Striving for Irrelevency

From Holden:

Republicans, with their proposal to turn 11 million illegal immigrants into felons and punish citizens who help immigrants, are doing their best to paint Texas blue.

Texas is now a majority-minority state, meaning that we have more “minority” residents than we do “white”. And the vast majority of those “minorities” are Hispanics and Latinos who take great pride in their cultural herritage.

One would expect hundreds of students here in liberal Austin to protest the GOP’s fear of all things brown, but students in Dallas, Irving, Grand Prairie, Alvin, Baytown, Fort Bend County (Tom DeLay’s district), and Houston (where a principal was disciplined for flying the Mexican flag below the flags of the US and Texas) have walked out of class as well.

The Republican Party is out of step with the American people and we will not fail to punish them at the polls for their racism.