4 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging: Puck Edition

  1. My Pearl chafes at the very notion of a collar or harness. She totally wig’s out, so I gave up. I hear ferrets will eat some truly dumb stuff, good call on removing the temptation.
    so cute!

  2. Interesting. I wasn’t even sure if the biodegradable would break down fast enough in the gut to keep from forming a blockage.
    Other crazy question – When my cats get in peanuts, they come out looking like Santa Claus. Why don’t the peanuts stick to ferret fur? I’m thinking related to the other Muskidae animals – so is it an oil – but it seems like an oil would cling to the peanuts too.

  3. static? my cats cat play with the cornstarch ones. once in a while i find a very small almost gone cornstarch peanut.

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