Friday Dog Blogging: Mitt’s got a problem edition

Let’s talk Mitt’s dog.

It starts with Seamus the Irish setter.Background here
Ana Marie Cox has more today on Mitt’s yellow lab named McKenzie

Oliver Willis says this story has legs. I think Mitt’s claim that Seamus enjoyed it, only makes it worse. Can he get anymore tone deaf?

I find this whole thing just creepy…Santorum like creepy. The story itself is creepy. That someone thought this was a good story to push forward is creepy. But what do you guys think?

added: BwahHaaa…Michael Berube on Giuliani’s car trip

11 thoughts on “Friday Dog Blogging: Mitt’s got a problem edition

  1. But, did Rudy Giuliani have to hose off Judith Nathan the way Mitt hosed off McKenzie? We have to know the complete story.

  2. This has not been a good week for Boston-area newspaper readers. The Boston Globe has been running this ass-licking “profile” of Mitt Romney for seven days, which feels like seven weeks. I can’t help but wonder who got to whom on the Globe’s editorial board to allow this lengthy puff piece to run. It’s easy to skip over and ignore the articles, but WHY is this happening? The Globe, despite being owned by the NYT, was not particularly sympathetic to Romney while he was pretending to be governor here.
    Anyway, when is someone going to point out the obvious parallel between Romney, who not only sees no wrong in torturing a dog for hours at a time and then dealing with its illness by HOSING IT DOWN, and Bush, who thought blowing up frogs was good kiddie play?
    Believe me, Romney is a heartless creep. I hadn’t realized that his heartlessness extended to actual cruelty, though. But it helps explain why he could say that Gitmo is a “symbol of our resolve.” Whose resolve for what, Mitt? Yeesh.
    Peace, V.

  3. He’s not a “heartless creep”! That’s liberal spin! He was just displaying “emotion-free crisis management.” Yeah, that’s the ticket.

  4. “But Seamus loved it! Loved it I tell ya! Dogs love being isolated away from the rest of the family in a small container strapped to a speeding car on a noisy road. Dogs explode their bowels for the sheer joy of it all the time!!! And they love being hosed down only to do it all over again. What’s the problem?!!!
    After all, it’s not AT ALL like the time I put all those kittens in a sack and…”

  5. Lemmie strap Mitt down to the top of my SUV and take him for a 12 hour Hell ride. “Lookee there, he likes it!”

  6. You’ll be happy to know that Arthur J GWPDA has rounded up all the neighborhood doggies — headlined by a pair of rottweilers and a bloodhound — and they’re setting off this evening in a caravan to find der Mittster and have a leetle talk with him about the proper care of one’s canine friends…

  7. Were I a law enforcement officer of any division or stripe, and were I to witness such a thing traveling down the highway or byway, that poor dog would now be safe at a shelter – and Romney would be paying at least a fine, and preferably doing time.
    I have never in my life seen such a thing, heard of such a thing, and certainly would never condone such a thing.
    That Romney thought this was a good idea or even anything remotely resembling “acceptable behavior” speaks volumes about the man.
    I’d also be willing to bet he has an illegal exotic pet monkey named Macaca… probably in the hidden cargo compartment of the “Family Truckster”.
    He’s a psychopathic ass-clown delusional personal-fortune-wasting Republic[ ]-party-primary-losing “Ted Danson with a bad color-job” has-been.
    I guess I could have just typed “douche-bag”, but the the right-leaning readership would have become confused…

  8. The fact that Romney, or a member of his family, would tell such an anecdote to illustrate his crisis-management talents is breathtakingly ugly. Why would he tout an act of cruelty towards a helpless dependant? And what the fuck is so inspiring about hosing dog shit off one’s car? The whole incident shows an amazing inability to plan. He created the crisis by putting the dog on top of the car, then did what anyone with a functional IQ (but no compassion or empathy) would have done – he hosed off the car. Did he also hose off the dog, leaving it wet and probably shivering on the long ride? What a miserable heartless bastard. I hope this story sinks his candidacy like a stone.

  9. Mitt Romneys Newest Problem: Inhumane Treatment Of Family Dog Revealed

    Im really starting to worry about this Mitt guy. No, Im not really worried that hes going to become our next President; I would seriously hope we are smarter than that; Im more worried about him being a menace…

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