10 thoughts on “Elizabeth!

    I especially love the photo contrast on screen.
    And you know, it’s about time people started calling her out in public for what she says and what she does.

  2. That was great. What I noticed (since Melanie Morgan and Coulter work to see who can say the meanest things) is how she responded to the criticism and how Elisabeth responded. When Elisabeth asked politely for her to stop the hateful speech what did she do?
    She changed the premise, “So you want me to stop writing books?”
    This is the same game when you criticize them. They say, “They are trying to censor our free speech!”
    While meanwhile they are ACTUALLY using the legal system TO shut down speech.(At least in my case that was true…)

  3. Spocko, well, and I loved Elizabeth’s response to that, which was basically to say, “Okay, so you can’t write books without making skeezy personal attacks on people?”

  4. Ann Coulter should just shut her trap because everything else she says about Edwards completely takes away from the galling fact that the man “bankrupt[ed] doctors by giving a shyster Las Vegas routine in front of juries … doing these psychic routines in front of illiterate juries to bankrupt doctors who now can’t deliver babies.”

  5. My favorite part was when Chris Matthews tried to be “reasonable” with Ann–“Does it really matter that Monica Lewinsky was chubby?”
    But Elizabeth was fabulous. Ann looked so pathetic with her “I know you are, but what am I?” routine, and Elizabeth didn’t let up.
    I’m still undecided, but if Elizabeth Edwards were running, I’d be behind her all the way. Which may be why I’m leaning toward Edwards despite his campaign missteps.

  6. It would mean more to me if her husband’s campaign hadn’t defended their two bloggers’ right to do the same thing Ann did. Pot. Kettle. Black.

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