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Wingnut Pathology

Mash catches Nepotism Hire in a moment of particularly egregious stupidity:

But Jill Carroll is increasingly starting to bug me. The details are still murky and it’s hard to appreciate what she’s been through. And maybe JPod’s right about Stockholm syndrome. And maybe the media’s selectively choosing what to show of her statements. But it would be nice to hear her say something remotely critical of her captors, particularly about the fact that they murdered her translator in cold blood. I’m very glad she’s alive, but I’m getting a very bad vibe. More, no doubt, to come.

And you know, what I find really interesting here is that Jonah really does seem to think that the point of Jill Carroll’s release is his dilemma over how to feel about it.

I knew from an unfortunately necessary familiarity with his work that Jonah cherishes opportunities to show that he has a more elevated sensibility than the rest of us. It takes a man’s man, after all, to joke about hurricane victims as the hurricane is hitting them.

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‘absolute lunacy’

CJR schools McGuirk & his wingnut friends.

The most egregious form this jumping to conclusions took was on the Don Imus show yesterday, in a disgusting exchange between Imus and his executive producer, Bernard McGuirk (incidentally, also before the troubling pre-release tape emerged). McGuirk said, “She strikes me as the kind of woman who would wear one of those suicide vests. You know, walk into the, try and sneak into the Green Zone … She cooked with them, lived with them … She may be carrying Habib’s baby at this point.” That isn’t just irresponsible speculation – it’s absolute lunacy.

Via Romenesko.


Friday Cat Blogging

From Scout:

Teddy reading FD…

teddy by monitor 011

The Shiites May Just Kick Our Asses Out Of Iraq

From Holden:

Juan Cole:

Al-Hayat reports on remarks of Abdul Karim al-Anizi [Ar.], leader in parliament of the Dawa Party – Iraqi Organization, which has about 15 seats. He is also minister of national security. He denied that Iran is contributing to instability in Iraq. He also accused the United States of training “an Iraqi military force loyal to it, which does not submit to the authority of the Iraqi government.”


Al-Anizi told al-Hayat that “a new army has appeared on the Iraqi scene, recruited by the Coalition forces, which does not receive its orders from the Iraqi government.” He affirmed the existence of intelligence documents proving that members of the Iraqi Forces who are primarily loyal to the US have commited crimes, disguising themselves in civilian dress.

He referred to ongoing investigations, which he said might result in prosecutions. He said that US and other Coalition forces has damaged the sovereignty of Iraq and have undertaken a role in Iraq that exceeds their legal charge. He referred to UN resolution 1546, which prescribed coordination and cooperation between the foreign forces and the Iraqi government, and which did not grant the occupying powers absolute freedom of movement. The UN resolution required the Americans to get the permission of the Iraqi prime minister for any military operation in the country.

Al-Anizi warned about “the unexpected consequences of attacks on and arrests of elements of the Sadr Movement by American and British forces, and unjustified attacks on them, assaults on centers belonging to parties who play an important role in the political process, which damages the political process and exceeds the prescribed role of these forces in combatting terrorism.”

The Wankery

From Holden:

Simply hilarious.

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Condi Calls President “Brain Dead”

From Holden:

One can only reach a single conclusion based on her remarks.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice conceded Friday that the United States probably has made thousands of “tactical errors” in Iraq and elsewhere, but said it will be judged by its larger aims of peace and democracy in the Middle East.


Rice replied that leaders would be “brain-dead” if they did not absorb the lessons of their times.


At a high school visited by Rice and Straw, about 200 protesters stood across the street with banners and signs, chanting “Condoleezza Rice, Go Home!” One demonstrator held a yellow hand-lettered sign that read “How Many Lives Per Gallon?”

AP Photo/Dave Thompson

Condi Calls President ”Brain Dead”

From Holden:

One can only reach a single conclusion based on her remarks.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice conceded Friday that the United States probably has made thousands of “tactical errors” in Iraq and elsewhere, but said it will be judged by its larger aims of peace and democracy in the Middle East.


Rice replied that leaders would be “brain-dead” if they did not absorb the lessons of their times.


At a high school visited by Rice and Straw, about 200 protesters stood across the street with banners and signs, chanting “Condoleezza Rice, Go Home!” One demonstrator held a yellow hand-lettered sign that read “How Many Lives Per Gallon?”

AP Photo/Dave Thompson

Begging for a Chance

From Scout:

This is the headline of the Times Picayune online today:

LA. Lawmakers Plead For More Levee Money: Delegation Begs Bush For Immediate Request

The story:

WASHINGTON — Stunned by new estimates that almost $6 billion more could be needed to raise and repair levees to protect the New Orleans area from a major hurricane, the Louisiana congressional delegation is demanding that the Bush administration quickly request the money from Congress.

President Bush’s Gulf Coast recovery coordinator, Donald Powell, told reporters that the administration will decide in the next two weeks whether to request the additional money — nearly three times what the administration said was needed just a month ago.


Powell said that Bush is committed to providing the Gulf Coast with significantly better protection than before Hurricane Katrina but would make no promises about how Bush will respond to the new cost estimates by the Army Corps of Engineers.(emphasis mine)

This is beyond humiliating to Louisianna and frankly all Americans. Bush’s past promise of stronger and better levees is a joke that only becomes more cruel each day. Building levees that will protect NOLA from a catastrophic hurricane is essential for the city to rebuild. Bush wants us to believe that is happening. It is NOT and every American deserves to know it.

Achieving Irrelevancy

From Holden:

It really does not matter what Chimpy says about Iraq, his words carry no meaning there.

A letter from President Bush to Iraq’s supreme Shiite spiritual leader, Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, was hand-delivered earlier this week but sits unread and untranslated in the top religious figure’s office, a key al-Sistani aide told The Associated Press on Thursday.

The aide who has never allowed use of his name in news reports, citing al-Sistani’s refusal to make any public statements himself said the ayatollah had laid the letter aside and did not ask for a translation because of increasing “unhappiness” over what senior Shiite leaders see as American meddling in Iraqi attempts to form their first, permanent post-invasion government.


The al-Sistani aide said Shiite displeasure with U.S. involvement was so deep that dignitaries in the holy city of Najaf refused to meet Khalilzad on Wednesday during ceremonies commemorating the death of the Prophet Muhammad. The Afghan-born Khalilzad is a Sunni Muslim.

Elizabeth Colton, the U.S. Embassy spokeswoman, said Khalilzad had not sought any meetings and simply flew over Najaf and the nearby holy city of Karbala to witness the big processions of Shiite faithful marking the day.

Striving for Irrelevency

From Holden:

Republicans, with their proposal to turn 11 million illegal immigrants into felons and punish citizens who help immigrants, are doing their best to paint Texas blue.

Texas is now a majority-minority state, meaning that we have more “minority” residents than we do “white”. And the vast majority of those “minorities” are Hispanics and Latinos who take great pride in their cultural herritage.

One would expect hundreds of students here in liberal Austin to protest the GOP’s fear of all things brown, but students in Dallas, Irving, Grand Prairie, Alvin, Baytown, Fort Bend County (Tom DeLay’s district), and Houston (where a principal was disciplined for flying the Mexican flag below the flags of the US and Texas) have walked out of class as well.

The Republican Party is out of step with the American people and we will not fail to punish them at the polls for their racism.

A Letter

Dear Mr. McGuirk,

I’ve started this letter to you several times. Each time, I erase the polite salutations and explanations of why I’m writing to you, the explications of my background and my opinions, because while there are circumstances which warrant addressing people with whom I disagree with respect and dignity, I see no such need for courtesy here.

I don’t just disagree with you, sir. I am sickened by you. I am ashamed to share membership in the family of mammals with you, you miserable, selfish, sanctimonious prick.

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From Scout:

This is a video I just completed about Jose Fernandes a photographer who lived in New Orleans. He is Portuguese but is going to become an American citizen. In my eyes he already is. He stayed in NOLA during Katrina and went out the day after Katrina struck to photograph people. He was back in NOLA at the time I was there to again photograph his city and its people.


ALL the photographs are Jose’s

Video: scout (who needs a tripod)


“Secret of Love” by Buckwheat Zydeco

“Crying” by John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers

“Wish Someone Would Care” performed by Irma Thomas

Jose’s photos and the stories behind the photos can be seen at Jose Fernandes’ Gallery. They are so beautiful. And I would also encourage you to buy one or two or ten. Drop him an email to do so (address at bottom of homepage)

The fade out at the end was cut by Google but a huge Thank You to Google for doing longer videos.

Reads Like a Bill of Particulars on Impeachment

From Holden:

Via HuffPo, Murray Waas effectively documents the fact that Bush knew he was lying when he sold his War on Iraq.

Karl Rove, President Bush’s chief political adviser, cautioned other White House aides in the summer of 2003 that Bush’s 2004 re-election prospects would be severely damaged if it was publicly disclosed that he had been personally warned that a key rationale for going to war had been challenged within the administration. Rove expressed his concerns shortly after an informal review of classified government records by then-Deputy National Security Adviser Stephen J. Hadley determined that Bush had been specifically advised that claims he later made in his 2003 State of the Union address — that Iraq was procuring high-strength aluminum tubes to build a nuclear weapon — might not be true, according to government records and interviews.

More attrocities, click Read More…

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Stupid Republican Tricks

From Holden:

I think this calls for a “Heh.”

Alex Castano, a Republican House candidate in southwestern Travis County [Texas, y’all], amassed more than $35,000 in credit card debt before three credit card companies took him to court.

Castano, 34, owner of a commercial real estate firm, has touted “state budget discipline” as one of his campaign issues in the District 47 race.

Your President Speaks!

From Holden:

Your President is a cornucopia of bloggy goodness. Let’s see what spilled forth today before Freedom House.

First: a couple of questions.

What There Is

Q From Australia. I’ve got a question about global warming — in the Australian Parliament, Tony Blair called for greater action. And this seems to be something that the U.S. President could make a major difference on. There’s a virtual consensus that the planet is warming. If you addressed issues like emissions, fuel efficiency, issues to do with alternative energy in your last few years as President, it could make a significant difference I think to the — [snip] — and I suppose I want to know, what is your plan?

THE PRESIDENT: Good. We — first of all, there is — the globe is warming. [continues in transcript]

Homewurk Suks

THE PRESIDENT: Yes, sir. You’re going to ask me if I read the book.

Q Mr. President, as you noted at the beginning — I’m with Freedom House, and I gave the President a copy of our annual report, Freedom in the World, before he took the stage. And as you noted, our reports have —

THE PRESIDENT: Little print, no pictures. Go ahead.

Q It’s the bible of freedom, yes.

THE PRESIDENT: I’m the funny guy. Go ahead.

And a few quickies. Click Read More to … well, read more.

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National Security Democrats

The new plan to firmly establish the Democratic Party as the party of National Security is up and out, and it’s our customary thick sheaf of well-researched, well-argued points about how we’re good and they suck and their Homeland Security sucks. There’s a couple of good points that are likely to get lost in this massive layout of every Republican argument ever and the refutation thereof, so I’d like to pull these points out:

Eliminate Osama Bin Laden, destroy terrorist networks like al Qaeda, finish the job in Afghanistan and end the threat posed by the Taliban.

Yes, yes, oh God baby yes. Listen, for too damn long we’ve been silent on the subject of bin Laden. Our “national security” energy has until now been spent picking at nits instead of asking the question designed to kick lazy, uninformed, gut-check voters right in the emotional solar plexus: Where in the world is Osama? Why haven’t we caught him, “dead or alive” like we promised? Osama’s a gut check. Don’t know a single person, doesn’t want him in jail and isn’t ready to knight whoever makes it happen. We’ve ignored that for too long and allowed them to ignore the fact that he’s still out there, making tapes, freaking people out, when they promised to get him taken care of by now.

There’s more …

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