9 thoughts on ““Prologue to a Farce or a Tragedy; or, perhaps both”

  1. Reeeeally dreading this year’s lege session. I’m a state employee, and I got a bad feeling they’re gonna go way overboard on defunding everyone…

  2. Y’all, this is going to be The Year of Bloodshed and Ruination.
    What Texas needs is a thoroughgoing overhaul of its tax structure. No, I don’t think we need a state income tax yet, and I damn sure don’t want groceries subject to sales tax; in fact I’d like to see soap, toilet paper and toothpaste exempted … but I’m a damned liberal, ‘member.
    What is needful is a tax that levels the playing field — and what that might be, damned if I know. I read the Texas Monthly scam artist, Paul Burka, making an “effort” to “balance” the budget. He might be on to a few things.
    But if for starters you ditch the SBOE, you’re furthering the cause of real education here in Texas. Since the Feds have had to take over air quality permit oversight, might as well ditch the TCEQ, too (and combine its functions and the railroad commission’s oil/gas regulations into a genuine environmental agency. Since we’re talking about a GOP-dominated lege, tho, ain’t gonna happen.)
    What scares me is these suckers won’t cut where they should, and will cut where they want to.
    My SO and Son 1 both work for TTUHSC. Wouldn’t surprise me for one/both to be laid off …

  3. Holy cow, BlackSheep01, my brother works at TTUHSC, too. We’re hoping he’ll escape any cuts, because he’s done some really great work this year in a division he thinks is safe… but man, I’m nervous for him anyway…

  4. Good luck on the cuts. I’m a state employee in Loosiana, and we just went through the wringer here re: layoffs.
    And more layoffs are expected, given that a certain governor is itching to run for higher office and will point to job cuts as “success.”
    (But pay no attention to the sand berm boondoggle along the coast.)
    You know, I keep trying to think of ANY genuine accomplishment conservatives can claim, and thus far the only one I can kind of, sort of consider is that they were technically at the helm when the Cold War “ended,” assuming it actually ended (maybe Shrub can look into Vladie’s eyes again for the answer…because we can certainly trust him, right?) Otherwise…nothing…unless you define success as an ongoing downward spiral in education, living standards, and whatnot.

  5. You want batshit crazy? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Oklahoma is determined to steal the title away from Arizona. The current Oklahoma legistlature and new governor will set a new bar for lunacy.

  6. I work at a state uni as well and we too doing the “Hopefully they won’t get rid of our office because…” two-step. We’ve already had a hiring and promotion freeze.
    Michael I vividly remember the announcement of across the board cuts to y’alls ed funding when we were there for Rising Tide.

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