Begging for a Chance

From Scout:

This is the headline of the Times Picayune online today:

LA. Lawmakers Plead For More Levee Money: Delegation Begs Bush For Immediate Request

The story:

WASHINGTON — Stunned by new estimates that almost $6 billion more could be needed to raise and repair levees to protect the New Orleans area from a major hurricane, the Louisiana congressional delegation is demanding that the Bush administration quickly request the money from Congress.

President Bush’s Gulf Coast recovery coordinator, Donald Powell, told reporters that the administration will decide in the next two weeks whether to request the additional money — nearly three times what the administration said was needed just a month ago.


Powell said that Bush is committed to providing the Gulf Coast with significantly better protection than before Hurricane Katrina but would make no promises about how Bush will respond to the new cost estimates by the Army Corps of Engineers.(emphasis mine)

This is beyond humiliating to Louisianna and frankly all Americans. Bush’s past promise of stronger and better levees is a joke that only becomes more cruel each day. Building levees that will protect NOLA from a catastrophic hurricane is essential for the city to rebuild. Bush wants us to believe that is happening. It is NOT and every American deserves to know it.