s the holiday season so there are actually several flicks worth checking out. So, we started withThe King’s Speech.

In a word, this film is great. Yeah, I know that I’m a notorious Anglophile but I’m also a small-r republican so I don’t automatically swoon for a story about the British royals. (Dr. A, however, *does* swoon over Colin Firth.) This tale of the stammering Duke of York who became the much loved George VI is a winner. The scenes between Firth and Geoffrey Rush who plays Lionel Logue the King’s self-trained speech therapist are pure bliss. Lionel insists that the two men have to be equals so he calls HRH, Bertie. The two bond and the King to be is able to tame his speech defect. The ending is worth the price of admission by itself.

There are several delicious bits of casting. Derek Jacobi, who played one of the most famous stammerers of all time inI, Claudius, plays the pompous Archbishop. Anthony Andrews who has played both the wayward Edward VIII and George VI in the past plays Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin who played a key role in the unmaking of the twitty Edward VIII and the making of the underrated George VI.

Anyway, if you’re in the mood for some quality entertainment or if you just have a crush on Colin Firth or Helena Bonham Carter, check this flick out. I give it an A or 4 stars if you’re keeping score.

Plans For The Year Ahead

AK-47 is the tool. Don’t make me act a motherfuckin’ fool.

I have some advice for all good liberals in the upcoming year. If you don’t already, buy and learn how to use a weapon.


I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of all the right-wing maniacs being well-armed and our side being outgunned. Those people are scared of everything–let’s give them a real reason.

You may not have noticed, but the big money party just won some big victories, and they are going to do everything they can to fuck over anyone who’s not already rich. It’s just what they do. Public employees, unions in general, the very idea of the commons, and everything else they hate are coming under attack soon.

So arm yourselves.

Every time there has been decent progress in this country, there has been the threat of left-wing violence to help it along.That’s why the progress was made. Do you think for one second that white folks would’ve listened to MLK if this motherfucker hadn’t been standing just off-stage?

I have a dream too, motherfuckers.

Fuck no. Right now, there’s no radical left of significance. That means that the asshole right-wingers can claim that, say, health care reform, which shovels extra billions of dollars into the coffers of private insurers, is a radical communist plot. It’s a stupid statement, but there’s nothing really radical out there And don’t tell me that a public option is radical–it’s not. Dragging insurers into the streets and trying them before workers’ tribunals is radical. A public option is barely moderate.

I know a lot of people have been disappointed that Obama hasn’t done everything they want. Of course he hasn’t. His agenda, while not truly radical, does try to alter the status quo. And that’s never easy. The people in charge NEVER want anything to change (unless it’s to make them richer), because they’re selfish, greedy cocksuckers who’d sell out their own mothers for another nickel. It was never gonna be easy getting anything from them. Did you think they’d look at election night margins and have epiphanies? Fuck no. They dug in their heels and prepared to repel any thought of an attempt that they should have to pay to maintain the society that has rewarded them so lavishly.

Aux armes, citoyens.

Not Reception


The book states that, for him, the worst moment of his presidency was, not 9/11, or the hundreds of thousands he killed or maimed, or the millions he made homeless in Iraq and jobless in the United States, but when the rapper Kanye West said, in a fundraiser for Katrina victims, that Bush didn’t care about black people.

West was only half right. Bush is not particularly racist. He never portrayed Hispanics as hordes of scary invaders; Condi was his workout buddy and virtually his second wife; he was in awe of Colin Powell; and he was most comfortable in the two most integrated sectors of American society, the military and professional sports. It wasn’t that he didn’t care about black people.Outside of his family, he didn’t care about people, and Billy Graham taught him that ‘we cannot earn God’s love through good deeds’ – only through His grace, which Bush knew he had already received.

Right. He was done. This is my problem, right here. He was already okay with himself and the world no matter what he did or didn’t do in life, so this was all like Candyland to him, like a big adventure game where nothing was real. People like him have learned the wrong lesson from that book they like to talk so much about. It’s not, hey, you’re saved, now you get to kick back and be a dick the rest of your life. I really loathe the passivity with which we talk about religion a lot of the time, like you just sit around feeling things and that’s the point.

Yes, this is the part of the holidays where I talk about God a lot. I’ve spent the past year — I can’t believe it’s been a year she’s been gone, except as my aunt said at Christmas sometimes it seems longer and sometimes not — walking like a duck and talking like a duck and listening to two priests boil everything down to, basically, “try not to be such a shithead all the time, please.” I still feel very few urges to quack or to migrate and I can’t swim at all. I’m trying to be patient. It’s not like faith has a deadline. Act as if ye have faith, I say to myself a lot.

But … faith will be given to you? I’m not sure I want itgiven to me. Part of the problem with how I approach this is that I think about it as earning something. Working at it. Doing things. Even if it’s just prayer, whispered to probably a Void, that’s still action, still address and not reception. I don’t feel like this will ever be done. I don’t really think I’ll ever be a duck. I get irrationally pissed off at bumper stickers on the freeways: Don’t Let the Car Fool You, My Treasure is In Heaven, and I come home and reada guy writing about a science fiction show:

What if we’re not storing up riches in Heaven? What if there’s no Gods, and Earth is a lie after all? What then? This is why Communists are atheists: what if this is all there is? What if we keep running, forever? The lines we draw in the salt now, the systems we put in place now, aren’t just preserving the Colonies as they are, they’re creating the Colonies as they will be. The responsibility isn’t just to preserving democracy and the spirit of the Colonies while in a time of war, but making allowances for what happens if this never ends. If all we have left are rough spots, what then?

And I think, okay, what then? If this is it? Assume this is all there is, the responsibilities we have here to be decent people don’t go away. I really hate talking about God like he’s a get out of jail free card, talking about grace like it’s about deserving and undeserving. That’s what this comes down to, for Bush here, the idea of grace and forgiveness as a finish line, as a gold star on a school paper, as opposed to maybe the midpoint of a marathon, and you still have to keep running, hoping you’ll sprout wings and fly.


ps. Speaking of God stuff, did anybody but me really likeThe Book of Eli? Maybe it’s just my current post-apocalyptic kick, and Mila Kunis is crazy hot in it, but I’ve watched it twice now and I freaking loved it. It got bad reviews.

Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – “Wha hoppen?” Edition

Good morning everyone – the Freeperati have been getting callouses patting thenselves on the back for their recent run of good fortune – but lately, somehow, it’s all gone terribly wrong.

Much like a child who has been enormously successful in finding where the ladder is stored, and finding just the right towel to tie around his neck for a cape, the Freepers have climbed to the top of the house, and are very pleased with how their “fly like Superman” plan has been going.

And then, in the last few weeks, they jumped, and reality / gravity took over.

Let’s suit up, open the airlock, and see what the landing looked like.

Jury Convicts Army ‘Birther’ Who Refused Deployment to Afghanistan ^ | 12/15/2010 | Staff

Posted on Wednesday, December 15, 2010 2:54:18 PM byOldDeckHand

A military jury has convicted an Army doctor who disobeyed orders to deploy to Afghanistan because he questions President Obama’s eligibility for office.


He’s probably going to get hammered at sentencing.
1 posted on Wednesday, December 15, 2010 2:54:22 PM byOldDeckHand
To: OldDeckHand

A hearty thank you must also be bestowed upon all the conservative talking bobbleheads who refused to discuss this issue in any manner whatsoever.

3 posted on Wednesday, December 15, 2010 2:55:42 PM bystockpirate (Sen. Mitch McConnel (R) has betrayed the Nov. 2, 2010 voters w/his tax bill!)
You’re welcome.
To: OldDeckHand

Obama smiles.

8 posted on Wednesday, December 15, 2010 2:59:03 PM byGene Eric (Your Hope has been redistributed. Here’s your Change.)
Jesus wept.
To: Rational Thought
You just can’t question anything about this President’s past without ramifications.

Look at every political race he’s ever entered and see what happened to his opponents.

Well, one of them was punished by making her Secretary Of State.
Another was punished by keeping his seat in the Senate. Yet another was punished by being forced to become wealthy pandering to nincompoops and by getting her own reality TV show.
The fiend!!
Joe the Plumber dared to question him and we all know what happened to him.
Not much, really. He was an unemployed asshole then, and he’s an unemployed asshole now..
Then there’s the Trinity Church gay murders.
So – don’t question Barry Soetro’s citizenship, or he’ll have you gay murdered.
And we just thought the death panels were only for his healthcare program. Heil Soetoro!
21 posted on Wednesday, December 15, 2010 3:09:57 PM bybgill (K Parliament- how could a young man born in Kenya who is not even a native American become the POTUS)
To: wintertime

Sheesh. You sound like a liberal on this thread. Those Democrats used the same nonsense in 2005 saying that President Bush presided over an illegal war due to wrong intel. We were beating the dems up for that. There were many soldiers who refused to go to war over it and when they went to jail we celebrated.

I know you are not a liberal that is for sure but you just sound like one tonight. Maybe you are tired.

62 posted on Wednesday, December 15, 2010 3:49:22 PM bynapscoordinator
To: Georgia Girl 2
Yes I feel really sorry for Lakin. Somebody talked him into a bad idea. They are going to make an example of him to keep others from getting the same idea.

Yeah, he’s like one of the suckers who listens to one of those goofballs who claims to have discovered a legal loophole that makes it possible to get out of paying taxes.

67 posted on Wednesday, December 15, 2010 3:51:37 PM bytricksy
To: bgill
The usurper could have ended all of these court cases two years ago with a $10 bill.

Why on God’s green earth would heever want to end a spectacle that serves as such an embarrassment to his oppositions? If anything, his people are probably poking the Birther movement with a stick every time it shows signs of going into hibernation.

75 posted on Wednesday, December 15, 2010 3:56:18 PM bytricksy
They’re onto us!
To: xzins; OldDeckHand

“I’m hoping he gets to appeal or gets to simply choose retirement at his highest completed grade.”

I think Lakin is glad I’m a retired O-5, not an active duty O-6 on the CM.

“MAJ Dobson, the doctor who had to replace LTC Lakin on short notice, testified next. He recounted how two days after arriving in theatre, the unit suffered a mass-casualty attack, with sixteen wounded. He said that he was not, in his opinion, as well-prepared to deal with the attack as he would have been had he had longer to prepare for operations at the FOB. The defense suggested on cross that the deployment was probably a good career opportunity for the major personally.”

I’d be thinking maximum penalty right about now…and a Lt Col shouldn’t be as STUPID as Lakin.

169 posted on Wednesday, December 15, 2010 5:46:14 PM byMr Rogers (Poor history is better than good fiction, and anything with lots of horses is better still)
To: Tex-Con-Man; Drew68
The growing list of solid conservatives and patriots that have to be trashed in order to keep birtherism alive is stunning.

The military, the courts, all conservative media…the list goes on and on.

… and half or more of all Free Republic users. Boy, you nailed that one.The Birther Narrative has significant collateral damage.

299 posted on Wednesday, December 15, 2010 10:33:00 PM byBuckeyeTexan (There are those that break and bend. I’m the other kind.)
And now – the best post of the thread!
To: OldDeckHand

Will Lakin have to show his BC to get into prison?

7 posted on Wednesday, December 15, 2010 2:58:03 PM byPA-RIVER ( POTUS is a dishonest disrespectful POS who can’t come clean with the Constitution)
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Caspar and Santa Head