‘After the cuts, the department’s average age will be 40’

If only we had stuff we could just spend money on:

Gary fire officials hope 34 city firefighters who have lost or are losing their jobs are granted a last-minute reprieve.

Four of the firefighters were laid off Dec. 18, and Friday is the last day on the job for the other 30.

Fire Chief Jeff Ward said there still is a chance the department will get a federal grant that would allow the department to bring back the laid-off firefighters, but he isn’t sure when, or if, the grant will materialize.

The layoffs would slash the city’s firefighting force by 20 percent.

Well, really. The last thing you need when temps are low and people are poor and likely lighting candles and using space heaters because they can’t pay their electric and gas bills (nasty fires always happen in the winter) is a ready firefighting crew.

But hey, government can’t create any jobs. This is also probably the union’s fault on some level. Bootstraps!




4 thoughts on “‘After the cuts, the department’s average age will be 40’

  1. Stories like this makes me sad. It just shows everyone how volatile everything really is, and anythging we have is really very temporary. I guess best is always to be prepared for worst case.

  2. let’s not forget that the city of chicago is burying the second of two firefighters who were killed last week when an abandoned building collapsed on them. seventeen others were injured. they were in the building during the fire looking for any homeless people who may have been trapped inside.
    damn government workers, just collecting their fat paychecks and goofing off until they can start collecting their fat pensions. or possibly have the city pay for their elaborate funerals.
    /end snark/

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