Column: Bong Hits 4 Free Speech


You know, my sympathy for Frederick lies partly in my ability to remember being boneheaded enough to make a statement for the sake of doing so. My high school actually staged a protest — a civil-rights-level drama complete with walkouts — over the fact that we weren’t allowed to wear blue, denim jeans to school. One day, everybody simply wore blue jeans to school.

Oh, we thought we were so clever.

A civil disobedience spectacle over how our school-permitted clothes weren’t to our liking.

Honestly, can you think of a more perfect illustration of what a spoiled group of entitled, middle-class brats we were?

Talk about embarrassing. Blue jeans. That was our big moral stand.

But blue jeans were forbidden, so that’s what we protested — because we were young and narcissistic. And when you’re full of righteous energy with nowhere to direct it — all amped up with the desire to stick it to somebody just because you can — you end up with the great Blue Jeans Protest. Or, Bong Hits 4 Jesus.

In our case, nobody got suspended and nobody took it to court.

The teacher who’d kinda sorta suggested we do something if we were really that mad about our school’s rules came in for quite a rough PTA meeting. And the story I wrote about the whole thing for the local paper earned me an hour-long yelling session with the principal.

But we did have lots of assemblies about the appropriate ways to stand up for our beliefs — and more than a few gentle reminders that “beliefs” have to do with more than brand names.

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  1. Pretty soon we’re going to be establishing free speech zones 15 – 20 blocks away from the schools if students want to express their beliefs.

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