But Ah Loved Mah Emygrashun Bill!

Holy Crap!

REUTERS/Jason Reed

3 thoughts on “But Ah Loved Mah Emygrashun Bill!

  1. The_Other_Sarah says:

    The “owners” in mah “ownership society” are fixin’ to tear me a new one over this.
    How can mah bidness budz keep increasin’ their profitz if y’all won’t let me relegalize slavery?


  2. rdale says:

    “Can ah go home to Crawford now, unka Dick? I’m tired of playin’ this game!”


  3. Hoppy says:

    That man, I call him butthead, has been crying over this. His eyes are still red. Just to arouse your worst nightmares, this man, I call him butthead, has a finger on the red button.


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