From Scout:

This is a video I just completed about Jose Fernandes a photographer who lived in New Orleans. He is Portuguese but is going to become an American citizen. In my eyes he already is. He stayed in NOLA during Katrina and went out the day after Katrina struck to photograph people. He was back in NOLA at the time I was there to again photograph his city and its people.


ALL the photographs are Jose’s

Video: scout (who needs a tripod)


“Secret of Love” by Buckwheat Zydeco

“Crying” by John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers

“Wish Someone Would Care” performed by Irma Thomas

Jose’s photos and the stories behind the photos can be seen at Jose Fernandes’ Gallery. They are so beautiful. And I would also encourage you to buy one or two or ten. Drop him an email to do so (address at bottom of homepage)

The fade out at the end was cut by Google but a huge Thank You to Google for doing longer videos.