7 thoughts on “Saturday Blogwhoring Thread

  1. boy, do i feel lame. i got pictures. hoard, spring green and 50’s car photos. oh, and some art. and more. do my high minded stuff in comments.

  2. I have no blog, and I must scream. (Gratuitous Ellison reference)
    Just saw an extended trailer for the new Bionic Woman and was stunned to see Katie Sackhoff in it. Am I the last kid on the block to know this was happening? I mean, I was psyched to see it before, but now…even if she’s the baddie, I’m all over it.

  3. I have just recieved the latest episode een the what-ees-going-to-be-epic-length-although-eet-sure-deed-no-start-out-that-way series
    BatBoy Blogs The Politico.
    Episode IV: Mr. Roger Simon Says
    and a small taste:
    Mr Simon says the anonymous sorcerers, well you see the anonymous sorcerers can say things without really saying them.
    Mr Simon says sometimes they can make people think someone is wrong without even disproving their argument.
    Why Mr Simon says just the other week Mr Simon himself had dismissed another man’s view as partisan, without mentioning that the man was also correct.
    Nothing Mr Simon says could be easier.

    BatBoy has assured me that there ees even more coming later today, eh?

  4. Over at my little place, I naively offer a theory of why Guantanamo detainees Boumediene and Al Odah may stand a better chance of a favorable ruling by the Supreme Court than standard-issue American citizens can expect.

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