Your President Speaks!

Oh, my, this is going to be a long one. Today, in Newport, Rhode Island, at the Naval War College. Where They’re At Those who go to school here are at a great place. In Case You Didn’t Know Remember, when I mention al Qaeda, they’re the ones who attacked the United States of America and killed nearly 3,000 people on September the 11th, 2001. They’re part of the enemy. Other Words According to a captured document — in other words, according to something that we captured from al Qaeda — they had hoped to set up its — a … Continue reading Your President Speaks!

More Than Not Being Stone Dead

Via virgotext’s excellent pride series which you all should be reading if you aren’t, here’s an incredibly beautiful story: The tired (but happy) subway ride home. The speculating about whether the hullabaloo was worth it for the kids: questionable; depends on the age; will probably phase in and out. Speculating on the worth for the self: are you kidding? Even if you’re so exhausted you can’t stay up late and write down all the thoughts that have been occurng to you, it’s worth it. Has been for the past umpty-ump (for some of us, twenty-three) years, through various sweeties and … Continue reading More Than Not Being Stone Dead


Michael at 2 Millionth Web Log directs our attention to the surge in killings in American cities and a few other things… But…as people have pointed out, as New Orleans goes, so goes the nation. The problems that have plagued the Crescent City–problems residents have been told are their own fault–are showing up elsewhere. Hmmm… Maybe the problem ISN’T with the citizenry, but with the government that constantly blusters about “protecting the American people,” but never actually DOES much of anything when the chips are down…well, never does anything except blame the victims…who just happen to BE the American people. Continue reading Surge…here

Read him now

Oyster calls Matt at Fix the Pumps blog…”Louisiana’s most important blogger.” This is vitally important stuff, people. Matt’s attention to this issue has uncovered important facts that need widespread exposure, and fearless investigation. New Orleanians deserve the unvarnished truth about the flood control improvements being undertaken by USACE, and the nation deserves an honest accounting of how its tax dollars are being spent. Will we get these things if we don’t demand them? YRHT salutes Matt’s analysis and activism on this crucially important topic. I encourage everyone to listen to what he’s saying. Please go read and pass along the … Continue reading Read him now

Journalism & Punditry

There’s a whole lot going on here. True reporters hate TV blathering gasbags and don’t acknowledge there’s any bleed-over from the work of the one to the “conventional wisdom” of the other. They don’t pay attention and they don’t push back, more properly, their editors don’t push back when they see their reporters’ work being misrepresented on Press the Meat and other such bloviation fora. Which is why you get two narratives out there, the one that’s supported by sober, well-informed reporting that benefits us all, and the one that’s full of stuff “everybody knows” like how Whitewater was a … Continue reading Journalism & Punditry

Friday Dog Blogging: Mitt’s got a problem edition

Let’s talk Mitt’s dog. It starts with Seamus the Irish setter.Background hereAna Marie Cox has more today on Mitt’s yellow lab named McKenzie Oliver Willis says this story has legs. I think Mitt’s claim that Seamus enjoyed it, only makes it worse. Can he get anymore tone deaf? I find this whole thing just creepy…Santorum like creepy. The story itself is creepy. That someone thought this was a good story to push forward is creepy. But what do you guys think? added: BwahHaaa…Michael Berube on Giuliani’s car trip Continue reading Friday Dog Blogging: Mitt’s got a problem edition


“You promised me my life, but you lied. You think life is nothing but not being stone dead.” — Saint Joan I’ve been following this horrible story about the high school student whose picture of himself and his boyfriend kissing was blacked out of his school’s yearbook. Mercifully, the superintendent who screwed up has now apologized to the kid and to the entire LGBT community for her actions, but this one thing keeps bugging me: Russell Garris, the assistant superintendent who oversees the city’s high schools, brought the photograph to Bolden’s attention Thursday afternoon. He was concerned the picture would … Continue reading Upsetting

Your President Speaks! Loves The Nickname Edition

Today, at the White House, urging the Senate to confirm Admiral Michael Mullen and General James Cartwright as Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Obsessed With A Nickname Mike Mullen and “Hoss” Cartwright are experienced military officers. “Hoss’s” wife got stuck on an airplane. I’m also nominating an outstanding military officer to serve as Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General “Hoss” Cartwright. And since 2004, he’s served as head of the U.S. Strategic Command. In that position, “Hoss” has been in charge of America’s nuclear arsenal, missile defenses, space operations, information operations, global … Continue reading Your President Speaks! Loves The Nickname Edition

Gutless Cowards

How does the Bush Assministration defend citing Executive Privilege in response to legitmate congressional subpoenas? By trotting out an anonymous “official”! No Precedent For Applying Executive Privilege To Testimony Q I take it the President’s assertion of executive privilege does not cover Miers and Taylor testifying? Or is he saying that it does — since they’ve left the executive branch? SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL: Oh, thank you for giving me the opportunity to clarify that. The position stated in this letter and in this exercise of executive privilege is only with regard and in regard to documents; that’s the only thing … Continue reading Gutless Cowards

Today On Holden’s Obsession With The Gaggle

On Air Force One, en route to Rhode Island. Pony Makes It Clear That The White House Claim Of Executive Privilege Does Not Apply To The Testimony Of Harriet Miers Or Sara Taylor Q The privilege applies to the document request, but what about testimony by Taylor and Miers? MR. SNOW: We are responding only to the subpoenas which refer to document requests. [snip] Q Tony, the arguments made by Fielding in the letter would apply also to this later request, right? MR. SNOW: The Fielding letter replies only to the document requests — again, for those they needed a … Continue reading Today On Holden’s Obsession With The Gaggle

And do you think the public really wants polite discourse?

This is from an interview of WaPo’s Chris Cillizza by MSNBC’s Contessa Brewer. The video picks up with Brewer giving a bit of context because she wouldn’t want Ann Coulter to call her names too. Brewer then states: “The point though is if Elizabeth Edwards really wanted to elevate the level of political discourse, woman to woman, you call up and say heh will you [Ann Coulter] go have lunch with me there’s something I want to talk to you about.” And finally she asks Cillizza “And do you think the public really wants polite discourse? I mean aren’t we … Continue reading And do you think the public really wants polite discourse?

Today On Holden’s Obsession With The Gaggle

Pony Sez Chimpy Is Down With The Looo-gar Q And is the outreach going to extend to Senators Lugar and Voinovich for coming to the White House and talking about some of the concerns they’ve been expressing? MR. SNOW: Well, we certainly are going to have conversations with them. We’re going to be talking to them. You know, it’s interesting, because I’ve been going back again over the Senator Lugar speech. Really, when you take a look at it, the one thing he rules out very quickly is the idea we just get out — don’t fund the troops, don’t … Continue reading Today On Holden’s Obsession With The Gaggle


Not what I would call “progress”. One of Baqouba’s main thoroughfares is so packed with IEDs that the U.S. military is considering declaring it “irrevocably mined,” said Col. Steve Townsend, commander of the Army’s 3rd Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division. U.S. forces would then build their own road — right alongside the mined one — and guard it 24 hours a day, said Townsend, 47, from Griffin, Ga. [snip] The weight of a single soldier is insufficient to trigger such bombs, which may be planted 10 feet underground and packed in makeshift casings such as refrigerators. [snip] On May 6, a … Continue reading Jesus

Bugman Update

Tom DeLay wins a round in court in a narrow decision that “defies common sense”. The state’s highest criminal court on Wednesday affirmed the 2005 dismissal of a felony indictment against former U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay and two associates. In the 5-4 decision, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals upheld Judge Pat Priest’s decision to throw out an indictment accusing DeLay and his associates, Jim Ellis and John Colyandro, of conspiring to violate state election laws. The majority said the conspiracy statute did not apply to election laws in 2002 when DeLay’s political committee, Texans for a Republican … Continue reading Bugman Update

Column: Bong Hits 4 Free Speech

Link: You know, my sympathy for Frederick lies partly in my ability to remember being boneheaded enough to make a statement for the sake of doing so. My high school actually staged a protest — a civil-rights-level drama complete with walkouts — over the fact that we weren’t allowed to wear blue, denim jeans to school. One day, everybody simply wore blue jeans to school. Oh, we thought we were so clever. A civil disobedience spectacle over how our school-permitted clothes weren’t to our liking. Honestly, can you think of a more perfect illustration of what a spoiled group of … Continue reading Column: Bong Hits 4 Free Speech

Today on Athenae’s Obsession with the Freepi: Epic Wanksplosion Edition

Holden wasn’t wrong when he predicted Bush’s appearance rededicating the Islamic Center of Washington would break Freepers’ hearts. It’s 59 posts of betrayal, splooge, whining, empty threats to leave the party, not to mention some of the most hilariously transliterated Arabic I’ve ever seen: President Bush helps Islam take a giant step towards its goal of a North American Caliphate, the establishment of Shariah law, and the enslavement of the Dhimmi. Dear George, you have let me and my fellow countrymen down. BIGTIME! I’m ashamed to having supported you through 2 elections. The comfort I once had when I disagreed … Continue reading Today on Athenae’s Obsession with the Freepi: Epic Wanksplosion Edition

All I got…

The loss today will be a heartbreaker for a city struggling to come back. But I think it should be said that the Saints had a great season and they did more to lift the spirits of a city than anyone. I do wish today had played out differently. I hate to think of the heartbreak right now in New Orleans. I’ve never wanted a team to win more except for the 1994 1995 Packers. And it’s all I have to offer. In 1994 1995 the Packers had a great 11-5 season only to lose the NFC championship game to … Continue reading All I got…

$19 Billion Down The Shitter

Worse than that, it’s $19 billion to arm and train our enemies. The United States has invested $19 billion to train and equip nearly 350,000 Iraqi soldiers and police since toppling Saddam Hussein, but the ability of those forces to provide security remains in doubt, according to the findings of a bipartisan congressional investigation to be released today. As a result, President Bush’s pledge to have U.S. troops “stand down” as Iraqi forces “stand up” remains unfulfilled. Instead, U.S. troop numbers and operations have escalated in recent months, and the overall level of violence has not decreased. [snip] The Pentagon … Continue reading $19 Billion Down The Shitter


Breaking from AP… WASHINGTON – The Senate Judiciary Committee subpoenaed the White House and Vice President Dick Cheney’s office Wednesday for documents relating to President Bush’s warrant-free eavesdropping program. Also named in subpoenas signed by committee Chairman Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., were the Justice Department and the National Security Council. The committee wants documents that might shed light on internal squabbles within the administration over the legality of the program, said a congressional official speaking on condition of anonymity because the subpoenas had not been made public. Continue reading Subpoenaes!


Advice to the out-of-towners. Tourist season is upon us in Chicago as well, which is my cue to hide in my house until early October. Not really, I mean, I love the summer festival season, with the exception of Taste of Chicago which turns the entire lakefront into a beshitted refugee camp full of vomiting frat creatures and their skanks. I just wish summer festival season could be accompanied by less than a full serving of the most congealed form of human stupid on the planet. I’m sympathetic to the bewildered tourist, I mean, I’ve been unfamiliar places myself. The … Continue reading Touristas

Your President Speaks!

Today, at the White House, on health care. Old Habits Democrat leaders in Congress are considering a massive expansion of government health care through a program called S-CHIP, which stands for State Children’s Health Insurance Program. Children From Family If their proposal becomes law, S-CHIP would expand its reach to include children from family that earn as much as $80,000 a year, as well as some adults. What The Federal Goverment Has Got It’s a dual responsibility. If we want a better system, the federal government has got a responsibility to reform, and so do states. Continue reading Your President Speaks!

CREW: FEMA’s best laid plans ignored

Back in Sept 2005, CREW filed FOIA’s seeking records on the federal government’s plans for a Gulf Coast hurricane. Today CREW has released a new report:“The Best Laid Plans: The Story of How the Government Ignored Its Own Gulf Coast Hurricane Plans.” From CREW’s website we learn… Critically, CREW found that FEMA had created a “Southeast Louisiana Catastrophic Hurricane Plan” (SLCHP), which forecast a range of specific consequences, including:  * New Orleans would be flooded with 14-17 feet of water, the levee system inundated with at least 10 feet of water and the hurricane would move into Mississippi;* One million … Continue reading CREW: FEMA’s best laid plans ignored

Today On Holden’s Obsession With [Yesterday’s] Gaggle

Yeah, I’m a lazy son of a bitch, I should have gotten to this yesterday. Oh well.

Pony Blow Sez Lugar’s Big Flip-Flop Is no Big Deal

Q Tony, you said you weren’t surprised by the substance of Senator Lugar’s comments on the Senate floor last night. Were you surprised by the timing at all, that he chose last night to do it?

MR. SNOW: I’d ask him. We certainly were not aware that there — we were not made directly aware that there would be a statement at that time. But again, it’s consistent with things he said.

Q I’m thinking, from what I heard in the gaggle and from the shrug right now that you don’t find this very significant.

MR. SNOW: Look, Dick Lugar is a serious guy, so obviously you take it seriously. But on the other hand, again, he voted against the original — he voted against the surge. He’s somebody who has had reservations. We take seriously his point of view because he is a serious guy. On the other hand, we also take seriously the efforts and the advice that the President has gotten from his commanders on the ground, and also the continuing cooperation not only with the commanders on the ground, but also Ambassador Crocker and working with our colleagues in the Iraqi government.

That Set Helen Off

Q The arguments you are using are the same ones we heard when we were on the ropes in Vietnam and about to leave. You can’t dismiss Lugar. He’s been in foreign —

MR. SNOW: I didn’t dismiss him.

Q He’s been in foreign relations, head of the committee, all through these many years. And when he says something, he’s saying something very important. The question is, what is the price that this country is willing to pay, in terms of killing people in a country that did nothing to us, and our own people? How far? How long?

MR. SNOW: You’re assuming, Helen, that, in fact, nobody did anything to the American people, and furthermore, that nobody is doing anything to the Iraqi people.

Q Did the Iraqis attack us?

MR. SNOW: Well, what’s going on right now is that you have terrorists who are killing Muslims. The United States is in the process of trying to do —

Q We went in there as an aggressor, who killed people there to take over.

MR. SNOW: No, we did not go there to take over, we went there to liberate.

Q In his speech, Senator Lugar said that the surge’s prospects for success are too dependent on the actions of others who don’t share our agenda; it relies on military power to achieve goals that it can’t achieve, and it distances allies we’ll need for regional diplomatic efforts. And he goes on. This is serious stuff.

MR. SNOW: Yes, it is.

Q He further distances himself from the President. I understand the need to downplay it, and to say that it’s consistent with what he’s said in the past, but really this goes further. This is him separating himself far further from the President.

MR. SNOW: No, that’s your characterization, that’s not mine. Let’s take a look: regional allies — I think you take a look at, do allies want the United States to leave, and you take a look in the region, and the answer is no, unless you’re Iran and Syria. In point of fact, it is very important for us to be able to complete the job of building stability within Iraq, and at the same time, sending the ultimate in terms of discouragement to the terrorist forces by demonstrating that no matter what they do, no matter how they try, their efforts are not going to succeed.

Q He goes so far as to say that Iraqis don’t want to be Iraqis.

MR. SNOW: Well, again, you’ll find that — certainly if you take a look, even — I hate to rely on polling for this — but you look at it and there are — in fact, Iraqis do want to be Iraqis, and more importantly, they want to be free and democratic Iraqis.

Q So Lugar is wrong on that one?

MR. SNOW: I’m just telling you — I’m giving you my analysis.

Continue reading “Today On Holden’s Obsession With [Yesterday’s] Gaggle”