Your President Speaks!

From Holden:

Your President is a cornucopia of bloggy goodness. Let’s see what spilled forth today before Freedom House.

First: a couple of questions.

What There Is

Q From Australia. I’ve got a question about global warming — in the Australian Parliament, Tony Blair called for greater action. And this seems to be something that the U.S. President could make a major difference on. There’s a virtual consensus that the planet is warming. If you addressed issues like emissions, fuel efficiency, issues to do with alternative energy in your last few years as President, it could make a significant difference I think to the — [snip] — and I suppose I want to know, what is your plan?

THE PRESIDENT: Good. We — first of all, there is — the globe is warming. [continues in transcript]

Homewurk Suks

THE PRESIDENT: Yes, sir. You’re going to ask me if I read the book.

Q Mr. President, as you noted at the beginning — I’m with Freedom House, and I gave the President a copy of our annual report, Freedom in the World, before he took the stage. And as you noted, our reports have —

THE PRESIDENT: Little print, no pictures. Go ahead.

Q It’s the bible of freedom, yes.

THE PRESIDENT: I’m the funny guy. Go ahead.

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From Holden:

What Chimpy Does and Does Not Know.

He Doesn’t Know When To Keep His Mouth Shut

I like a good lobbyist.

He Doesn’t Understand the Law of Supply and Demand

One of the most — one of the most pure forms of democracy is the marketplace, where demand causes something to happen. Excess demand causes prices to — the supply causes prices to go up, and vice versa.

H’es Never Heard of Mao’s Little Red Book

I think China has recently read the book on Mao.

He Does Know The Questions He Was Told Not To Answer

That’s a question I don’t answer question.

He Knows How To Spill His Seed Upon the Ground

And that’s what a decision-maker ought to do. The decision-maker ought to make decisions based upon deep-seeded beliefs.

He’s Never Been to a French Cafe

No, that’s a great question. Thanks. It’s obviously topic du jour. Pretty fancy, huh? Topic du jour?

He Doesn’t Know The Meaning of TMI

Final question. Then I’m going down to be with the President of Mexico and the Prime Minister of Canada — Cancun. No Speedo suit here. Thankfully.