Not what I would call “progress”.

One of Baqouba’s main thoroughfares is so packed with IEDs that the U.S. military is considering declaring it “irrevocably mined,” said Col. Steve Townsend, commander of the Army’s 3rd Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division.

U.S. forces would then build their own road — right alongside the mined one — and guard it 24 hours a day, said Townsend, 47, from Griffin, Ga.


The weight of a single soldier is insufficient to trigger such bombs, which may be planted 10 feet underground and packed in makeshift casings such as refrigerators.


On May 6, a deep-buried IED killed six U.S. soldiers from Townsend’s brigade serving in Baqouba, along with a Russian photographer embedded with them. The blast flipped their Stryker vehicle — an eight-wheeled, 37,000-pound troop carrier — upside down and tore out the interior, killing everyone inside except the driver.

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  1. Now where did they get the ammo for those bombs?
    (Not from the unguarded ammo dumps.)
    Who had the time and the know how to create these?
    (Not the unemployed soldiers in the army that was disbanded without a thought about what they would do)
    No the simplest answer is that Iranians are shipping explosives across the country and then training the al Qaeda operatives who are doing all the blowing up. That must be the case. There is no other logical explanation that fits the facts.

  2. …jesus christ.
    This is the reason I touch my son occasionally. He was stationed with the Stryker brigade when it was in Washington State. Alas, he showed an “inability to adapt” to the military lifestyle and was given an honorable discharge 20 months before his tour ended.

  3. and they’ll point to the new road as a positive reconstruction effort, like the painted schools.
    smart son you have Darryl. glad he’s not IED fodder.

  4. Dumb question – the road got mined while we were there. So we build a new road with 600 foot-high walls. How many extra troops will it take to guard the road (pulling them away from the fabulous surge)? While we’re guarding this road, which road will the terrorists switch to mining?
    I mean if I can figure this out, why couldn’t a “Bush proclaimed” tricky terrorist figure this out?

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