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The loss today will be a heartbreaker for a city struggling to come back. But I think it should be said that the Saints had a great season and they did more to lift the spirits of a city than anyone. I do wish today had played out differently. I hate to think of the heartbreak right now in New Orleans. I’ve never wanted a team to win more except for the 1994 1995 Packers. And it’s all I have to offer. In 1994 1995 the Packers had a great 11-5 season only to lose the NFC championship game to the Dallas Cowboys. BUT the next year a 13-3 Packers won the Superbowl.

The Saints have been a class act and had a great season. They’ve done more for a city than any other team I can think of. I do believe there will be a next year for them and New Orleans. I know that is easy for me to say but still just had to say it. And hugs to my friends in NOLA.

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  1. You’re thinking of the ’95 Packers, not ’94. Leading 27 – 24 going into the 4th quarter in the NFC championship game, they ended up losing to Dallas 38 – 24.
    (The Super Bowl that year was in Phoenix, and the plan was going to be that my mom and sister, etc., would fly into LA, then we’d drive to Laughlin Nevada and stay overnight there. Then drive from Laughlin to Phoenix the morning of the game. Then that 4th quarter happened.)
    – robertearle

  2. From reading the “fleur delirium” on, I think most folks (of the 12+ pages of submissions) understood that a trip to the Superbowl wasn’t a given, but just getting this far was more than ample. I was at my dear friend’s birthday today, so that we could all watch the game from The Woodlands, and though the outcome was not what we hoped for, we handled the loss w/aplomb. Just having a winning season, getting to the NFC Championship and getting on the board w/the horrid weather conditions…we were happy. A win would have been ecstatic lagniappe. 🙂 The magick has been wrought. Most folks understand that a real leader for the city (much like the one that the team has) is needed, and everybody that is left needs to band together to rebuild and focus on the future. Of course that is just my .02 and I could be wrong. But I really want New Orleans to survive with its spirit intact (but with better education and health and employment opportunties).

  3. What does it say, if anything, about us that we consider a professional football team to be such a “supporter” of New Orleans, when that football team is heavily subsidized by the tax payers of New Orleans, in spite of their making money hand over fist from the ticket buyers? Football is an entertainment. No one’s identity is tied up in what their city ball team does.
    Here in Sacramento we have our beloved Sacramento Kings basketball team, and I am among those who watch their games on TV every year. But, we had the good sense not to give them a half billion dollars to build a new arena to play in, just because they want to make even more money doing so. As is, those who can afford to go seen their games in person pay one of the highest ticket prices in the league for that privilege. And, they want even more.
    We need to step back and look at what we are doing with professional sports teams.

  4. Thanks Scout! The Saints were an unexpected pleasure this year, and we look forward to future winning years.
    Sure, the loss to da Bears hurts, but we did beat the hated Cowboys and Falcons on national television during the regular season, so there’s a lot to be happy about.

  5. Hoppy, yesterday was about intangibles, symbols, spirit. The Saints as winners stood for the comeback of New Orleans, grounded in the hope and determination of New Orleanians themselves.
    Personally I don’t care a fig for pro football. In due time it will implode. The salaries are out of control; ordinary folks can’t even buy tickets without mortgaging their houses.
    But, yesterday, I was rooting for the Saints, and I was much saddened by their loss.
    Spirit and symbols count, expecially in “soul city”.

  6. no i gotta hope da bears win. i can’t support anything from indiana. and specially as the horsies should be in baltimore.

  7. I cried over the outcome of that ball game yesterday.
    Drew Brees, Reggie & Co. have been a class act and a Cinderella story this year, and I was saddened at the tolling of the midnight bell, when the glass slipper shattered on the step instead of being lifted in the Prince’s wondering hand …
    NOLa will be back.
    I don’t think it’ll be the same, though, as it was before Katrina.
    I think if you go and ask you’ll find folks who’ll say before Katrina wasn’t the same as before Betsey.
    Here’s to the 2007-08 SAINTS, and rising again.
    Besides: Teddy needs another WhoDat video!!

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