Another NOLA obstacle

From Scout:

There are so many obstacles to overcome in rebuilding a city. Here’s another….

As people in the New Orleans area try to get on with their lives by acquiring new homes, they’re discovering that most homeowners insurance companies operating in Louisiana aren’t interested in insuring their homes. The situation is delaying, and sometimes scuttling, real estate closings, and public officials worry that high prices and limited availability of homeowners insurance could deter banks from lending money and derail efforts to rebuild New Orleans.

“It’s very difficult but not impossible” to get homeowners insurance, state Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon said. “It’s a very serious problem. Our state cannot recover without the availability of homeowners insurance. Bankers tell me that, builders tell me that, and economists tell me that.”

November elections can not come soon enough for the people of NOLA. We need to take Congress back